How To Restore / Reset a Garmin Nuvi gps to Factory settings Both Methods / Ways

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“Everybody today i m going to show you how to reset your garmin gps device. Device. I bought this one used from ebay actually bought a couple and when you them usually they have the old user preferences on there and you just want to do a master reset on it basically take it back to the factory. Defaults.

And there are two ways to do that with the garmin gps devices and i m gonna show you both ways because the first way which is the default way did not work for me. But the second way did work for me and then after i did that master reset. You know both ways work for me okay so as you saw there. The device is now just in standby mode.

You need to shut the device off or get it out of standby and i ll show you how to do that first so we re gonna hold the power button there or hit the power button and then hit agree and that s that s a standby mode. You saw how fast that turned on now to turn it off completely you need to hold the power button down. Like i am right now and wait for this turn off device. Prompt and once you hit see that and you hit off.

You know. The device is off..

Now. The device is completely powered off now. The first way to resetting or doing a master reset as garmin calls. It is to hold down the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

And then hold the power button on and you hold these two things on and you ll see that system is prompt. It s happening there on my 2555 lmt. It doesn t do that so just hold it down like i am right now. I m holding the power button down and be patient here.

Because it does take a little bit and eventually it s going to come up with a prompt to do the reset. So i m just gonna wait there we go i want to do this real time. So you see how long it takes yeah at this point. I m just going to take my finger off the power button.

And there we go erase all user data at this point. You can let go and just go click on the yes..

And that will reset your garmin gps unit back to the factory. Default again this did not work for me. The first time. I did it with this device so after we do this reset.

I ll show you the second way do the same reset. Without. Actually having to hold the power button. And do all that stuff with it so here.

We re going to go over with the defaults which work for me and then click on agree ok second way to do the root master reset is to go over here to the view map. And then go to the speed or speedometer button just press that then you see that the speed is where the spirometer display is showing right here. And what you need to do here is just press down on the speedometer button with your finger and just hold it down and while you hold it down and i ll do this real time then you get this actual menu. Which is cool there s all sorts of things in here.

But really all you need to do here to clear all the user data. Which is the same as the master reset is just click on that you see you get the same..

Prompt again click yes. And the device will reboot and i ll go through the entire reboot here loading the maps. And i will put a link to the seller that sold me this on ebay. I think it was a great deal you can check it out yourself to see if you agree i hit okay so saying you know settle select the locales.

I m just gonna hit okay and my language is okay with me too so you can change it to what you wish hit ok. Again. I agree there we go and you re back in and every all your setups will be now. Changed basically all your configurations are back to factory defaults.

So you know your waypoints and i ll just go through this and tell you how to use it so on and so forth as you can see you know if i hit go home. There s nothing there so you need to actually enter a home address that s how you know that you ve cleared all your data and basically that s how you clear the user data or do a master reset on your garmin gps device thanks for watching oh one more thing if you liked this video. And it helped you out in some way do me a favor click on the like button. Here.

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Here. You should see a picture of me. And that picture is a subscription link if you click on that and then choose. The bell icon.

You ll get an option to get notified every time. I put a new video up and then that way you can watch the video as it comes up or when i post them and at your own leisure. Now one more thing. I ve a lot of people have a problem with garmin express software.

And i will put a link to that here at the end of this video to show you my fix for people that have an ” ..

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