How To Use The Google Play Store On A Computer – The Blind Life

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“Guys. It s sam with the blind spot so a few minutes ago. I was was on my phone and i was looking at the google play store searching for speech. Assist applications.

And i was just having a hard time. It s not the easiest for me with low vision to to search through the app on my phone. So i thought i ll jump on the computer. It s much easier i can zoom it in it s it s really big and everything and then i thought to myself.

I bet. There s people out there that don t realize you can do all that on your computer. And it s much easier maybe. People that are new to android.

So that s what today s video is going to be about i ll show you guys how to do it. And how easy..

It is okay so here s the homepage of the google place site. And it s laid out very similar to the mobile app. You ve got new games. And featured applications and music and movies.

And all that kind of stuff here over on the left side. We ve got categories such as apps. Movies and tv music. Etc.

Etc. Etc. Now the great thing about using. This on the website.

Here. This application on the website is that you can zoom in it s easier to search so say i m looking for some kind of speech application..

We ll say maybe we re looking for a speech to text kind of application now it shows different categories apps. Books this one s music and shows you a little preview of the first couple ones that you can click on more apps. Here and then it gives you all these applications as you can check out so. Let s see i m not really sure what i m looking for so.

We ll just take a look at some here. So we ll try this one speech to text this looks like something i might be able to use we have a very clear user interface here some pictures show a screen there s reviews and then some similar applications down there at the bottom. We have a description of the app here and if you re using the chrome extension that i made a video about before you can just highlight the text and then click on the speech icon up here. And it will read aloud to you a simple to use that for dictating text.

Which can be sent as an sms or email or copied and paste it into another app. So that s pretty cool so we decide that we can look at some pictures here and we decide yes. This is what we want so we just click on the install button. If the application cost any money.

It would have a price in this in this green button here. But it just says install it means..

It s free you can also add it to a wishlist now here s the great thing about doing this all online. This window pops up and it gives you the apps permissions all the things that this app needs to access in order to run. Then you have a drop down window here. It says choose a device and if we click on this we get a drop down of all the devices that we have connected to google and a nice little picture of it a description and then within google settings you can go in and edit all this if you need to at one point in my list.

I had about 12 devices because i was doing reviews of devices on my other channel and any time i connected to a device through google it would automatically put it in a list so i had to go in and delete. Most of those right now i ve just got my note. 4. And then my two tablets.

But i just want to send it to my note. 4. So i m just going to click on it here and then you see i ve got now. I ve got my note 4.

I ve got a live video hello hello of my note 4 screen here the notification drawer so as soon as i click install it s going to automatically send it to my device so this is all real time just click install and there s my notification. Saying that it s being installed on the screen here i got a window popped up says congratulations..

And you see it s been installed on my device. So i could just click okay on the screen. Here and then i can start browsing for my next application. Don t even have to worry about installing it because it automatically does it works great so you can see how much easier.

It is to do this on the computer rather than on your phone or tablet. Which has a much smaller screen. But there you go guys that was a real quick tutorial how to use google play on a computer to install applications on your device. Thank you very much for watching guys if you have any questions please leave them down below.

I ll do my best to help out. But this is sam with the blind spot. I ll see ” ..


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