How To Run A Boot Time Scan With Avast Why Not To Use More Than One Antivirus

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“Guys so i wanted to show you how to run a boot time scan with with the best. So what i do is when i m open guys you see main screen here yosi learnsmarts man stealing tools stores settings gonna click on skin this is smart stand improvises and you have an option quick scheme full systems canyon or a removable media scheme. Sort the folder or the boot. Times boy wonders hit boot tungsten you re singing our schedule after clicking the start button.

But times gambled on automatic when there s some system you started so what you d want to do is just hit start. The taiwanese down additional components. What this is going to do is whenever you restart your computer. It was instead of loading directly into windows.

Before it loads in the windows..

It will avast will start first and that would do a scan for infections before it even gets into the system. It s a lot more effective than running a scan from windows. Although even after you learn a bit tomsk and some infections won t get caught unless you re running it from within windows because it has processes that are running in the background scandal woman picked up on if the processes are warming in which case you know standards like malwarebytes and super any spyware those are really really great for that it s always good to have more than one program installed. But never more than one antiviruses.

Though you never want to install two hours because they will conflict with each other and actually leave you unprotected not to mention any more than that can cause registry errors. It can cause different all sorts of issues with your windows installation. Which case malwarebytes and superantispyware those are this third over second opinion scanners they re not actually considered in antivirus. So those are actually safe to run along beside an anti virus program like the best okay.

So now..

It s finished downloading. That s for things that needed the times kind of well and that system restart you wanna go ahead and restart. The system. Go ahead.

Yes. And you can see the windows splash screen. Moving and then we re after this or going to the boot. Times man.

And i say it start not now i ll show you whether the court file is gonna be saved for up..

There you can see and showing starting the scan of the c drive and scanning of the startup to make sure. There s nothing in right in there. And what this is going to do is it it will go through and scan every single file of the system and when it finds something you ll ask you if you want to try to repair it if you want to delete it if you want to leave it alone it ll ask you what you want it to do if you want just to automatically delete stuff and everything in the settings of avast before you even run this scan you can actually change what to do when it finds a file if you want to automatically later automatic truck repair honestly it s it s best just to delete it that s that s how this works and after it finished just going through scan and everything it will boot back into windows. I m going in the video now cuz.

It s gonna take it a few minutes to run through this and though. It s just a virtual machine. There s not really a lot on it i still gonna take it a minute to go through all these different files. So i m just gonna stop the virtual machine started so that said it normal.

But that s the way that works..

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And thank you all so very much for watching we might get you down you know what you gotta do i don t know what you gotta do just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming. What do we do we swim. ” ..


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