How to Use Web Security to Create an Exception that Blocks or Permits a URL for Specific Clients

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“I m jeff except director of user experience at web sense. The following video. Helps helps answer questions about web security solutions. Thanks.

Jeff. And i m kasemir with web engineering. In this video. You ll find out how to use web sense web.

Security to permit or block. A url for specific users. Groups. Or ip.


As an exception to their current policy. Web. Security policies block. Or permit access to a url based on the category assigned to it there may be times.

However when a url in a blocked category might be useful for a specific client or set of clients likewise a url in a permitted category might be deemed inappropriate or harmful for some clients in your network. So let s look at how to apply an exception to specific users groups or ip addresses first log on to tritan web security next under policy management click exceptions on the exceptions page click add enter a unique name for the exception like permit vendor site for purchasing or block. Third. Party.

Webmail site for interns next use the urls box to enter the url that you want to permit or block for selected clients note that if you enter a url like wwm eyesight comm. Only the specific site is blocked if you enter. Only the domain portion of the url. However like my site comm.

Any subdomains like ask my site comm or support..

My site comm are treated as matches and blocked or permitted as defined in the exception. An exception can include more than one url. If you enter more than one url each one must be on a separate line by default. Exceptions are global applying to all clients in all roles since we want to identify a group of clients click specific clients in any role the page updates to include selection lists that let you define one or more clients for the exception here a list of previously defined clients is provided i want to apply this exception to the sales group which isn t listed so i ll click add other clients since i want to add a group from my directory service.

I ll open the directory entries folder to find the sales group. I could also enter one or more ip addresses to identify computer or network. Clients. I ll mark the sales checkbox.

Then click the right arrow to move the sales group to the selected clients list when you click okay the client or clients that you selected now appear in the selected list on the exceptions page to finish creating the exception. Specify its type in other words. Whether it blocks or permits. The url and whether or not it has an expiration date by default any new exception is active meaning that it starts to be used in filtering as soon as you click save and deploy i don t need to make any more changes so i ll click ok and save and deploy to implement the new exception.

The new exception appears in the list on the exceptions..

Page or you can edit or delete. It as needed. This concludes. Our demonstration.

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