How to setup a Synology NAS Part 4: How to assigning a static IP address to your NAS

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“Is the fourth in our series of videos looking at how we complete a basic basic setup and configuration of a synology network attached storage device or as then we commonly refer to a nas. The aim of this video is to offer a point of reference to help you integrate a nas into your home network and whilst knology may offer many different models of nares the same basic principles that we walk you through in this video can be applied to all synology nas devices in our previous video. We completed a short tour of the dis station managers user interface so in this video. We re going to take a look at how you assign a static ip address to your nares at the moment.

The wireless router in our home network is automatically issuing ip addresses to any devices that connect to the network. An ip address is a unique number that any device connected to our home network needs. If it wants to be able to communicate with any other devices on the network as no two devices can have the same ip address a service built into our rooter called dhcp or dynamic host configuration protocol is used to manage a pool of ip addresses when a device connects to our home network. Dhcp will automatically assign an ip address from its pool of ip addresses.

Then dac p. Keeps track of which addresses have been assigned to which devices. Ensuring that there are no address conflicts. The type of ip address.

Assigned by dhcp is known as a dynamic ip address. This is because each ip address is only temporarily issued to a device when it s connected to our network when a device is removed from our network. The ip address is returned to the address pool. Unfortunately when using a dynamic ip address.

If a device goes offline or the rooter is restarted. There is no guarantee that that device will receive the same ip address. It had before as our nurse will need to have an ip address that will remain constant especially if we want to use services. Like plex or web hosting.

We need to something called a static ip address as the name suggests. A static ip address is an address that is assigned to a device for it to permanently use in other words. The ip address of our nares will not change regardless of either. The reuters dhcp service.

Or the nazz being shut down or restarted. While many routers offer a feature that allow you to reserve. The ip address assigned to a device from dhcp. If you ever have to replace your rooter.

Because you have not assigned a static ip address to your nares. You will find that you have to spend considerable amounts of time reconfiguring your network. Because any reserved ip addresses or no longer be valid and your nares will have reverted back to receiving a dynamic ip address from dhcp as there are so many different models of rooter on the market..


Assigning a static ip address to your nas will require some research on your part as you will have to find out how to adjust the dhcp settings on your model of rooter. However so you can see the basic principles of what we are proposing we will be demonstrating changing the dhcp settings on a synology rt 1900. A c rooter first. We need to look onto our router using our administrators.

Account nic to locate the dhcp settings for the router on this rooter. It is located in network center local network and then within the general settings. Within dhcp server. We have two fields called start ip address and end ip address this is.

Our address pool you can see that the start ip address is 19216812. This is because our rooter needs to. Use a. Static ip address so he s.

Using. 19216811. As no two devices can use. The.

Same ip. Address our root as dhcp pool. Has to start. At.

19216812. As we want to use additional static ip addresses. In our network we re going to adjust the start ip address. To.

19216812. Nt. This will leave us with 19 ip addresses that we can manually assign to any devices that we want to give a static ip address to let s apply. These changes.

And then log out of our router at this stage. It might be a good idea to reboot your computer. So that the computer receives an updated ip address from dhcp let s now connect to our nares using find datsun ology calm from within the web assistant you can see that currently our nass has been assigned with an ip address..


From the reuters dhcp. Address. Pull. This ip address.

Is. 19216811. T. 3.

Let s connect to our nares and log. In with an administrators account from within the diskstation manager. We need to select control panel under connectivity. We need to select network.

We are now presented with a general panel as you can see there is an option to change. The name of the server. Then we have something called the default gateway. Which has been assigned with the same ip address.

As our rooter. As the name suggests. The default gateway is simply a path to allow the nares to access services outside of our home network for example with the internet. So this setting is simply identifying the rooter as being in the gateway for the nest and access the internet.

The option ipv6 default gateway is blank. This is because most home networks still only use ipv4 and our network is no exception the setting manually configured dns server is disabled this is because we currently do not use our own domain name system you can see that the settings for preferred dns server contained the ip address for our rooter. This is because dns has been provided by our internet service provider via the settings in our router finally in this panel we have proxy settings. A proxy server is often used by big organizations like universities or corporations as a way to improve internet performance and security while also being able to monitor employees use of an internet connection as using a proxy server within our home network could be considered overkill if you do need to control internet usage.

You might be better served using the traffic monitoring services built into your rooter. Let s select network interface you can see that we have three options lan or local area network pppoe and ipv6 tunneling. However as lan is currently the only active connection. It is this option that we need to adjust.

If we select the down chevron. We are presented with additional information related to the lan connection. We can see that the nares is using dhcp to connect to the network..


We are also shown the dynamic ip address subnet mask and ipv6 address that dhcp has assigned to the nas. The final piece of information being displayed relates to the speed and type of network connection. Arnaz is using as we want to static ip address to this nares we need to select the edit button from within edit. We now need to select the option use manual configuration if we now select the ip address field.

We can assign this nares with the static ip address that we wish to use. If you remember. When we adjusted. The dhcp address.

Paul. 19216811. Was assigned to our rooter. But we also have 18 additional addresses excluded from our dhcp address paul any of which can be assigned to this device in order to create a mind set that logically structures.

How we assign static ip addresses. We are going to assign static ip addresses in order of importance. So. If the route is the most important device.

In. Our home network and has a static ip address. Of. 19216811.

Then our nest. Will. Be. Assigned.

The. Next. Sequential static ip address. Of.

19216812. The subnet mask. Should continue to be 255 255 255 0..


While the gateway and dns settings because they allow the nest to communicate with the rooter should both remain 19216811. We will leave the setting default gateway. Ticked. All the other options set mtu value manually and enable vlan will both remain disabled.

When. We select ok our settings. Will be. Saved and.

Arnez will. Use. 19216812. Has.

Its ip address. Let s log. Dsm and again load. The web assistant.

When the web assistant loads. We can confirm that the nazz is using the ip address. We assigned it however if after assigning a static ip address to your nares you find that certain devices are reporting. Connection issues or can t browse.

The internet simply reboot those devices. When that device is rebooted your reuters dhcp service. Should automatically assign that device with a new dynamic ip address and you will find that the device will start to work correctly again so to recap in this video. We adjusted.

The dhcp address pool on a rooter to allow us to have static ip addresses. We then assigned our nares with a static ip address in the next video in this series. We ll be taking a look at the file service options for our nares. This will include enabling smb and afp services as we prepare for the creation.

” ..

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