How to Optimize Router Settings for Gaming

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“What is going on so today. I m going to be explaining how to use use netgear genie and how to optimize it for gaming. So right now i have comcast router and modem set in bridge mode. Where my neck router is hooked up and my nike router is the main internet source of internet in the house.

So to log on to that i have to go to router login. It s going to ask you to sign in and if you didn t change your username and password. It should be admin and password should be password. So here we are i m going to go advanced and then i don t want to blur out my numbers.

So i m just going to go down to advanced advanced again so then sup routers or wireless settings. Okay so the first thing you want to do is you re going to want to port forward here x..

Plus. Tn and open that type so that you can join any player and have less life so when i explain how to do it so right here your eternal ip address. This is your xbox ip address. Um currently and then these are the ports.

That are needed to get an open that type so what you re going to want to do is i m just going to edit it and show you through what you need to type in so the service name you can name this whatever you want i just do xbox. One to keep it organized whatever the protocol you re going to want i m going to put a link in just in the description to show you what type of protocol you re going to you re going to want udp t. Tcp or both and here you re going to want to use the same port range for internal board. So to me.

53 53. And then you re going to want to select the internal ip address..

Now i highly recommend changing your xbox to have a static. Ip or going on to network settings on the xbox one and manually giving an ip address. Between. 10000 a 09.

So just going to cancel out of this so this is the first thing you re going to want to do the next thing you re going to want to do is that it s actually very quite simple so universal plug and play i haven t really messed around with this. But this also port forward to your xbox. So this is where it gets interesting so qos quality of service setup. When i come in here when it loads up you re going to want to um disable.

Both of these for some reason it helps now downstream is for um video streaming wait whoa it s for improved video streaming and then this is upstream so this doesn t really matter upstream is optimized for gaming. So right here see optimized for gaming..

You re going to want to do a speed test to find out what your maximum bandwidth is that your xbox can can take from your internet. And then you re going to come down here. And you re going to want to put xbox at the highest priority and then the next thing is a naughton land setup foot way and setup. So right here the mtu.

Which is i just i don t want mess up so mtu death and niche. It s like transmitter maximum transmission unit. So what happens with xbox is if this number xbox can have this is the maximum transmission unit. The xbox can withhold 1462 that s why it ll be consistent on most xboxes or less than mine was greater than and it caused a lot of lag.

So packets are lost so what s happening on the server is not what s happening on your screen. And that s what causes lag..

So if this is at the maximum no packets can be lost so after you change to 1462 you re going to want to go on your xbox and restart your game. Whatever you re playing. And then your nat type should be open. And everything should be working perfectly fine.

So thank you very much for watching. ” ..

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