How to: Windows SSD and HDD the *right way (Simple)

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“Guys today. I m going to show you how to set windows to use an an ssd as the boot drive and for programs. If you want it to and hard drive for the data like pictures downloads documents this stuff here this is assuming that you have windows installed on an ssd. It doesn t really matter.

If you already have documents and stuff on the ssd itself this method will move them automatically you don t have to download anything it s a windows feature. If you have programs on the ssd. I can t help you with moving them because moving programs just it it doesn t work very well. There s not an official method to doing that i m not going to cover it if you have a lot of programs.

I d suggest just reinstalling windows and then following this guide i mean it s really simple what i m doing. But yeah keep that in mind so the thing you have to do is just go into your ssd..

Which should be your c drive and go to your profile well it s under users. And then whatever your profile name is and you should see all of these things here they should be in this folder documents desktop downloads all of those you know videos pictures they should all be in here i ve left music just to show you what what i m doing how to do it. So you re just going to do this one by one right click on the folder that you want to move sorry go to location. And then you can if you want to be really simple about it you can just change the drive letter to your hard drive drive letter.

But i have a specific place. I want it and i ll show you how to do that just go to where you want to move it and then make a new folder. This is important okay. I m moving music so i m going to make a new folder.

I want to call it music. The folder name doesn t matter as long as you can identify it..

But you do need to make a folder. Because whatever folder you put this in it s just going to dump everything that was in this previous folder into that so if you try to put it on the root of a hard drive it s just going to act like the hard drive is one giant folder. And it s just going to dump everything onto it so select the folder. You made click that and click ok.

And she s going to ask you if you want to move everything that s in here to the new location and of course you would want to say yes. And then it will just automatically move everything i m using windows. 10. And it makes this duplicate just close the file manager and reopen.

It and that should be fixed and just go through and do that for each folder. I could do it with favorites and save games and stuff too..

But i don t use them so i just left them. I ll show you here. Almost stuff is now stored on the hard drive and a lot of other videos will tell you to go in and like see you open up firefox. They ll tell you you need to go and change the download location yeah save files to and then go to your hard drive and all that no now you don t have to do that this automatically puts the actual windows download folder onto your hard drive so you don t have to do anything with third party apps.

This is just where it directs them to this is telling windows itself to put the stuff on the hard drive not the programs so the programs don t know any different it s just taking it to downloads. I hope that made sense i think it but yeah. That s all you have to do and now everything will be saved onto the hard drive instead of the ssd. If you want to install programs to the hard drive just when you re installing them i don t think i have anything i can show this this work.

If you re going to install something you want to install it on the hard drive instead of the ssd. There s always this are almost always all you have to do is change the drive letter to your hard drive drive letter mine s k yours might be different..

But that s all you have to do and it ll be installed on the hard drive instead. It s worth noting that you can t just unplug your hard drive plug it into another pc and expect all of that stuff to work. Though so it s tied to whatever computer you do it to so don t think you can just move it to another computer. But yeah that s that s how you do that hope i helped somebody and i hope i made it simpler because all these other videos are just too complicated and you don t have to do all that i m sure someone will say i need to enable trim trim is just a.

It s a thing ssds need in order to not slow down that s the only way i know how to explain it but in case. You didn t know it s already enabled in windows seven through ten and probably up if there s another version of windows. It s not supposed to be but might be someday so. If you were going to say that in the comments.

Don t please if i missed anything let me know i ll make an annotation if i realize i missed anything i ll make an annotation thanks for watching and hope ” ..

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