How to REMOVE CREDIT CARD from XBOX ONE (Best Method)

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“Everyone this is tim from your 6 studios today in this video. I m gonna gonna show you how to remove a credit card from your xbox account and i gonna be using the xbox. One and also you can do this from xbox comm by going to your microsoft account so let s jump into the tutorial right now so i m on the home screen of the xbox go ahead and press. The xbox button on the controller and pop up the side menu.

Then scroll to the right to the systems tab..

And then go down to settings. Select settings. Then go to your account go to the right. And then scroll down to payment and billing select that and once this loads.

You will have an option to see your order history add a payment method and then here you will see your payment options located in here and you can go ahead and edit the info or remove it so let s go ahead and remove my credit card..

I used to buy xbox game pass ultimate and let s go ahead and press remove are you sure you want to remove this visa credit card yes. I want to remove my visa credit card from my xbox. One account and my credit card has been removed now let s go back to my payment options and as you can see there are no more payment options located in here and i will have to add a new one if i want to continue to buy games on xbox. Now you can also do this from xbox comm.

So let s just open up a web browser real quick and i m gonna go to xbox comm then on the upper right hand side i m gonna click on my profile and go to my microsoft account once i on this screen on the top near the middle you ll see payment and billing..

Go ahead and select that and a drop down menu will pop out then go to payment. Options. And this is gonna be very similar to how it is on your xbox. One once you select this you will see a similar page right here then somewhere on the bottom left.

You will see your credit card..

And you ll have an option to remove it since i just removed from my xbox one it s already gone. But you should have an option on here to remove your credit card and this may be a little bit easier for some of you so if this xbox one help feed you did help you out getting rid of your credit card on your xbox. One go ahead and leave this video a like and subscribe to my channel down below and check out more xbox help videos coming up next on your 6 studios. ” .


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