How to take Live Photos in Facetime iOS 12 (NEW)

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“You need to do is download. Ios. 121. Hey youtube.

What s up this is is ben from shouldn t get it calm and many of you guys have seen new facetime features video for ios. 12 and ios 121. Is now out which fixes a lot of the issues. But the most important one is it brings back facetime live photos.

Yes. That s right facetime a lot of photos is. Back you can see i have ios 121. Running on my iphone here this is my friend ryan s.

Iphone and you can see ios..

121. One tap to flip between the rear and front camera. During facetime perfect and live photo captured during one to one facetime calls. So you can t do live photos in group time and group facetime.

But you can do them in facetime. Calls so to show you how different. Ios 12 point o. Vs.

121. Looks. I d say this is one of the biggest updates for for a just point. One update instead of a big one so i m blocking out parts of these screens.

So you guys can t see my phone number and stuff..

But i m gonna call myself in ryan s phone and let s mute this boom and let s accept ryan s call and i ll just meet this. Alright so you can see that ios 121. Is running on the right side this is my iphone 7 plus and you can see that the menu which you would usually have to tap for and then go menu and flip is now fixed. So this is the new one on the right side.

It s much better you can see that so now you just have one button to flip so you can flip it to the back camera and you can see that we can move it back of course. We still have the same effects that we have here. But the bigger part is let s go back not flip the best part is that we have live photos back so no longer is it just the same boring screenshots. But now you can actually take live photos.

You can see the little icon right there maybe if i put my shirt. You can see that circle right here for live photos. So you guys knew this feature in ios 11. It disappeared for a little bit now it s back.

But the thing is this is the caveat..

If you press live photos of course it ll say facetime photos must be enabled on both devices to use this feature that means you and whoever your facetiming have to have ios. 12. Enabled and have the setting turned on so you can see when we go to settings in ios 121. And then we go down to facetime and i m gonna block my phone number and then you would go down to the bottom you ll see facetime live photos.

So you can turn it off or you can turn it on that means both people need to have it turned on if i go to settings on this phone. Which is just running ios 12 point oh and we go to facetime again. I m gonna block the phone numbers here so you can t see them. But we go to the bottom.

And you can see that it just says calls and then it s split out because it s showing a phone number. But there s no option like this for the facetime live photos. So if we go back to the call again you ll see the difference is right here on the right side. We just have the menu and the live photos button on the left side.

We have the menu and we don t have a flip button so now you can flip really quickly so again if i want to flip it boom..

This gonna be facetime inception right there we can see then i flipped it right there it s live. It s good here if we want to flip. We d have to click the menu then flip or turn the camera off and that would be a whole big ordeal. So anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video basically if you want to get.

Group facetime back all you need to do is download ios 121 and then you are all set and make sure your friends download ios 121. As well so just update your phones turn on auto. Update. You ll get your features.

Back camera flip things better live photos are back on facetime enjoy. It if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe share it on facebook share it on youtube. I appreciate you watching and ” ..


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