HP Envy 15 laptop review

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“This is mike at sunderland computer repairs again with a quick look at this hp hp laptop. Which i have been lent by microsoft and hp to have a look and do a review of it s the hp envy. Fifteen model 365 and just for fun. I ve just waited anyways just over two kilograms okay that s the model.

We re looking at as you can see it s overwhelmingly chrome silver and i ve been using it now for just over a week. I do find it a little bit. Overwhelmingly chrome you silver to befriend lots. I like to see this lots of ventilation grills and the fan is quite powerful.

I m an it man myself so the cooling of these things is quite important to me. Because i know how important it is to the safe running of the machine solid the bottom. I think is plastic the top is very definitely metal along and said when i said overwhelmingly chrome. That s what i am is just at a sea of the same sort of color.

But it feels beautiful. It s very nicely made it s lovely silky finish tastefully done you ve got bangin offs. In here. The the hp logo.

The word envy on the lid of course you ve got the hp logo. They ve changed this logo now to a more stylized one on say the spector. But this this is i think very tastefully done. Very large touchpad as well.

Which are quite liked and the hinge becomes the the means by which it is tilted upwards. You see the hinge there so comes around little rubber feet on the bottom of the hinge. And that s what gives you the angle on the laptop when it opens. So you can see there it rises as you open.

Which i think is quite clever very secure. I mean..

It s typically solid and nicely built bag on all of us and of course. Implies that the sound is good and i have in fact played with the sound quite a bit and discovered it yeah. It s very very acceptable for a laptop mainly because there are two speakers on the bottom at either side. Do you have a little bit of depth you re never going to get boom of course without connecting something external.

But it s pretty acceptable for a laptop of this size. So here we go that was the on button. I ve upgraded it to windows 10 anniversary update. Since i received it that went through absolutely perfectly well no problems at all so you re going to see how it boots now.

It s a normal hard disk. I haven t fitted it with a solid state drive or anything like that and here we go says he hopefully that actually is little bit slower than it has been that s not very fair. And i might headed that out i think it s been doing an update. It is its turn.

It s doing an update. Which is just typical isn t it i will show you it s starting up again later on in the video. Oh that s wonderful well after staring at. Updates.

Complete 100. For about seven or eight minutes. It has actually finished so i ve turned it off again and about to turn it back on and hopefully. We ll get a little bit more of a representative start time.

Well. That s a little bit different isn t it these things are sent to try as when we re on the desktop. I ll turn the battery. The brightness up a little bit because it s on battery.

The display is slightly dimmed. We ve got quick quick actions on the function keys here for brightness switching the touchpad on and off pausing tracks playing airplane mode..

So quite useful at the ones. There and there s the screen. I m quite impressed with the screen. It s matte.

So it doesn t show the reflection so much okay the colors may not be as vivid. But i think that s perfectly acceptable this particular system. Though just have one surprise. Which is a bit shocked at if you go into system options.

This has been provided to me straight from hp request from microsoft. It s got eight gig of ram 64. Bit operating system and windows 10 home i find that quite astounding. I would never have put windows 10 home on a machine of this standard.

I don t know whether that s just because it s going out for reviews. But that s huge i mean that means you have no bitlocker you can t edit the group policy. Which most people wouldn t want to do. But if this was being bought for a business.

Then professional. This is it s far better the standard. 8 gigabyte of ram is good this is 50 with an amd a10 8700 brad leonel. 6 processor.

Which is absolutely fine for general everyday usage business usage and watching videos and so on and so forth. So spec wise. Quite good using everyday usage. If i open up something typing.

I ve done a fair bit of typing in fact. I ve typed up my notes for this review..

Using this keyboard. And i m only a to think at tybee. So as you can see i find the keys. Nice and positive a little bit loose.

There is a wobble to the keys. But they do go down. Very well so i have no impression no problems with that at all i don t like all the bundled stuff that comes with brand new laptops. This is not so bad hp used to be absolutely awful a bundling stuff this came with mcafee which i don t like so i ve taken off immediately and i m going to go in till.

I have for the past week or so use purely windows defender on here i ve no issues at all with it i find offenders getting better and better so i took mcafee off for this trial. It connected immediately to my five big o s why fine obviously you can t hear the quality of the sound. I m quite impressed with that actually i find that fairly decent. Though some of you may be interested in how it copes with video playback.

This is a 4k demo from sony. This is 3840 by 2160 pixels that s pretty impressive no sign of a stutter. I could have been a slight hesitancy in the clouds just then revelations. Oh dear.

Me. Whoever writes the scripts on these things. Yeah. That was pretty okay.

I think a connectivity then you ll be interested in this. We have i m just going to close the lid. Here around here you ve got an already usb. 2.

And a kingston lockport lights to let you know whether it s on and whether the hard disk is busy nothing on the back of course. Because the hinge covers the back edge around this side..

You ve got the charger port ethernet with the drop down flap hdmi rather than blue these are now marked as usb ss ports. So they are the usb 3 ports and that one is usb 3. But also marked up as a charger port so they re offers fast charging for usb devices. Then you have the headphone socket and an sd card socket.

There so pretty well connected really obviously built in wi fi and as i say. It is the 5 gigahertz band wi fi and also bluetooth built into the machine so overall. I m pretty impressed with it it is a fairly decent sized. Beast but if you re going to have a widescreen 156.

Then it s going to be a decent size isn t it. It s not sold as super slim or anything like that it seems to be a well built everyday laptop. Which i would be fairly proud to own cost. Wise.

So i just stopped then to go off and find out what the occurrence of retail prices of this machine. I can t get to it on the hp website at all but it s on amazon at three hundred and sixty four which i think is quite a bargain really okay so that s my review of it i think it s a very well built machine. I quite like it at 364 pounds. It s an absolute bargain.

But that s with the amd processor. You can also get it i understand with an i5 now intel. Which and it s a fair way to just over to kilograms. So that s my review of the hp envy.

15. 100. And a and thank you very much for watching. That s my cat sundlun computer repair.

” ..

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