How to Use The Sony BRAVIA Wall Mount

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“This is the back of the sony bravia kdl 42. Inch zero 6b tv. You you ll get it out of the box. You ll see that in there.

That the stanford underneath and also doubles as the wall bracket. You ll get this little plastic. Thing that clips onto there and these two inserts which go into there so you can have your tv on the normal stand. You re also yet bravia wall bracket that you actually get in the box.

Four screws straightens..

The wall plugs holds the tv up perfect. If you ve got it on the conventional stand. It will look something like that i ve not got both screws in because it s been off the stands basically. There s a screw in there and also one at the other side and do them.

And then it should pull out there s a knob also a screw on the stand either side and then take these inserts out and do the screws. I ve just got my lane on the spare bed. Because i know there s nothing sharp on that s going to scratch the screen. And then basically undo these two screws on the back of the tv.

This is their what it s gonna hang on other tvs have four big screws..

The sony and it s basically sit like that it s gonna sit like that next up you ll be using this little bracket here. If as you can see there s two inserts and they tally up the inserts just there so just lay it on top of them until it doesn t move and then cricket into position. Why say. There is also two plastic spacers that fit in here to keep the tv.

Nice and steady on the wall. You put one. There one here now about to transfer the tv to the wall. As you can see i ve had led lights around the tv and obviously the sticky stuff really sticks for tv.

I ve got a new set of lights that i ve got to go on there in a minute..

But i ll do that in a separate video. So the best way to handle the tv wants to go the bracket on it just lift it up by the bracket. It s a really strong and it s probably. The safest way about scratching screen lift in the cb and putting that plastic thing into that bracket like so and that ll stop the tv from moving by now you should have the insert the plastic inserts to keep the tv away from the wall.

I ve actually lost them and also there s a locking a locking mechanism. I know that s not going away anyway so there yeah basically that s the sony bravia kdl 42 inch tv on the wall. I ve got decorating this room literally tomorrow so that s been sanded. I ve had to hide the wires behind the wall.

I was just going to drill two holes..

But we ve got plaster board that s dabbed into block work so there s only about half an inch gap. So i couldn t get the html cable to slide down without it getting stuck on the plaster board. So i ve had to chase a line down there bury some cables in there fill it and then sand it paint it tomorrow tv on the wall. No cables dangling.

Which live does the cobbler horrible when the cables are dangling. But that s the air that s how ” ..

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