How to Repair Fitbit Charge HR Battery Swap Replacement Tutorial JoesGE Repairs

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“Guys so today. I m going to show you how to replace a battery and and a fitbit charge hr first of all you re going to want a small tool or a small flat head screwdriver and you got your t2 driver. We also got your replacement battery which you can find on our website. I chose ge first we re going to want to do is remove your four screws right here on the housing make sure you don t lose these little screws.

Give you a pry tool. A little pop on this side right..

Where the sensor is right in line with that you re welcome on this side kind of pop up this button. So you don t ruin. It gently pry that out all right now you house you know you re gonna have two more of these t to do screws take those out and you ll help your internals. So i ll come out you ll see right down here you got piece of tape that holds on your heart rate monitor you take this piece of tape off and then you got a little connector here pop that up pull this out and you got your full battery.

Here. It s held on by double sided tape..

It s kind of peel. It off and then you got a clamp put in clamp luck. Zoo your soldering iron take this whole battery off make sure you remember okay got your old battery off all right so now that you ve got your internals in the clam. You re gonna want to resolder as a battery on all right the new battery on you re going to want to go to your house.

You know you re gonna be these two little tabs that you re going to want to clip off okay that will allow for this food battery to fit in here. Better you can kind of see that the new battery compared to the old one is a little bit longer so just want to get a little bit more room in the housing for that battery to fit better..

All right put this ribbon back into next year here all right start putting your screws back in make sure you got your battery part. Just backwards. You know another thing you want to make sure these tabs right here these metal tabs apply so does it get caught when you put it back in and again when you re putting it in hold this up. So the button.

Doesn t get a snag off the housing back in and put these four screws back housing and you should be done after this that way you don t want to do put on charger. And you want one of these replacement batteries just look into the description link is in the description..

Thank you ” ..

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