How To Wall Mount a TV and Soundbar and HIDE all the wires HANDYGUYS TV

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“Bryan here s the issue you want to hang your flat screen tv on the the wall not a big deal there s plenty of videos on how to do it takes some work. But the question is how do you hang a soundbar do it properly within code and hide. All the wine well you get it you get the bracket you get a couple of screws and away you go right not so simple. So if you want to hide your wires for tv.

You put your electrical box properly installed up behind the tv you plug the tv into that you have some way you either use this power bridge or something similar to run your audio cables and your hdmi cables down to your cable box or whatever you re using okay. But with the sound bar. I find that so many people when they go to install this they don t know what to do with the cable. So they just jam their electrical cable into the wall and the cable that comes with it is not is not within code to be put putting in the recti or you ll just see the can you ll just see the cable between that between the tv and the sound bar or going down to just want it up to the tv or down.

And you see it..

But this looks good paul. What we did here no no wires above or below. So it s just floating. There in the middle of the wall.

Exactly so what we did for this installs. We use this product called tower bridge. This is kind of a typical product. You would use if you were just wall hanging.

A tv..

You could install something like this instead of a typical outlet right and this makes it very easy you cut the hole for the this outlet. You put it in and you run their special cable. Which is rated for behind walls down to the floor. And you have another cable that this connects to right and another box that then you don t have to do any electric work this would just have a little extension cord over to a normal outlet makes it easy.

But what s unique is is power bridge has this for behind your sound bar. It s nice and skinny. It s got room to conceal your power cord or sometimes they have like a little power brick. And you ve got room to hide that behind your sound bar and fish your audio cables as well so that all works with the system and it conceals it nicely so it worked pretty well we did run into one what was that that was because the sonos.

The mounting bracket is the full width of the soundbar well this is going to sit proud of the wall..

A little bit. So. The issue is you ve got to shim it out so we we came up with our own way to shim it till. We realized there were some in the box.

If they gave space. Yeah. I think the install looks great overall. What did you think of the product.

I thought it was i thought it was ingenious you could do some of the same things with your own electric work and your own little low voltage boxes and kind of make it work..

But this is an all in one solution and for someone who doesn t want to do their own electric work. This is the solution and we re going to talk more about how we manage the samsung tv and also the soundbar this is the sonos playbar in future videos and some of the difficulties. We had with that specifically. But for now we like this product.

It s great for running your cables and you get a nice clean look. And did it pass the wife acceptance factor yep. It looks great she definitely likes it good thanks for watching. ” .


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