How to Schedule Scans In Avast: A+ 702 Exam Objective 4.2 Malware Removal

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“You this is a plus two 2702 exam. Objective section four dot to malware removal removal how to schedule scans in your antivirus. Hey everyone this is will from beer 80com. We re going to take a look at how to schedule scans in your antivirus schedule.

A. Scans. Aws you to be more effective with your scans by scheduling them. When the pc performance will be least effective.

Many people don t like having scans run when they re actually using their pc. It kind of aggravates them. However if you can set your scans to run let s say overnight or you know at a time. When you re not home you can run the scan and a lot of scan to complete so it.


The scan itself is more effective and you will also make more effective use of your time. Because the end of our scan won t be interfering with you while you re trying to use your computer. It also allows you to automate your scans they won t be forgotten as we said earlier sometimes people will cancel the scan and then forget about running it or they ll just forget to all run the scan. The first place.

While you re scheduling the scans you can also set up automatic responses to malware infection. Usually you would have to be there. So these automatic responses. Don t require your presence.

And you can tell your your antivirus. Just to remove the malware or quarantine. The malware and you ll think you can see the record of that when you return to your pc. Scheduling.


Scans also allows you to feel safe for using your pc. Because you know the scans are running and you know that unless you ve just recently clicked on something you shouldn t have your pc should be clean. So let s take a look at how to schedule these scans hey everyone this is bull for be your own. It calm.

And i m going to show you how to schedule scans with avast antivirus. We open up a vast here. And we re going to go under the scan computer tab. We re actually going to look at each individual scan type in under settings.

There s a scheduling option and the settings. Look the same for each one of these so we re just going to go over one of them. So you need to decide where they want a quick scan full system scan. Rural media.


Scan or a single folder to scan. And you can also set them up individually apart from each other or creating a custom scan anyhow. I m going to run a full system scan. And when i go to settings.

And i m going to come here and click on scheduling went to enable scheduling the scan and you can scan it once you can scan it daily weekly or monthly. So we re gonna do a weekly scan and you see here is that it s just sore at the stand. If you re running on batteries. That s probably a good thing for a laptop because scanning takes up a good bit of power as it stresses the whole system and pause the scan if battery mode begins like if you have to unplug or the power goes out it will stop the scan also i have here if your system is in sleep mode.

It can wake it up and proceed to scan and once the scan is done and we ll go back into sleep mode. After however. Many minutes that your sleep mode is scheduled to start or you can tell it to just shut down. The computer after the scan finishes.


Now we come down to the schedule. And you can pick a launch time and probably going to be in military time so this will be 125 in the afternoon in this case. We re going 125 in the morning and we re going to ask it to scan on sunday. And this is right here times in military format so 1 through 2359 vs is 0.

So 0 through 2359 now we can click ok and now this scan will happen every sunday at 125 in the morning. We ll wake the computer up from sleep mode. And i will shut the computer down that s how you schedule these scans and those are the options that you can use for the scans themselves this has been will for be your own it and this is how you scheduled scans with avast antivirus stay tuned for more videos for more free videos check out be your own. It calm videos.

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