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“My name is dave i m a custom audio and nvideo installer for abt electronics electronics and appliances in glenview illinois and ntoday. I m gonna demonstrate how to hang 50 inch tv on a wall. We got to start nwith. Some basic hand tools.

We ve got a level stud finder tape measure the nappropriate fasteners for the work surface drill to tighten. These drill to ndrilled the larger drill is to drill the fastener holes screwdrivers. The plate nthat goes on the wall and the arm that hangs on the tv and the process is npretty simple. We re gonna take these arms mount them on the television and nthen.

I m gonna mount this plate on the wall and the tv s gonna hang on the nplate and we just need to put the arms on the television. I prefer to do this nwith a screwdriver you know some guys use power tools. But me i ve always felt nmore comfortable doing this just with hand tools now we just need to tighten nthese guys down okay. So we ve got the arms on our television.

We need to mount nour backing plate on the wall and to get a measurement..

We need a measuring tape nbacker plate stud finder. Very important level and our pencil pencil okay so it s nnot gonna hurt the tv to lay this stuff on it and the first thing i m gonna do nis i m going to clip. The backer plate onto the television and the way i like nto do it is i m going to measure the difference between the bottom of the nplate in the bottom of the television in this case. It s almost exactly 10 inches.

Nwe determined earlier today that the bottom of our television. Is going to be nabout 56 inches from the bottom of the floor. So now we need our level pencil. Nstud finder alright.

So determine the center of our wall is nabout right here and then we re gonna go up. These numbers are very round. So it s nvery easy to remember. But 56 is going to be the bottom of our television.

So the nbottom of our bracket is going to be 66..

And i ve already made a mark for the nbottom of the bracket next thing we need to do so we need to find our studs nthat s pretty simple there we go got the all clear light. There s the edge of one and there s the other edge. Now. I m just ngoing to mark the center of the stud for you ll see why i m doing that a minute nand up there s the edge or the other one and we re gonna go back this side now up nit s not the steady one and there s the other one right there i got i m gonna nmark the center of that now what i m gonna do cause it s bracketed.

The nbacking plate is so heavy so i m just gonna bring my line down. So that when i ndraw the line from it and obviously i m making sure these a level constantly is ni m gonna then use this to determine which set of holes. I m gonna use on the nback of that mount some installers will put blue tape on nthe wall my opinion is tvs gonna hide it anyway so i m not too too worried about nthat we got our mount it does have an up and down. And i almost had it upside ndown yo.

You may want to have another person assist you doing this i ve done nthis a couple times. So i don t feel any discomfort. Doing this on my own it just ntakes a minute to level it out cuz. It s a little heavy and again.

I m just nmarking..

My pilot hold mark my holes for my where my bolts are gonna go and then ni m pulling it down and that s about it so we ve got our arms on our television nwe. ve got the dimension for a television in our backer plate to drill some holes to nmount our fasteners so the first thing i m going to do is drill. My pilot holes nmake sure that everything s good which i m sure it is yep good yep like how nthat feels there we go one more and then since nthose are just our pilots we need to open these up and for the fasteners. I m nusing today they require a half inch hole.

So there s our half inch drill bit there we go and those are our holes all nright next thing. We ve got to do is put our fasteners in and we have special nfasteners for the wall that we re mounting them on and i would you know nalways encourage you to use the appropriate fasteners for the work nsurface that you re mounting to and. Again i ve been doing this for over 10 nyears and have hung 20000. Tvs.

I don t really know so you know i feel very ncomfortable using these if you don t use another fastener nope. You need the nbracket. This is a little heavy and there we go ones in twos in threes nin and for soon. And i prefer to use an impact driver.

Which is a little loud and nwe re going to check for level that s pretty good..

I m gonna raise this side ni d feel a little happier. If that side were raised a little bit and again this is what the impact driver nis nice for cuz it really snug stuff up good there we go and we re dead level nand. The last step obviously we ve got the plate on the wall. We got the arms on nthe tv.

We got to hang the tv. This is our last step i would highly recommend you nget somebody else to help you do this part. But you don t have to there we go. ” .


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