How to replace the battery in a Neato BotVac

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“Do i m tough here. What you see is my neato bot back and i i m going to be replacing the battery on it today. It s it s showing signs of the battery going bad. It s the runtime has been going down probably down to about 15 minutes at 15 minutes.

At this point. It also has this annoying problem where it ll tell you to make sure that the switch in here. That s switch right. There is in the on position even though.

It is already in the on position. Which i ve read is a another symptom of the battery running bad so to replace..

It i m going to first make sure that the switch is on the off position. Now off is up on his down. I already had it turned off and then we re gonna flip. It over okay okay.

There s two screws right here i ve never done this haven t done any research on if i m just using common sense. I ve replaced batteries in multiple robotic cleaners over the years so relying on my intuition. The bot backs a little bit different than the xv series. That actually have two separate batteries in them.

Which i always thought was kind of odd okay. There you guys so battery s out or the battery covers off just those two screws and you should just lift that and then here there s a little pinch connector..

Yeah okay so i just pressed into that little tab and yanked so we re going to a reversal procedure here make sure that little tab is facing out since everything is black it s not that easy to see there s my carton waiting that fixes that problem i bought this replacement battery on amazon. Okay. So i have that i have that pressed in there. So now i think you just need to kind of lay that wire underneath.

It s not sticking up out of the way okay. It s actually easier if you pull the wires out of the way and then just lay it down there and i just kind of fold. The wires on top otherwise the wires are gonna prevent you from doing this flat. So as you can tell this is an incredibly technical and difficult operation.

But you never know some people may find this helpful you never know i ve done a battery replacing videos and my other new guys. And i actually have people that did view them so okay so that s on there tight..

I m gonna flip this over. I m going to turn this turn this switch back to on that switch there push it down into the on position hopefully. We get some life out of this thing. Okay.

Zeus says. My battery is low please charge me which i think it always says when you switch it from the when you hit that little switch in the dusting. It always says as low. What you probably is but one other thing going to do here is get this and like i said i haven t done this on a bought back before but with the exedy nito s.

When you put a new battery in you go down to support hitmen you heat it on to support select and go down to new battery to let the unit. Know that you just put a new battery in there..

I m not sure exactly what the benefit is of doing that but you are supposed to do this when you replace the battery. So i m going to select it it says thank you and hit the back button till. I get to my main menu okay and then at this point. I m going to put it on the charger.

And just like a charger for as long as it thinks it needs to and should be good to go not a very difficult procedure as you can see. But if you had questions about how to replace the battery on your bot back you now should have those questions. ” ..


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