How to Sell Your Services on Amazon

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“Offers you the opportunity to sit back. While you wait for your customers to order order your services online. It is an amazing opportunity for professionals such as assemblers home handy men and electricians to offer their services to local customers by only listing their services in the marketplace. One really cool thing about selling services on amazon is that you can manage your job postings directly from the online platform or from a smart device.

And only choose those jobs that neatly fit your schedule. This is a way more organized way to manage your business. Because you can easily fill up your schedule at your own convenience. Without having to accept orders you can schedule them for later.

Something that often leads to an overcrowded schedule and rush jobs. The benefits no upfront costs. So. What are some of the benefits of this amazon program.

Let s start by saying..

There are no upfront costs to sell your services in the amazon marketplace. Unlike traditional job posting channels that require you to pay in advance for posting paying for advertising costs or risk working. In an unregulated environment amazon does not require you to pay startup fees monthly subscription fees or advertising fees. All you have to do is apply which we will talk about in a minute real jobs.

Another benefit is that you will be getting real jobs from real people long pasture the days of catching whatever call or visit that could potentially lead you to a job. It is invite only one cool benefit of the selling services on amazon platform is that the company handpicks its service providers. So you only share space with the best. No more dealing with sketchy experts leverage the trust of amazon lastly.

You have the benefit of working nowhere else other than the amazon platform. Which is a trusting environment full of pre existing loyal amazon customers then help your business to continue growing that will in turn help you to fine tune your professional skills. How does it work it s pretty simple indeed after entering the marketplace. You get discovered by customers interested in the type of service that you offer amazon facilitates this because your customers don t need to be looking for your services in order to find you they just need to be shopping on amazon for products related to your service to stumble upon your offer people looking for tools to make home repairs on their own can stumble upon your job ad and decide if they would rather have the repair done by a professional boom.

You get an order does that sound good yes..

Indeed amazon will also send you jobs when customers place an order for certain prepackaged services. Sometimes said customers will need a custom service. So you ll have to give them an estimate finally you get paid for every completed job and every satisfied customer all under amazon s wing. What are the costs as we said there are no upfront costs to join the platform and sell your services.

There are fees in the form of shared revenue for every completed job. These fees are a percentage of the final price paid by customers for your service. That will be deducted from your final payment depending on how you offer your services. These services and they re tied fees are as follows prepackaged services.

These are services that have a defined scope and results such as tv wall mounting moving services and housecleaning for services. Costing up to one thousand. Dollars there s a 20 percent fee and for services costing from 1500. Upwards.

There is a 15 fee custom services custom services are those that require detailed input from the customer..

These are projects that do not have a defined scope such as electrical wiring and weed control for services costing up to. 1000 there is a 15 fee and for services costing from 1500 upwards there is a 10 fee recurring services. These are services that are set for a recurring schedule such as standard lawn maintenance and regular pool cleaning services. Fees for recurring services are fixed.

At 10 over the final price. Getting started getting started is easy enough you first need to apply with an application. Which needs to be approved by amazon you ll be sent an activation link to activate your service account. Once your account is approved and registered amazon will run a background check on your business.

And on your track record as a technician. The is because amazon only wants the best and most dependable professionals offering their services in the marketplace. So you re off to a good start. After your background check is complete you ll have to complete your account setup by specifying your coverage locations and the type of services.

That you offer then you ll start getting jobs to apply just head to the make money with us section on the amazon home page and click on sell your services on amazon..

Then click on the apply now button. Once there scroll. All the way down to reach the apply to selling services on amazon form. When you click on the select a service category.

You can see the many categories. Under. Which you can list your services. Then you get to select your primary profession and a secondary profession related to your services.

Then select a business type and a service type lastly. You ll have to enter your business. Name as well as your personal info click on submit and wait for approval now you re ready to start your service oriented business journey. ” .


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