How to use FGL Pro for Pokemon GO! (2020 Method)

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“Just before the video starts. I would like to give a warning well this video video is the same as last month s because i feel like i did a good job of actually explaining how to spoof in pokemon go with last month s video. So essentially this this month is the same but one of the things that i find really important to stress is the fact that if you join my discord. We have a lot of people who are very willing to help with you help you help you get spoofing like i personally i m in the discord.

Quite a little bit especially in the help spoof channel. So if you actually do need help it s much much more worth it if you watch the video and you join the discord and you can get your help there because this video. I mean it will help some people. But if you re not like if you don t like an actual expert of this it becomes very difficult.

Sometimes so i highly recommend you actually just come to our discord and we actually help you out with it and we also have lots of fa q s and lots and lots of like text channels with like step by step instructions trust me. It s it s gonna help you a lot. So yeah. Just that to previous video.

Let s go straight to it so. The first thing you want to do while using fgl pro for pokemon go is to probably download it i mean downloading is probably a solid idea but before you down left jail pro. There was one thing you gotta know you cannot spoof pokemon. Go on this you haven t owned an android phone by the.

Way this is an android guide only an android phone which is. Above 50 or i think it s 510 or 52. Because basically if you have a phone that s too old you can t actually update to twelve point six 185 the google play services version that you need and if your two phone is too new you can t even downgrade down to twelve point 625. So it s kind of unfortunate.

So just done just install fgo pro and then we ll get into the other things that you need to know so first of all you need to go to additional settings and go to privacy and this is an important part of the thing because you can t actually uninstalled google play services until you disable fie. My device. I won t disable here. But basically you have to disable this because it doesn t allow you to down it doesn t allow you to uninstall google play services until you get rid of this thing.

So once you deactivate that you will be able to go to google play services and uninstall. It to reinstall the newer version now one thing that i get a lot in the commons is people like it s kind of weird like they think that if they have okay. Let s say you have the version thirteen point five point seven five google play services right it doesn t exist. But let s just say for just for an example here you have the google play services version that is above twelve point six point eight five and you try to immediately install a like older version it won t install it ll say app not installed because that s not how that s not how installation works if you re installing something you re building upon another application like it doesn t replace the app like that s not how that works you have to uninstall google play services and then reinstall.

It which is why because my phone. My google play services is eleven point nine point seven five after i uninstall it i can reinstall it to give me twelve point six point eight five so if your google play services version is below twelve point six point 85 all right sorry is above twelve point six point 85 after you uninstall it you can t spoof. And there is no way to get around this unless you fruit which i have a video on people always like hey your screen. You know we should really do instead of making all these fucking videos that are exactly the same with each other what you should do is actually figure out a solution on how to spoof below above twelve point six point oh five how about no i have the the entire android market is going against spoofing because i mean it helps fgo fgl pro.

But pokemon go is probably paying big bucks to make sure that people can t spoof right so android is just updating their system. So you can t like that so that mark applications can be detected by applications. Which makes it so that you re fucked. If niantic doesn t want you to spoof you re not gonna be able to spoof.

So the only hope that i can give you is you root your phone or there s another thing you can do just buy an older phone like it s really easy they re so fucking..

Cheap are you kidding me they re like 600 bucks or like they know i m calling. They re like three bucks. But but yeah just get an older phone. It s easy you can get a secondhand phone for fuck s sake.

Anyway enough for the rent let me just show you my google play services version. Because it s kind of important so google play services. As you can see right there. Seventeen point.

Four point. Eight four point five five sorry um. Once i uninstall this it ll be like eleven point nine point seven five and then i can reinstall. Twelve point six point five which will allow me to which will allow me to spoof.

So as you can see google services version. This is too high so it won t let me use fgl pro or it s alright it won t let me mop. I have to look at my my location on the on goo on pokemon go. Without the application.

Knowing just kind of knowing so you gotta basically wise you got to do is you got to match this this these numbers in the bracket zero four zero four zero eight to the the website on apk mirror which helps you download twelve point six twenty five so zero four zero four zero eight let s just try and find that real quick. So it s more obvious all right there you go found it basically i just gotta grab this i got to download it and then remember you gotta uninstall before on before installing you can t just install it doesn t work like that uninstall then install so once you ve done that you basically have everything that you really need like there s a lot of things that people do to like to make sure that they won t get you know like they won t get found out like they clear maps and they clear everything this is the base of what you have to do i ll make it maybe i ll make another video on how you can do to solve some of the problems. If you can t long into pokemon goo or whatever. But this is the base of how to do it anyway so once you have twelve point six twenty five you should be able to do everything that you need to actually have fgl pro right here.

I didn t want to reinstall it for no reason so i have fgl pro here and it s gonna. It s gonna give me a warning saying that i have my google play services. It s way too updated of course because i didn t install the older version. It will show me this so if you re still messed up you can actually just follow their steps.

I mean. It s pretty it s a pretty good guide to how to do it. But you re gonna have to agree to all of these things. So you gonna have to sit.

Here. Oh yeah. You have to set this to high accuracy. Obviously fuck.

