HP Beats Special Edition Laptop Review 15-p030nr

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“What s up youtube s me andrew here today i m doing my for review review on the all new hp pavilion beats special edition alright let s get started hp pavilion beats is a special edition laptop that features beats audio speakers obviously a unique two tone black and red finish a red backlit keyboard kind of like the ones you find on gaming laptops you also get a big beats logo on your trackpad. Which i m not really a fan de with an amd aaa processor and an amd radeon. 82. 10g hp is aiming this laptop towards the casual user that wants to run basic productivity apps.

Like word netflix even playing light duty. Games now for an operating system you have the standard microsoft windows 81. And the retail pricing usually starts at 599 us. However you shop around you can find this laptop at walmart for around 569 us.

The design and build quality at the hp p 0. 3. 0. Nr is pretty good you get a black and red plastic finish that looks very similar to a pair of red beats.

Solo hd. The weight comes in at 6 pounds. And the sticks point is one inch on the interior. You ve got a standard keyboard with a 10 key numeric keypad as well as a trackpad with a big beats logo on it now we got our keyboard flex test.

I m going to press down very firmly as you can see here the keyboard flex is not too bad on this laptop. Only calling on the design and build quality. It is difficult to open. Sometimes with one hand take a look here sometimes it takes me two or three tries to get it open.

I just wish hp would have put a little gap to make it easier to open next. Thing we re going to test out the viewing angles on this 156. Inch. Tn panel.

I would have to admit the overall viewing angle performance on this laptop. We re poor let s go and test out the vi by tilting the display all the way back now and that s at 100 right. There another knock on this panel was it as extremely reflective take a look at all those reflections on the. Panel this laptops rocking a 156.

Inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 colors and contrast ratios were about average for this panel..

You can also custom configure this laptop with a 1080p panel from hp comm. Let s go and take a look at the spider. 4. Pro color emitter results for the adobe srgb.

I got a score of 66 percent and for the adobe rgb. I got a score of 50 percent move it on to ports now on the left side you got your ac charging port gigabit ethernet port exhaust port for your fans full size hdmi port two usb 3 ports and an sd card reader. Let s take a look at the other. Side now here goes york instinct and security slot dvd drive usb 20.

Port headset microphone jack combo hardness indicator and power status led indicator the performance from the quad core amd. A8 55. 45. M has been great you get a.

Base. Clock speed at. 17. Gigahertz but it can turbos up to 27.

Gigahertz whether you re using basic productivity apps or programming code. This cpu has been quick and responsive not only knock on the cpu is that is not that power efficient compared to the intel chipsets for the geekbench 3 64. Bit. Version.

The amd aaa generated a single core performance. Core 1532. And for the multi core performance. It came in at.

3800. 18 and for your. Ram you have 8 gigabytes of. Pc 3.


Ram. That is not expandable. Next up is touch. Screen.

Performance and trackpad. Performance this laptop features a 156. Inch. 10 point.

Multi touch display that has been very smoothly. Responsive the button lets trackpad was pretty smooth with exception of two finger scrolling let me give you a demo right here. As you can see here sometimes occasionally lags. It doesn t keep up with my two fingers the graphics card powering this laptop is the amd radeon 85 10g which is a fairly capable graphics card and to test it out it s going to test out some benchmarks here for the 30 mark advanced edition.

Fire start. I got a score of 436 for sky diver. I got a score 1515 for cloudy. I got a score 1576 and for ice storm.

Extreme i got a score 15000. 637 with the amd radeon 85. 10g. You can expect to play.

Many of the older light duty games like dota 2 call of duty modern warfare sky err. But don t expect to play a game like battlefield. 4. As i tested it and it is terrible let s get into some real world testing with skyrim in action.

Here are the graphics settings on used get off me you big bear what you don t want none of this come here. Yeah. You better run well you want some come on get down whoo. So far.

The game is running pretty smooth or averaging around 29 31 frames per second..

I m gonna finish this bear off will get off me and yes i will test out minecraft for you guys that always asked well this let s i ll be able to play minecraft. So here you go guys so right now. We re i m averaging around 45 to 55 frames per second with optifine install this game. Is running pretty smooth.

So far. Without any hiccups. Alright. Let s take a quick walk over here.

And see how the frames. Generate. So far very smooth and responsive overall. The amd radeon 85.

10. G. Is a very good graphics card for minecraft earlier. I mentioned about the amd chips not being efficient and this is why on average.

The gpu temperature was around 85 degrees celsius with regular usage. However once you fired up a game the gpu temperature rose to around 105 to 110 degrees celsius speaking of temperature control. Once you fired up the game for about 30 minutes. This area got very warm.

Just be sure to keep this area. Well ventilated. The fan noise levels during normal usage were good. The only time.

I was here the fan running was when i was firing up a game. So rest assured. This laptop does not have a loud buzzing fan for those need to have a lot of media. You ll definitely appreciate the one terabyte hard drive on this laptop.

The only downsides..

It is running at 5400 rpm. Key travel performance is adequate and a tactile feedback from the keys were actually better than the previous hp pavillion. I reviewed only nock here is there s not a number lock key led overall. I would rank this keyboard as good with this being a beat special edition laptop.

You also get a backlit keyboard in red. You also only get one option either on or off. Now let s dive into the speaker performance this app. Top features 2 beats audio speakers on top and you get a subwoofer on the bottom the sound quality from these beats audio speakers were about average in fact they sound very similar to the previous hp pavillion.

I reviewed ok maybe these have a little more kick to them. But i couldn t hear a big difference if those of you that like to use an sd card let s see if it s flush mount with the laptop and it just barely sticks out better performance was ok on average. I was able to get around 4 to 5 hours out of a full charge with screen brightness at around 70 percent. One of the biggest cons to this laptop is the bloatware why hp.

Why did you put so much bloatware on here. The good news here is you can use a program by ccleaner to remove all of it. If you re looking for a laptop for basic productivity and casual gaming. Then the hp pavillion beats edition.

Is worth a look you get a quad core amd a8 processor and amd radeon. 86. 10g that can handle mini today s light duty games and a solid touchscreen panel. My cons on this laptop were the excessive amount of bloatware low resolution panel and not having an easy way to remove the cover to upgrade the ram and hard drive alright this completes my full review on the audio hp pavillion p03 0.

In our beats edition. If you enjoyed this review please be sure to hit that like button. And don t forget to subscribe to be notified of latest videos just like this one alright. Thank you guys for watching.

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