How to Replace a Fitbit Charge HR Band 2017

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“You have a fitbit band that s bulging and is starting to wear out well well today. I m going to show you how to put on a new one having to buy any fitbit welcome to the show my name is domingo and if you have a fitbit charge hr then this is probably what you re gonna see a little bulge. Here. And the sides are starting to come up a bit.

So i just recently ordered a new fitbit band so it comes to the replacement band screwdriver and a pick tool and a sleeve. So that it gives a little bit of a decorative feel to it so we re just gonna open this thing up here. So it s just like the one that i am currently going to replace. So notice.

The difference is here no bulge here and a new glass screen. And this other one is crack to yourself we re just gonna put this aside here and then it ll comes with to pick tools. Here and then it also comes with a mini phillips head screwdriver in the bag. Really quickly.

I only ordered this a few days ago..

And it was amazing so i love that two day shipping. So this is the screwdriver that it comes with first you need to remove the screws from your charge. Hr. So we are gonna slowly.

Do this so you place your screwdriver in and then you don t lose these screws because you ll need them when you re putting it back on so the best thing to do is just to put it under here so that if you accidentally drop it you won t lose it so we re gonna first unscrew it so remember righty tighty lefty loosey. So we re gonna just loosen. The first screw here. So as you can see the screws are located at the corners of the fitbit bracelet.

So there s one screw here. There s one screw. Here. And then there are two other screws right here.

As you can see the band starting to pop out from the side so that s not a good sign so might need to clean it as well here but we ll do that another time so you re gonna first remove these four screws..

So we re gonna do that right now and look look at that crust and these are very tiny screws. So you have to make sure you do not lose these whatsoever as you can see very tiny. So don t lose them i encourage you not to lose them because if you lose them then it s just gonna be really tough for you to wear a fitbit. Without them.

So you can tell i haven t done unscrewed these. So there s two screws out. So we have removed the screws from the fitbit bracelet. So what we re gonna do next is we are going to peel.

The sides and remove the plastic here like this so as you can see we ve removed the sides here so this is from the old bracelet as you can see the back part of the bracelet can simply slide out like this. But you have to make sure that you carefully take it out so that you don t break it so i think. This is where these tools come in so you take this tool. And then you unlock the clips on the sides.

It s pretty straightforward..

But make sure that you don t hit the clips. This is like a digger that digs out and scoops around it it s like a precision picker so use this to scoop it out like this so. The tracker is just a really small device here and there we go it peels out like this and then there is a nfc film that is located here so then what you do there s the tracker and then there s the battery here so you put this thing down. And then what you do is for this other band you have to remove this film.

Very carefully and place it onto the new band. So we re gonna get the new band right here. So this is the brand new band papa s got a brand new band exactly and i made sure that the bracelet was the right size and the best thing to do to take care of this is to make sure that it is just completely cleaned and well you can t really clean up this bracelet. But that s the thing though the best way instead of buying any fitbit is just to get a new band and like you ve seen it s easy to take out because there are these clips on the sides that go onto the tracker.

So this is where it phases up so then what you do next is you take the film out of this old band. So i believe it just peels out so let s just peel. It out here. Because this is the nfc film be careful with this so gently peel out the nfc film all right and then what we do is we stick it on to the new band like so sorry we stick it on to the new band like so and make sure that it doesn t block the screen.

So there we go nfc film is on like that and then it will stick properly so make sure that it s properly adhered to and as you can see everything shows up there and you don t want to tinker anymore..

Tinker with this and there s the battery right there so if you wanted to know what the inside of a fitbit charge hr looked like this is it there s your lcd screen. There s your connectors and your pc and your motherboard and then there s the battery there s the heart rate monitor and there s the greasy grimy charge port so after we ve done that what we do next is we place our new well not new. But our tracker into our new band. So you just have to make sure to properly seat it in like so i m just going to do that quickly you have to line up the screw holes properly like this as you can see now our new band is securely on it didn t require a lot of tinkering it just required a lot of careful placement of the band and the button and the screws and as you can see it s a completely new reinforced and so that s how you do it you just have to be really careful with not losing the screws and making sure that you clean this properly.

So. If you found this helpful leave it in the comments below thanks. So much for watching and then we re gonna unscrew here okay wow. That s really crusty not the clown kind either so i m gonna keep removing the screw then they just nope careful don t lose that screw.

Oh i just lost the screw. ” ..

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