How to Setup a Discord Push to Talk Button

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“Right welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the chupacabra tutorials channel. I m your host host larry and we re back again for another discord voice chat tutorial talking about to set up your own push to talk button for your microphone in your user settings. I just covered how you make your very own push to talk only channel so in case. There s a lot of people that leave their microphones open you can force them to only be able to use push to talk so now it might be helpful.

If i show you how to enable that for yourself. And all you really have to do is go into your user settings..

That s the cog wheel down here at the bottom left of the screen next to your username. And you click on that button and it brings up all of your cool settings. We re gonna go down to voice and video. Which controls things like your headset your microphone and your webcam and we re gonna go down here.

And it might be currently set to voice activity. We want to set this to push to talk once you do that you can set it up so that you use a specific hotkey rather than whatever the default is i m just going to leave mine at say the v key and click stop recording and the only other thing you really need to mess around with is do you want a talk release delay button in this case..

That means that if you release the key really quickly because you play a lot of fast paced games. It won t cut you off at the end of whatever word you were last say and you can make this wait a really long time like two seconds left open before it turns off or it can turn off instantaneously. Me i tend to leave my finger on the trigger a little bit longer than necessary so that people can hear what i m trying to say. But your mileage may vary.

And you can control that setting right here. Once you ve got all of that done you can just hit escape and congratulations..

You have your very own push to talk button it s set up it s ready to go fancy fancy dancy and that s all you got to do and if you have any questions or comments about how this works or why you d want to use it you can just slip those down in the comment section below. I m always more than happy to help and let me know in the comments out there like are there a lot of people out there that prefer voice activity or are there a lot of people that would prefer that all of their friends use push to talk because i know this question has come up in our servers. That i m in with a bunch of friends because there s a lot of people that tend to have screaming kids in the background. So i m very curious what your preferences are out there.

Let me know in the comments and until next time. I got a couple videos here at the end of this little tutorial that you might like to help you learn how to do discord better..

And it would help me out a whole bunch if you watch them and until next time don t forget to like and subscribe and i ll catch you later bye. ” ..

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