How To Use Reverb! Audacity Tutorial! Giveaway!

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“Are back with the giveaways have game. We are giving away once again another bc bc master 1610 microphone for those of you guys that don t know what microphone is that is the microphone that i am currently using right now as well as the microphone that i used to record all my songs music and video. So if you re subscribed to this channel. I want to say thank you and give back to you guys cuz you guys give to me on a daily basis.

So let s all go ahead. Let s go ahead and get this giveaway set up there will be a link in description. It should be to the website gleam. Which is the website.

I ve been hosting all my giveaways on so make sure to go to the description and click that link to participate for a chance to win a free microphone. Anyway let s get into today s video. I see you guys been everybody from higly high please listen up thank you for telling me i should give up you party not worse than foot. That s the buzz.

How does it feel to get left in the dust. Funny how you girls keep hitting me up in my deals like when we gonna i m gonna need you to get up among us. There girls who kerby they turn into slush don t say we re friends and don t wish me luck. I got my pants right here back at me hey you guys like anahata you know what i m saying.

I got represent all you guys on the street anyways guys welcome to the video for those of you guys that are new. I am young laughing. Ten and today. I m gonna be showing you guys basically the concept in the ins and outs of reverb on the program audacity.

It s honestly not that hard so this video shouldn t take that long the artist that i m gonna be using an example of is little pete because when i think of reverb. I immediately think of little p. Because little peep back when he was alive man he rest in peace use a ton of reverb a very ambient vocal artist. So yeah.

That s who are we gonna be using today so let s go ahead and get into our program and start the tutorial off okay so as you can see we are in our program. This is audacity a free program. So you guys don t have to pay for it i m pretty sure for those of you guys that are watching this video. You probably already know that but one thing before we get into the video.

I want to point out one mistake that i made because you should not do this i just by the way before i start little peep. He records the same lyrics. But on two separate tracks and then pans one of them to the left and one of them to the right..


That s why as you can see here. I have this trackpad all the way to the left and this one pan all the way to the right. But as you can see i recorded the first one in stereo and i recorded the second one in mono do not do that you want to keep all of your vocal tracks. The same kind of recording type.

But since this is just a tutorial on how reverb works it does not matter i just want to bring that to you guys attention so anyways. We re gonna go ahead and mute this second track so because i want to explain and kind of show you guys the reverb effects on just one of them so we re gonna start with this first one right here. All the effects. I have pitch correction on it the equalization and compression.

All that is done so all that we re doing is the reverb so let me know what effects you guys want me to show next or if you guys want me to actually show you a full on updated tutorial on little peep. So yeah. We got the first track. Highlighted and we re gonna go ahead and go into a reverb setting.

So as you can see here. We got let me. Yeah. Let s make this bigger oh well i guess it didn t help.

But just made the window bigger. So we got room size pre delay reverb damping tone low tone high wet gain dry gain and stereo width okay. So let s start with room size as you can see i haven t set the 70 right now because like i said. There s a lot of echo and reverb and little piece vocals.

But room size is basically it s pretty self explanatory. How big the room is you guys know that if you re in a larger room. There would be more echo like let s say for example. A cathedral like when a choir sings in the cathedral.

You know that should be echoing hardcore as in if you re in like a small room. There won t be any echo at all because there s not that much room for the audio to bounce. You know what i m saying. So let s go ahead and preview switchblades cocaine as in if you brought it all the way down here it s gonna sound a lot different switchblades cocaine kind of see how there s not that much echo to it you know what i m saying.

So that s basically every room size. Let s put that back to 74. Now and pre delay..


It s not something that i messed with too much to be honest. Frito lays basically the point of when you talk to where you hear that echo. I know it s kind of confusing. But to be honest guys.

I really wouldn t worry about it that much you know i m just keeping out like 10 or 0. Don t breathe don t raise it any higher than 10. It s just the point of where you talk to the point. That you hear the echo.

So that s what the pre delay means the reverb is the acoustics. So the the acoustics of the vocal. So basically it also plays into it s not really echo. It s kind of like how much the vocals like wave or bounce.

You know what i m saying. So we ll listen to it right now switchblades okay so with the the higher the reverb. The more it plays into like the echo and the acoustic of the song. So let s go ahead and lower the reverb again.