What the hell did i do turn on location hacks. It good cool and then it s gonna ask you to like it s gonna ask you for like screen overlays. Which you have to do and then one of the things. That s also going to ask you to do is you have to go to where is it yeah.

I think you have to go to additional settings..

And you have to go to developer options. And then you have to set the mock application to fgl pro. Because if you don t set it to maka this. If you don t set the mock application to fgl pro.

I have to help pro can t change. The location for your phone. Which will make spoofing like basically impossible so if you go to the settings on ful pro. There is what is this this is an ad.

Oh my god okay you have to enable secure balking like you don t have a choice. This is a must mocking method doesn t really matter i use three. I don t know why it s just let s just random. Honestly just try them all out and everything else here is pretty straightforward do not use indirect mocking because it s just it doesn t work when i m talking you also have an ad free version of google play services on my discord by the way.

So just go there. And there s a link to it anyway. Helper banner. Which you actually helped her ban is pretty useful because like it makes sure that you don t get like soft band accidentally which i think is pretty cool and then simulate real altitude i use this because i m not sure how 90 actually detects whether people are spoofing or not but i think if you re walking in zero meters for the entirety that you re playing the game.

I think they might think something suspicious especially if you re on top of a hill. You know like like a 2006 on our feet hill and you re just like no 1 0. Feet dude. So yeah i should enable it just cuz you know probably a smart thing to do anyway anyhow one of the things that ok.

I m gonna talk about some of the problems that people have so some other people say that they can t so many people say that they can t actually they can t get into the game after the download fgl pro. So one of the things that i would actually recommend doing is open pokemon go before opening fgl pro. I like it works sometimes. But i ve never had it not work eventually so open pokemon go force closed fgl pro.

First obviously. And then open pokemon go. And then open ftl pro afterwards and usually it works like if it doesn t work just try it again clear cache. Clear cache.

Clear data. And then just again also you got a look you bible you have to log into pokemon go. I don t mean like open the app and then open fgl bro. I mean login first because people are the only problem that people have is logging in part it ll say like oh cannot authenticate or unable to authenticate or whatever the message is and you ll just get fucked.

So you can t do that so if i m not pokemon you installed. I do okay confused for a sec. I m just basically just got a clear clash clear data um. If it doesn t work just keep trying keep trying keep trying keep trying and uh.


This i mean this method works like i ve used it for the last. I don t know fucking like literally the last year. I ve been using this method. I ve been making the same fucking video and it s great because people are like dude.

You can t fucking spoof. The shit is impossible what the hell is this it s a fake it s fake. You can t do it you can t do it. But uh.

Yeah. I ve just mean spoofing the people in my discord have been spoofing. So i m not sure what it is maybe. It s just maybe you re just unlucky you know.

But um yeah. That s basically what it is honestly. It s just so a lot of rumors going around like oh they re gonna ban spoofer yeah. It s just bullshit.

Honestly what does this say i m right now i m actually looking at the comments of my old video to see what people have had problems with so my google play install it only goes back until. 14 and then installing 126. 25. It says a ban on installed.

See that s the problem. I just addressed there s 73 likes on this comment and yeah. It s pretty sad how people still don t realize that but you can t you can t do anything you re fucked you gotta get an older phone or root your choice. What does my phone.

Please apply okay. Fuck my phone is way let me show you actually that s probably pretty useful. Information isn t it shit okay about phone. There it is it is a me max to my question is can i hack on the tentative version.

9. Yeah. Your fuck no way low thanks for this guy. One question are you in victoria.

How the fuck did you know yes. I am. I can t disable google play services even when i disable find my phone. I can t click on deactivate you re not supposed to disable google play services.

I don t know where you got that idea you re supposed to uninstall it not disable like i don t fucking know google play services is the thing that runs all of your applications..

If you disable it your phone s gonna be broken fuck don t try it anymore. Almost all the comments show it doesn t work yeah dude doesn t work for you doesn t mean. It. Doesn t work for everyone else google play services keeps on updating.

Oh yeah. One of the yeah. That s kind of annoying to be honest. You gotta go to google play store and i m pretty sure there s like a setting to just disable.

We go to settings and then auto update. Do not update apps. That s what you gotta do doesn t gps joystiq by app and just work no fuck. No why did the android and remove this feature because it s literally cheating um your android version am i i didn t show my underwear version did i fuck mandro version is 711.

I keep getting failed to detect location. Oh yeah by the way guys if you re getting failed to the tech location. 12. The number 12.

One you re probably doing something wrong you gotta want to get that checked out and stops moving immediately because like shits gonna make it like you re gonna get banned if you keep playing with 12 on but 11 is fine filter tech. The tech location. 11 is fine just move the joystick slightly and you ll be good can someone list down the static and fees on these videos on a fucking good luck law will this work on android version 9. Nope can you please send me your trying to.

Code nope does. N t work i m using. 511. On my security patch slowly iram first 2017 yep your phone.

It s way too old thank you l. Think you ve failed zack location. 12. Yeah.

It s this is just no kind of sad anyhow yeah guys that s that s not that i have nothing else to say honestly if you have any questions just ask me i guess i ll just make you know what actually no the next video. I m gonna make is just gonna be me replying to comments cuz. I m sure it s great and yeah see you guys in the next video. ” .


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