How To Reset PS3 Video Settings [PS3

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“Hey folks. I m making a video. Today. Because a lot of people seem to to run into this issue when they take their ps3 over and they hook.

It to a different person s tv. Say say you hook up the hdmi to your ps3 and your and your friend has a different tv than you and even though it s still hdmi capable. And it still has you know 720p or 1080p whatever one you have but it s not displaying right or the audio isn t coming out right. This is why and this also goes for the people that take say you re using a regular old tv and you ve got the red white and yellow cord and you switch it over to hdmi.

But you don t get you don t get any picture. This is how to fix that it s quick it s easy and it works for every ps3 model out there not just mine okay..

So i have the slim your ps3 may be different depending on the model. But the slim is well of course. Slimmer. And it also is has a different power button for one and doesn t have as much front front.

You know stuff going on no not as many usb ports. Anyway works. The same okay. So i have my tv turned on and i do this every time.

I go to my friend s house and come back. I always readjust the display so to do that you re going to have to perform a reset on your ps3 s um on your ps3 s video settings and to do that what you do is take your little finger and for the for the people with the fat ps3 works..

The same it just doesn t have actual pressable button. It s just you press your finger your finger over it hold it down you re going to hear one beep and then you re also going to hear a second beep as you keep your finger held down. And so this is how this is going to work. So watch that is the first beep keep it keeping it held down.

There s the second beep your tv will not display anything for a little bit might take up just a little bit. And you should see something that comes up a little bit disproportionate there you go says an available hdmi device was detected do you want to output video and audio using hdmi go ahead and grab your controller. Wherever you have that go ahead and turn your controller on and you have a certain amount of time to select yes go ahead and click yes. This readjusts your tv and your playstation.

3. Video settings to your tv..

So from that point everything should be a go everything should be working just fine. This also works to solve issues that that say the audio isn t coming out right because you after you went to your friend s house. That s because your friend probably has a different tv setup than you and then you then you do and probably works. A little bit different the tv would probably because the ps3 will can adjust depending on what you just did to the other person s tv.

If if you understand what i mean it it yeah. So that s how you fix it um. And i hope this has helped some of you this is a really shitty how to video because i talk too much. But at least.

It gets the job done if you run into any more issues. Um..

If say they aren t sound related or video related you might want to try maybe contacting sony. Because i just know a certain amount of things i don t know everything. But i can help i can i can try to help to the best of my knowledge. So i guess you can leave a comment.

Saying eh. How do you do this or say. It s not working bla bla bla. Leave me a comment.

I ll try and help to the best extent that i can and if if i can t help i ll tell you and you may need to contact sony so that s pretty ” ..

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