It s kind of like room size. But not really switchblades okay. If you have the reverb all the way down. There s no like echo at all switchblades okay so where did i have that i have it at like 80.

I think yeah we ll keep the reverb at like 80 switchblades okay. So yeah as you can see there s a big difference. There so i know a lot of you guys probably understood what reverb already was you re just trying to get the understanding of all the other settings that go into it so yeah. That one was pretty easy.

Too damping is pretty self explanatory. How much you want the reverb to be damped and we re just gonna keep that at 50 tone low tone high is pretty self explanatory how much of the different tones. You want and your reverb. So i think i got that wrong with the little peep cuz.

Little peep doesn t really well i guess he kind of does have deeper tones. But it s wasn t 24sure so i m gonna lower it down to like 15 maybe he doesn t really have any high tones. So that s why i lowered it all the way to zero..


Because he s kind of have like a deeper more of a rockstars voice. You know what i m saying. But yeah basically how much of the tone pitches. Do you want in your reverb.

So i took the tone high percent. All the way down to zero since little peeps not really about that he s kind of got a lower voice in my opinion. So yeah. That s why i put it there now what gain weight gain or basically.

It is the opposite of dry gain dragon or dry vocals. Is basically your original like your original track like no effects at all just your voice into the microphone. So if you have your dry. All the way up like let s say four it ll increase your original dry vocal volume by five decibels so switchblades okay so as you heard that was like really loud as if you lowered it to like negative.

Ten. You probably will barely hear it at all so yeah. That s basically it just the volume of your original vocals. So i m gonna keep that at let s do let s do negative two because little peep is very reverb ii doesn t really have high dry vocals.

So we re gonna keep that there and wet gain is basically the opposite the higher number that you have a wet gain. The more reverb ii. It ll sound so let s list it at six. It s gonna sound.

Really really echo ii. So as you can see that as if you were to lower the wet gain all the way down here. It really won t have that echoey effect switchblades okay so the reverb bent in the wet gang kind of go hand in hand but we gonna keep peeps wet gain at negative. 6.

So switchblades cocaine and the reason why i m not adding more reverb to this one track as you re like oh little peep has way more reverb than that and he does but i m not adding too much to this one because you got to remember that we re also gonna be having reverb on another track so it s kind of it s gonna kind of be steps. So that s the reason. So yeah. This is basically the settings um.

This is all what they do what i just said and the stereo width is it really only applies the stereo tracks. But it s the width of the reverb on your vocals. So i have mine at 100 because he s very reverb if the artists that you re trying to replicate or the music that you re trying to make has a lot of reverb um bump that stimulus..


All the way to 100. And if you re not that reverb you like let s just say who s not a reverb rapper. Let s just say big sean. You might want to cut that stereo width down to like maybe.

50. You know i m saying because every artist does use reverb. But others use very little just to the point where their vocals. Don t sound too dry.

So yeah. That s gonna be the reverb settings for a little peep and everything explained so what we re gonna do we re gonna highlight both of these tracks and now because we re gonna apply the reverb at the same time and as you could tell there s no reverb on them. Yet switchblades okay. And i have this track pan.

All the way to the left in that pat dry the track panda all the way to the right so we re gonna highlight it go to our b verb and go ahead and just preview to see what it sounds like switchblades cocaine. And that s pretty much it for the reverb maybe you guys want me to do a full on tutorial on how i basically did this little peep song cuz. I actually did a cover as a tribute song back to when he died so and a lot of you guys. I know wanted me to do a witchblade tutorial and i can if you guys really want me to do show you guys the full on way and how i did it.

But i just wanted to use him as an example for reverb because he used a lot of it as i said probably a million times by now so let s go ahead and listen to that one more time switch blades okay. And yeah. That s it let me know what you guys think or thought of the video down in the comment section. What setting tutorial you want to see next or even what artists you guys want to see next once again.

The the link to the giveaway will be down in the description. And yes pretty much i can t talk today guys. Oh. My god i can t outside today.

But yeah like i said link to the giveaway in the description. If you guys enjoyed the video make sure to hit that thumbs up and if you re new and you want to see some more top that make sure to hit the subscribe button with notifications turned on anyways half gang. It s been your boy you have tuned. I ll see you guys in the next.

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