How to Make Karaoke Videos – Vegas Pro Tutorial

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“Friend this is a tutorial showing you how to make your own karaoke videos in in vegas. Pro. In the same style as the ones. I ve been making over past year.

A few people have been asking how i do it so i thought i d make a quick tutorial outlining. My technique. I m using vegas pro 13 to demonstrate this but i m only using basic features. So you can probably do this in any older version or apply the same technique to another video editor as well so to start with you need to start a new project in vegas pro.

You ll need a copy of the original song you want to make a karaoke video for along with an instrumental version of it which matches it well for the purposes of this. Tutorial i ll be using the end credits music from ok. Ko. It s only magic in my case.

The original vocal track is the audio at the end of an episode of the show. So i m dropping the entire episode into my project. I ll just crop out the relevant section and drag it back to the start of the project. So when you have your vocal track placed and ready on your project.

You should add in your instrumental track place. It on a separate audio track and try to line them up as well as you can using an obvious shared audio section like the one i m using here play them together to make sure it doesn t sound too echoey. That s how you ll be able to tell if they re out of time mute the instrumental track leaving the vocal track unmuted now that your audio tracks are all lined up and ready you should add some video tracks at the top of your timeline. Which will contain the actual karaoke lyrics and everything else we need i suggest you do the following.

Although it s not entirely necessary that you name them. The same. As mine. up next karaoke.

1. karaoke. 2. karaoke.

3. . And countdown . I ll be referencing them with these names later so it will help next select.

The project properties button on the toolbar up here and change your project settings to the following 1920w 1080h progressive scan square pixels and 5994 or 60 frames per second everything else is probably fine in its default setting finally if. Your vocal track is paired with a background video like mine is i suggest you right click on it and go to switches n. Disable. Resample .


Now that the project is fully set up we re going to start adding the karaoke lyrics begin by finding the starting point of the first line of the song now go to the media generators section over here and select legacy text drag the default text onto your timeline at the point. You just selected change its text to the first line of the song next. We need to set up the properties of the text in this. Example i m making an ok ko karaoke video so i choose chivo as the font since it s used for ok ko s credits.

I like to use a relevant front like that but if there isn t one that comes to mind for whatever you re working on just use something that looks clear and nice. I should say that arial is a default font for exactly this reason now go to the placement tab and set the text placement to centre with a safe zone of 5 . You should try and make sure your text falls within the borders shown here if the text goes outside these borders reduce the font size a lot of tvs have overscan on by default so the area outside this zone will often be hidden. If people watch your video on a tv.

Which hasn t been set up properly next. You should go to the effects tab and turn on draw outline . I always use a small black outline with minimal feathering as i show here if you like you can add a drop shadow or change any of these effects to what you like if you feel it looks better. Now.

Close. The text properties and open the event pan crop for the text. Like this change. The stretch to fill frame property to no .

This will be helpful later on for the text. Highlighting your first text element. Should now be ready find the starting point for the next line of the song and squeeze the first line down. So it ends there now for every remaining line of the song copy and paste.

The first text element and replace the text remember to resize the text to fit within the safe area going on to two lines. If necessary. If the text is too small people with small screens such as phone displays might not be able to see it. If you do go on to two lines as shown here go to the properties and alter.

The leading option. So there s only a small gap between the two lines of text. Okay after you ve placed every line of the lyrics down in plain white text you ll need to copy all of your text events on the karaoke 1 track and paste them to the same position in your karaoke 2 track above it now click the edit generated media button on each text. Event and change their text colours in the properties.

You should use something bright distinct from the white of the original text and make sure the text is still legible. I generally use green unless. I m using different colours for different singers. Then i ll try to choose a colour related to each singer or at least a distinct colour for each.

After you ve set all the colours open the event pan crop for the first line and click drag the dotted box. You want to move it so its right edge is touching the left edge of the first word you re editing. So on my screen. Here.


The box has moved so it s to the left of the word now you want to find out where the first word or the first major syllable of the first word ends and place your timeline cursor there drag the fade in from the top left of the karaoke highlight event to where your cursor is if you read the timer on the fade in offset as you drag now that s the time you need for a keyframe on the event. Pan crop window. Which you should still have open mine says. 0.

29. Here. So i go to 0 29. In the pan crop s position timeline.

Like this and drag the dotted box to the end of the first word make sure you don t accidentally select the mask timeline. Which is just below the position one as that serves another purpose. Which we re not using at the moment. So my first word was one syllable.

But the next one only is two and the first syllable is held for longer we start by placing the cursor where only starts drag the fade in to that cursor position and set a new pan crop keyframe at the same position 0 38 in. My case with the dotted box touching the start of the word only then for the next keyframe. We re going to find where the again we drag the fade in to the same position take a note of the fade in time and make a keyframe on the pan crop position timeline with the same time carry on in the same manner. Placing keyframes at the start of each word syllable and the end of each word until you finish the line simple you just have to do the same for every line of the song.

