How to Trim Audio in Audacity

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“I m mike from music radio creative comm in this video. I ll show you you how to trim audio inside audacity. So here. We are with some music radio rockefellers.

3. Some versions music radio creative. Dot com. And another.

One. Right..

Here. Music. Radio. Creative.

Dot. Com. And one. More.

Over. Here music..

Radio creative dot com. But the the real thing is we only want one of those a cappella. So i need to trim it so the so it s top and tails basically so that we have just that single a cappella let s say. The one in the middle.

There see that there so i m selecting that by holding my mouse down. And using the lovely selection tool here to do it ok so selection tool and then select what you want to trim. It could be this first one second one or third one. But let s try and trim.

There so trim from the start of the finish before i trim it i m going to play it back music radio creative comm ok. That s a perfect ending..

But i think i trimmed too early so i m going to just move it back a tiny smidge. More by grabbing there with the finger icon. I m moving it back music radio and actually i think i might need to zoom in here. So i can go to view and i can go zoom in or zoom out it could be command one command 3 or control.

1 control. 3 to zoom in and i can get a good look at where exactly i m trimming ok. Let s try that again music. Ok.

That s going to be a perfect trim for me so i m going to zoom all the way out so you can see what happens here you can either go into the edit menu and then you can go for there s so many different options. But remove special has a trim audio option there you can also use command t or ctrl t..

If you re on pc and when i click trim it s going to cut out the audio before and after the area that i ve highlighted and leave me just with a piece of audio. I want trim audio. There it is it s done i can then go to the timeshift tool. Here.

The two arrows move that to the start of my track so it starts at 0 seconds. Then not before and then you ll see i ve got a very tightly trim piece of audio music radio creative dot com. That i can then go ahead and save as my preferred or file format file and then i can just save it or i can i can export the audio to a web file or whatever i want to do really so that is trimming audio in audacity for more tips remember to subscribe okay. ” .


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