How to Use Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation

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“Everyone i m max dalton and in this video. I m going nto discuss how how to use the facebook messenger secret conversation feature to have a hidden nsecret or conversation on your iphone ipad or android device facebook messenger s secret conversation feature nlets individual users not a group have a more secure and private conversation than nthey can have using the traditional messenger. Secret conversations are encrypted from end nto end and can only be received on device s where you re currently active on facebook nmessenger if someone involved in a facebook messenger nsecret conversation switches devices the other person in the conversation will be made naware that the person they are having a conversation with is using a new device. Additionally you can set a timer associated nwith.

How long a message can remain visible after the recipient reads. It once time is up that message is gone for ngood. The facebook messenger secret conversation nfeature supports sending and receiving messages pictures. Stickers and videos.

But you can t nsend gifs. Make video or voice calls or send payments to other users finally the facebook messenger secret conversation nfeature is only available in the messenger mobile app for iphone ipad and android devices it is not available on facebookcom or messengercom. This video will walk you through how to enable nstart delete and turn off facebook messenger secret conversations and now let s walk through how to turn on nthe facebook messenger secret conversation feature step 1 open the facebook messenger app on your iphone nipad or android device your facebook messenger home screen is displayed step 2. Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner nof.


The screen the me window appears step. 3. Scroll down the screen and then tap the icon that appears to the left of secret nconversations. Features a black square with a white padlock on it the secret conversations window appears step.

4. Tap the toggle to the right of secret conversations nif. It isn t enabled to turn it on a dialog box appears in the center of the nscreen. Asking.

If you want to turn on secret conversations tap the dialog box will disappear. You ve successfully managed to turn on facebook. Nmessenger secret conversations. Next.


Let s talk through how to start a facebook nmessenger secret conversation step 1 after turning on facebook messenger secret nconversations launch the facebook app on your iphone ipad or android device step 2 tap the the new message window appears step 3 tap the secret message window appears step. 4 tap to select the person you want to send na secret facebook messenger message to a secret conversation window opens up with nthat person you can verify that it s a secret message nby looking for secret message toward the top of the conversation window an icon featuring na black circle with a white padlock on it in the lower right corner of the person s nprofile picture. And a message to the right of this person s profile picture. Informing nyou that this is an encrypted conversation across all of your mobile devices step.

5. Tap the a set timer menu flys up from the bottom of nthe screen this lets you define how long this message nwill be visible to the recipient after they open. It alternatively you can set this option to noff. If you don t want the message to self delete.

In this example. I ll choose for the message nto self delete. After five seconds. Tap.


You ll return to the secret conversation. Message nscreen. Where you can see the timer icon is now shaded black and a message appears in nred text above the line. Where you enter your message notifying.

You that this message will ndisappear. After your selected amount of time has passed after that message has been seen step. 6. Enter the message you want to send in the ntext box at the bottom of the screen.

And then tap the black paper airplane icon that nappears to the right of that box to send your message similar to the way you can with other facebook nmessenger messages you can tap any of your sent secret messages to see whether or not nthey were received by the intended recipient. If the message was seen the word right corner of your message. Alternatively. If the message hasn t been nread yet you ll see text beneath the lower right corner of the nmessage recipients will receive notifications similar nto the way they do for normal facebook messenger messages however in any places where you nwould normally see someone s name the notification will simply say now let s look at how to delete facebook nmessenger secret messages facebook messenger secret conversations can nbe deleted in exactly the same way that normal facebook messenger conversations are deleted the only difference is that you will only nhave the option to delete secret conversations.


And you will not have the option to archive nthem to delete a secret conversation hold your nfinger against the facebook. Messenger secret message you want to delete on the facebook nmessenger home screen until a menu flys up from the bottom of the screen tap delete conversation will appear in all red ntext. A dialog box appears informing you that this nconversation will permanently be deleted. Tap your facebook messenger secret message will ninstantly be deleted.

Finally let s talk through what you need nto do if you decide you want to turn off facebook messenger secret conversations if you want to turn facebook messenger secret nconversations off you can do so at any time by navigating back to the secret conversations nscreen. Where you turned the feature on and then toggling. It off a dialog box will appear informing you that nyou will no longer be able to receive encrypted messages or start new encrypted conversations nin facebook messenger click the dialog box will disappear and the facebook nsecret conversation feature will be turned off congratulations you now know how to use the facebook messenger nsecret conversation feature thanks for watching leave your thoughts and questions in the comments nsection below click the video link on the right side of nthe screen to check out another video click the logo on the left side of the screen nto subscribe to this channel to see more great ” ..


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