hp 2540 desjet scanning tutorial

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“So we ll get right this video. I ll show you what hp 25 des des chip looks like eager to see oh. There s a good picture. See that a printer head and you can see it has a power button the x button and those two button in the middle.

It s four via mobile phone you and printer from near or you have put the card just cut it for wi fi and then mr. Button this color. And black see how it comes out that s what yeah and then down here tells you if there s a paper jam or low in ink. All right that doesn t make up for anything okay.

So well. We re gonna get to the core this video to scan you you have to have your computer linked up with your printer..

If you do not do that this is very important it will not find your printer. So if you have problems call hp. Hewlett packard technical support and a hub. You re on there so to get started you would hit the start button on your computer and type in your computer.

I already have it up there because i do it 25 40. And that s my friend hit that and here s the thing. It s two options if your computer is connected to your to your printer by a cord. Didn t want to keep it it just be but if it s just going by internet you want to hit network.

So go ahead and hit network and hit ok and then that will come up and then you want to go right on just give it a doctor for guys. This can also be a shining arm..

So this whole entire process. It s two shot in the arms. And because sometimes it doesn t come up i press impressive. Sometimes do not double click whatever you do cuz it ll freeze.

So you don t want to just give one click and just wait a second okay darius the scream problem next and whatever you want let the i made this actually prepare for this video a few times and i say explain each one. But you can decide which one you want for me. And what are you document to ti f. Anyone how to go ahead and check these setting make sure.

It s good exactly what you want and go ahead and is scan. And then it ll connect to your computer..

This will come up and show you that scanning and they ll actually scan up here well scan on computer office. But i ll show up here. I ll tell you what i miss skinny and that i think doesn t like feature a cool feature and you can adjust the brightness in the contrast have no idea what that means but just know what the brightness. But we ll go ahead to this we ll go ahead and leave this and so guys.

That s it that s how you do it like i said. It s gonna be a quick easy video and i did this video because i when i got the printer had no idea to use it and that s another shot on i don t know what to do with the computer with the printer. When i got it it was just great and i looked on on youtube. And it didn t have anything to help me it didn t say hi.

Just said. A review like i ll tell you review horrible give it two thumbs down that s a pain man..

But i just you know helping other people this give you this video here and hopefully they ll help you up guys. And i had one more thing. I wanna let you guys know i have five subscribers on youtube in a man who was a few weeks. So that s actually not bad and i want to thank you guys so much for subscribing.

Please like also guys that s the end of this video. I does not have the whistle. I do not know how to whistle. So i will pick my four fingers up and kiss them and do the hunger games sign ” .


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