Which can be quite time consuming. It s a bit different. If one of your text elements takes up multiple lines of text like for the line. I show here this is what the karaoke 3 video track is for when you re setting up the highlight text for a line like this find the point.

Where the second line starts. And copy paste. The highlight in karaoke. 2.

Up to karaoke. 3. Now go to the pan crop for the line in karaoke. 2.

And drag the box up so. It s bottom edge is between the two lines of text then drag it left so it s right edge touches the left of the first word. It s very helpful to use this button here and set it so you can only move the box horizontally or vertically. While you re doing one of those things.

Now you need to do something similar for the highlight in karaoke. 3. First move the box down so. Its top edge is between the two lines of text.


Then move it left so its right edge is touching the first word on the second line after all that is set up you just need to add the keyframes in the same manner as i demonstrated before find the starts and ends of words get a time by dragging the fade in add. The keyframe under pan crop. Once you ve done this for every line. Then you re work is almost complete there s just a few more important prompts to show.

The karaoke performer first of those prompts is a countdown simply put this tells the singer when exactly to start singing the line on screen at the start of the song or after an instrumental interlude of more than a few seconds. One way of adding. A countdown is to have a rectangle that disappears like this this can be placed above or to the left of the line. That s going to be sung next you can do this by going to media generators and selecting solid colour choose a colour for this matching.

The colour you re using for the current singer which. Is green in my case position it on your timeline. So it has plenty of time to count down. Before the first line starts.

And so it ends exactly when the first line starts you. Should also stretch out the base text element not. The highlight so it starts at the same time as the countdown event. Give them both a second or so to fade.

In now. Choose the track motion for the countdown track and scale position the layer so it s in an appropriate position relative to the karaoke text. I put mine above like this finally drag the countdown s fade out so that it means the end of the fade in like this go to the transitions selector. Find linear wipe click drag the default preset and drop.

It over the countdown s fade out the countdown should now fade. In with the text and the bar should run out when the singing starts another kind of countdown and the one i use personally is having a circle wipe itself out like a clock. It works in a very similar way to the previous one so i m copying and pasting that event for this example go into the pan crop settings of the countdown event click. The mask down.

Here. And use the ellipse tool to draw a circle try to centre. It you can move it after drawing it with the arrow keys. If necessary then change the feather type to in and set it to 1 .

This should give you a big circle taking up most of the screen again go into the track motion for the countdown track and resize position the track. So the circle is in an acceptable place like i m doing here finally make sure. There s a one second fade. In and the rest is set to fade out like before go into the transitions.

Again and find clock wipe . I use clockwise hard edge . But you re free to experiment with what you think looks best drag and drop this preset to the countdown s fade out as before and you re done in either of these examples you could replace the solid colour with an image and use the fade types. I mentioned on that if you think it would look more appealing the last thing to do is to add a line below the current karaoke text prompting.


What the next line is going to be this is helpful so the singer doesn t forget what s coming up copy all the lines in karaoke. 1. Except. The first one and paste them into the up next track below move each of them so they play at the same time as the line before them you should basically be dragging each one one line to the left.

Once you ve done this for all the lines go into the track motion for your up next track change the width and height of this track so they re smaller than normal. My project is 1920 1080. So go for half of that 960 540. Then drag the track down a bit.

So it s text appears in the middle of the gap beneath the main karaoke text if you re using bright colourful footage in the background like i am here you may want to alter it slightly to make sure your text is fully visible and viewers don t get too distracted looking at it instead of the lyrics for my videos. I go to the event. Fx for the background video and add two effects brightness and contrast and gaussian blur for the. Blur i used 003 for both settings and for.

The brightness i use something between. 05 and 03. Depending on how bright. The source video is if your karaoke track doesn t have an associated video.

You could put something else in the background. A related image. A stock video or some automatically generated video from your video editor here i m using the billowed background media generator from red giant universe. When you re finished with the background video make sure your vocal track is now the one that s muted and the instrumental version is unmuted there s just one more thing that i should mention that s duets or songs with more than one singer for this the process is identical besides a few things here s one.

I made earlier first each singer needs their own karaoke countdown and up next tracks on this project. I ve marked them as top and bottom respectively. It might be possible to work on them as normal in the middle of the screen. But at some point you ll need to move them for this i use track motion.

All the karaoke tracks need the same size and position values. So the highlights still match the base text. It s pretty simple really you may have to use text that s a bit smaller to be able to fit two karaoke tracks on screen at once. But that s about it if i ve forgotten to mention anything you should be able to figure it out just fine.

If you ve followed the rest of the tutorial. So that s it follow. These instructions rinse and repeat. It can be quite time consuming for a longer song.

But it s just simple repetitive work really thanks for watching the video. I hope it s helpful for you remember to press all the positive youtube buttons share with your friends on pinterest leave me a nice comment love you bye bye. ” ..


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