How to Make DIY Lego Maze Christmas Edition!!!!

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“This is an awesome christmas maze and wonderfully made it but first let s test test it out welcome to ryan s world. Oh. The starts right here so i start with the marble right here oh ended up right here. And i can t touch the marble.

I have to move this whole thing to be vulnerable and i think i know the correct path. This is gonna be oh. No the marble fell off use another marble that s okay yeah. I did it oh such a front leg.

Amazed. But where did it come from pat hey ryan. I made this lego mace for you haha whoa you made this level base for me thank you pac. But pac.

How did you do it i will show you how it was fun all right peck. I m here i have my christmas gear on i m ready to help you with your gift for ryan and come. Here. You are you sure you don t need any help yeah.


I got this i just gotta put this piece. Oh you need some help i ll just i ll help you build this plus. I have all the good christmas colors. Oh shoot oh.

It s done well for starters. We have our base and we have our marble. But we don t really have a maze set up yet so yeah. Some more dylan s to make sure to put down some tricky rims let s make a safe finish line with the christmas tree yeah.

This is looking quite picked acula all right and i think that s done what do you think about the maze pack yay. It s so cool oh. But you know what it s missing it could use some decoration wait that s what i was gonna say first thing. We re gonna start with of course is santa he s gonna be at the very beginning because we re gonna help santa get this gift all the way through the maze.

Under the tree yeah of course. We can t forget santa s cookies he has to have a snack nearby oh. What about a tree maybe a little present. Oh i have the perfect thing for this dead end ooh this sad little oh.


And you can go here happy little outfit. The cute little bear oh and you can go here with your cute little hammer hmm. Let s see what s behind the door let s put presents around the tree. This maze is amazing hey it s all done.

But how does it work again well. It s really simple you just started by santa let s go around each peg and then we re gonna go all the way. Oh no not to start off let s go through the pegs. There you go and then corner corner corner.

All the way around do the arch. Go. All the way around. What s behind.

The door hi el and then we re gonna make our way to the tree. Well we re almost ready to send it to ryan. But some quality assurance. I think i need to test it out first so let s see we start at santa and let s see woah.


Oh okay easy does it okay we need to come back let s see whoa can we make it all the way down. Okay. This is very tricky alright. Let s see hey we can stop and get us.

Some cookies snack. Time alright. Oh. No be careful with the round.

Okay. Let s see how am i gonna get under the arch. Eat come on just a little bit perfect oh. No that was so close coffee.

I don t want any coffee goodbye. Mr. Elder alright. We re almost to the tree.


Just a little well not that guy alright. Let s see why that s done oh and one two so much fun. No i can take it over to ryan and he can try it out or we can just try it like one or two more times. I mean you know just to make sure we have a very strict deadline bre.

It s almost christmas ryan has been very patient so we gotta get it over quick. I wanna see how fast you can finish. It wow this looks really cool theme. I like it.

But you can t touch tomorrow after life. Okay. See if i can do it oh did you jump the wall. Do i get a prison huh.

No what no thank you pac for building us. This diy lego nice yeah this may is perfect diy present for holiday bye thank you for watching remember or stay happy ” ..

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