How to send and receive Picture messages (fix) on any Android phone

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It s your boy serrano welcome to another video for today. Now the video for today is about how to send and receive picture picture messages. I just was able to address two different issues on two different phones with the same issue. Which was i wasn t able to receive or send picture messages with two of my smartphones.

All i had to do with some really simple steps that i m gonna show you right now. I had those picture messages up and running within a matter of minutes. So all you had to do was go into settings right here at the top and then right here you re gonna look for your network mobile settings so you click cellular networks right here now once you get into this screen. It s gonna take you into basically something called access point names.

Now whatever access point name you re using right here i have the internet one that is designated for my cricket wireless carrier if you re using sprint t mobile verizon at t metro pcs this video will help you as well i ll get into that in some detail a little bit more detail later on in the video. But right now if you re using cricket wireless. These are the settings. You would actually need so go right ahead and press that button right there to get in let me just go back right here.

If you see nothing on the screen whatsoever. Just press that button right there and you can start from scratch. I hope you fill in those blanks right now..


But if you re if you already have your network. Just click that in and what you want to do to manipulate the ability to send and receive text and picture messages is right here these three options mmm sc mm s. Proxy and mmm s port so right here if you re using cricket wireless you re gonna see that it does have that option right there. Which is http the two dots four slash four slash mm s.

C. Dot ai o wireless net press. Okay then you re gonna go to mm s. Proxy click on this one in here just go ahead type that in proxy dot.

A io wireless net. Then press. Ok then go to mm s. Port type.

80. And then just press. Ok. Now.

The main thing you want to do after all that is happening is actually press save now if you don t have any of those settings in there. And you have to start from scratch. All you have to do was use google right here now use google to type in a p and for cricket..


Now. Once you type in apn for cricket. You re gonna get the options right here click that button right there for the first option now. It s gonna take you to the apn settings for cricket.

Now let me zoom in here. You re gonna get those settings right there. So. All you have to do a search for it.

Even jot it down on a notepad or anything like that but make sure you type those in as you see them right into the designated areas now if you re using another smartphone such as a sprint phone. You re just gonna change the wording there because it s different for each carrier so you re gonna type apn for sprint now apn for sprint is right there the first option they re gonna have those options right here. Now all you have to do is go into the designated spaces. A all the corresponding boxes in with that information.

As you see it there s some alternate options here. The first one doesn t work that s for sprint. That s for cricket then if you re using t mobile. Just type t mobile apn for t mobile.

You ll have the picture messages running in just a couple of actual you know minutes or seconds. After you ve actually saved those options in your phone right here you get all the apns for each carrier right from google. So there s no like rain rocket science that you have to like you know like you know break down anything it s simple easy steps..


It s basically all this information you re inputting their make sure it corresponds correctly and then just press save now i could just keep going you know metropcs sprint t mobile cricket um. But it s all gonna be there all you have to do is fill that information in right here inside of cellular networks. Now going to add cellular networks press access point names go into edit. Or if you don t have any of that information and just go to the plus sign.

Which is gonna create one for you fill in those corresponding boxes. Press. You know once you re in there. And you ve actually completed the information.

That s in those three different boxes or the whole sheet depending on what information you need these would be the three boxes that you would actually need for sending and receiving picture messages. I had mine up in a matter of seconds after i did that i was ready to go ready to rock and roll all those picture messages were coming in then i pressed save then i went back. Then i reset my phone right here. I went to restart let that thing do its thing.

The thing booted back up and i was getting picture messages in a matter of seconds. So um. You know it s a grilli quick easy steps that you just have to follow you know and then you ll basically be up and running in a matter of time there. But that s all i did i was able to uh troubleshoot with two different smartphones.

I wasn t getting pictures and i wasn t able to receive or send for like a couple of days and i one day. I was just like let me fix this issue went ahead did what i just showed you and i was up and running with both phones um really quickly so um. It i didn t have any problems whatsoever after that i was up and running here s the new mobile..


I m using this thing. It s unlocked for cricket wireless or i could use this thing for any carrier. But right now. I m going cricket with this device.

And i just noticed that wasn t able to send or receive picture messages. Which is something that all of us love to do and i know that s something that we were always sharing social media. We re always you know sharing selfies and everything like that so make sure you follow those steps in this video. So you can go ahead and enjoy your smartphone to the fullest.

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