How to Take and Find a Screenshot on Steam

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“Everyone i m max dalton and in this video. I m going nto show you you how to take and find a screenshot on steam for everything that the steam gets nright for gamers. It does have its shortcomings. One thing.

That is unnecessarily difficult nto figure out how to do in a steam game is to figure out how to take a screenshot and nit s even more complicated to then find that screenshot on your computer. However steam does have a screenshot hotkey nand you can even change that hotkey to be whatever you want additionally steam. Let s you choose what nfolder you save your screenshots to now let s walk through the steps to take and nfind a screenshot on steam step 1 launch the steam application on your computer step. 2 click a drop down menu appears step.

3 click the settings window appears step..

4. Select the in game options will be displayed on the nright side of the window step. 5. Locate the screenshot shortcut keys field non the right side of the window.

This is the key you will use when playing nsteam games to take a screenshot the default screenshot key in steam games. Nis f12 click inside of this field and then click nthe key you want to use to take a screenshot with when playing steam games be aware that when you click inside of this nfield you won t see a blinking cursor like you would when you normally click inside of na field. And there s no visual indicator that you ve selected the field after clicking the new key you want to use nto take a screenshot inside of steam games. The key displayed in that field will change for example.

I ll change my screenshot key nfrom f12 to f3 step..

6 now click the screenshot folder button displayed nbeneath the screenshot key field this brings up the select external screenshots nfolder window step. 7. Click to select the folder where you want nto save steam screenshots and then click in this example i ll select a folder. I created ncalled the select external screenshots folder window nwill close and you ll return to the settings window step.

8 review the options beneath when a screenshot nis taken located directly beneath the screenshot folder button. This is where you can choose to receive a nnotification or have a sound play when a steam screenshot is taken additionally you ll need to check the box nto. Save an uncompressed copy of your photo. In this section to save any screenshots in nthe folder.

You defined above..

If you don t check to save an uncompressed ncopy screenshots won t be saved in this folder step. 9. Click now the next time you re playing a steam ngame and you want to capture a screenshot. All you have to do is click your chosen screenshot nbutton.

Which by default is f12. If you chose to receive notifications. You ll nsee or hear those notifications your screenshot will be saved to the folder nyou defined as long. As you checked the box to save an uncompressed copy of your steam nscreenshot navigate to this location after finishing nyour gaming session to view your saved steam screenshots additionally.

A screenshot uploader window nwill be displayed when you quit your game you can click any presented screenshots in nthis view..

Add a caption and then upload to your steam cloud. If you choose to clicking and not your defined folder finally you can click your steam cloud close the screenshot uploader when you re ndone congratulations you now know how to take and find a screenshot non steam. Thanks for watching leave your thoughts and questions in the comments nsection below if you liked what you saw here click. The nvideo link on the right side of the screen to check out another video or click the logo non the left side of the screen to subscribe.

” ..

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