How To use SCREEN MIRRORING on HTC phone using MEDIA OUTPUT via Miracast

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“There my name is finn s from my mate vince common in this video today today i m going to show you how you can connect your htc android phone your tv to enable you to cast this screen up there so on this particular phone is called media output on other phones. It might be called screen mirroring on up phones is called cast screen. They re all basically the same thing and they re using something called mirror casts so your tv has to be mirror cast enabled. But a lot of tvs are and you might not even know about it so basically what mirror.

Cast is it uses like a wi fi direct technology where it s using wi fi between here and the tv. But the good thing is the tv does not have to be connected to a network. So it doesn t have to be connected to your root or router if you re in the states via wi fi or a wired connection or the tv as long as the tv s plugged into a electrical power supply. You will be able to cast the screen from here on to the tv.

So it s really simple to do you just need to go to settings..

And then on this particular phone. It says media output. So you need to tap on media output. And then it will bring up the mirror cast enable device is nearby so this is my tv here obviously you might see other tvs.

You might see your neighbors. Tv or a tv in another room. So you need to work out which tv. It is so on my one is there s only one choice.

That s this one here and it will now say connecting and if you have a look at the tv..

It says connecting to android and it will have the model of the phone now the very first time you do this it will ask you the tv will ask you is it ok do you allow this and you just have to press ok or enter on your tv remote control because obviously you could be streaming this to your neighbor s tv and your neighbors tv might not want to see what you re streaming. So it will ask you. But the first time once it s allowed it once every time you go one of them you won t need your remote control in your tv. Because it s already allowed at once and if you have a look there it s now mirrored it if you turn on its side.

You can see it would turn on its side up there. So it s nice and nice and simple it s a good thing to do if you want to share photos share. A video perhaps your tv isn t connected to a network and you want to watch netflix or youtube. Something like that it s just a handy little thing to play around with and just to show you the browser working so that say if you want to go to a particular website.

That s the bbc website and if i go on the side..

There you can see that it puts it up on the big screen. So it s quite useful so have a look at it see if your phone s got it. See. If your tv s got it.

Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it take care bye. ” ..

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