How to present over a Google Chromecast

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“Back to powerpoint training online. Today. I m your host david and we re going going to be telling you how to present over a chromecast now before we do one remind to hit that subscribe button. Also don t forget to press.

The notification button that way then you can go ladies of faith when we release our videos usually on a monday on a friday. So let s get into it recently. I was delivering a training session and i needed to present on tweet evie unfortunately. I left my hdmi cable at home so i wasn t able to use my back to click my laptop to the tv.

But i had a chromecast in the cupboard so pull that out so that i look and the way. I was able to go so today. I m going to show you exactly how i done that it is not difficult at all so there are a couple of ways of doing this i want to show you both ways and to do this you will need to have two programs installed first one is powerpoint obviously which i know you re gonna have second one you re gonna need chrome google chrome the browser now most people these days will have google chrome it is the most popular browser. If not you can just go to one to add your explorer or safari and download google chrome or if you just type into google search google chrome it will you look at the option appear what you need to do is press download in a style.

It will install etc. Etc..

And the way. You ai. N t begun so what we then need to do is once we have got google chrome install is we need to press the pad acars button now you may or may not have this at the moment. If you don t it s quite easy to activate you gotta press.

The three little dots to open up the menu and scroll down. And you ll see cast presta and then that will open the cash box. Which will in turn create the cast little cash box in there as well so press. The cast button.

You will then get the cast box come up this cast box allows you to pass too. And the google device so for instance you can see here i ve got a bedroom. I ve got a chromecast for the bedroom. I ve got a speaker in the kitchen speaker in the living room.

So what i wanted was on a cast in my bedroom. So that s gonna be my tv now if i click on cast and i have the option as well if i want to cast a tab or cast as desktop..

So what i want to do so. The first thing. I ll show you is by casting d tab. So if i press cast tab and now i press bedroom.

But it s going to cast. What is on that particular tab to the tv. Okay so i press next and just hide that so now everything that you see on this on this browser screen. Now is gonna i m gonna cast.

If i open up a new tab. It won t cast that okay so you ll be careful a stay on the one page. Now you ll know how your casting is because over the top on the tabs. You will see a blue little box like a tv.

That s the cast button so as i say you re casting. If you are a stop casting you can just press..

The cast button again the box will appear and you can press. The stop button okay so you can open the presentation online via on powerpoint online in office365 outside slideshow and then that will then cast that tab now the other way. I mentioned was let s say you re not using office 365. You re not using power plant online.

You don t have access and for whatever reason you re using powerpoint on the desktop now there is a way of casting this as well so you gonna wanna press. The chromecast button and this time on the cast tab the drop down box choose cast desktop. Once you press cast desktop. You ll see now.

It s changed. It s a cast cast desktop water select bedroom. And now you will see this box appear. Which it s asking you if you got more than one screen.

Which screen you want to cast. I m going to choose screen to so it s going to choose screw to and you can also get the option of sharing the audio as well so if you ve got videos in your presentation..

They will play and the sound will come through in the tv as well or your speaker s whatever system you re using so if i press share. Now that is starting to share links again. You can see i just press the x button to close that box now instead of casting. The browser window.

I m casting everything on my screen or everything on my desktop. So i now go to my powerpoint f5 to go in chin mode. Now i am casting the really only on the screen. Here now okay.

There is no now you may be wondering like how you have a chromecast. But not having cables and stuff that you do really situations when you forget cables and chromecast a guy off a chromecast my bag because i use it with connecting my android files i can count photos etc movies to tv screens etc no matter where i m going if i m staying in the hotel or whatever so i ve generally always got my google chromecast with me it tends to be smaller than my hdmi cables and we getting cables and everything else like that so guys we hope jaar jaar intubated tutorials. Today that has unfortunately come to an end if you liked it please let us know in the comments below also don t forget to subscribe and hit that notification button remember we publish videos every monday and friday until ” ..


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