HP G62: Hands-On Review (In HD!)

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“This tech tracker dot com. Video. Hey everyone. It is matt from tech tracker here here before you again with the review of the hp g.

62. Notebook. Which is right in here i just wanted to apologize for these super extended delay you know as a result of a heavy ipad and ipad 3g coverage that we were committed to bringing you guys and the iphone 4 coverage. Which is just beginning you know covering twitter.

Con working with david pogue. The hpg 62 review kind of felt the wayside. But again we re here to review. It now and i m really excited to tell you guys more about this laptop.

Because i know so many of you have been looking forward to it so here s the hpg 62. It s actually in this water field design sleeve case. We actually just did a review of some of their ipad cases make some pretty awesome stuff and you know i ve been happy with it. So you can feel free to check them out at sf bags comm anyways back to.

Laptops we ll be able to basics here this model starts at for 7999. Although the model we have here retails for about six hundred and forty dollars with the configurations. That we have it s available from hp directly as well as major retailers amazon best buy that works it weighs about five and a half pounds uh. Honestly it feels a little heavier more like six or.

Seven and it boasts this 156 inch screen. We ll come back to that in a little though so moving on to the good stuff design and build quality comes. In three flavors biscotti black and silver just to get an idea. This is the silver model.

Hopefully you can notice here that has this textured matte finish it finishes actually just about everywhere throughout the entire laptop even in the keypad and so if we bring the keypad close here you ll see that there is that finish and then it s throughout the whole laptop more on that annoying when we get to the keypad overall. The laptop feels pretty well put together definitely..

Sir deconstruction. I haven t had any issues with the hinges. They re looking at functionality. We ll start by taking a look at the laptops ports.

So we have here a usb port court for the wall adapter and power standard vga ethernet usb microphone headphone place for your sd cards and hdmi. It works actually very well over hdmi. So overall pretty loaded in terms of ports and kind of functionality moving all important for us to discuss the processing power. And we ll start by booting it up here.

Now our laptop and most laptops unless you choose to upgrade. It actually come with windows 7 home premium. Very weak. We decided to update it to professional to get some of those additional features that you can only get need more premium versions of windows.

7. Now you re probably going to tell them. We just took a break. The reason being the battery life is awful and already ran out of battery on us come back to whole battery life issue in a second.

But just taking over that for now in terms of processing power. This thing comes built with an intel i3 processor. It s quick. It s not the best around.

I personally would have liked to have seen an i5 or i7 processor like a lot of the new notebooks out there have now we ll talk a little bit about entertainment and media. So in terms of media playback. It is excellent i just found a random hd video here on vimeo and you can see the colors are great it looks great i ll play a few seconds for you here. But if you re into watching.

Movies this might be for you again the 156 inch. Screen allows you to be able to really utilize a full screen and take advantage watching movies and tv shows..

So that was one of the things i really did like a lot was watching entertain and i constantly found myself bringing this in bed. With me. Wherever i may be to watch tv. Shows great screen.

And it s also worth mentioning that the speakers. Which are altec lansing and they are right here work. Very well pretty robust sound for a laptop. I m gonna let you hear it and so you can hear that very loud and pretty good sound quality again altec lansing makes those so in terms of gaming playback.

And you know photoshop. Now. What are very popular among most of us on the blogosphere comes with the you know the intel hd graphics card who really knows what that means and you know the i3 processor i m not a huge gamer so i wasn t playing well and testing out intense gaming. But we did have photoshop installed on here work fairly well definitely no lag or anything significant.

There s also a built in camera. Which is right here. Which will allow you to video chat with your friends so camera is right here and again that just gives you that video chatting capability so overall you kind of got the feel for a laptop. Hopefully saw their tidbits.

You know it comes with you know this built in web camera. Which means. It s pre installed with the cyberlink youcam software loads of cheesy effects personally i prefer you know apples photo booth but that s just me you ve talked about you know its design the functionality and that it s processing power. And it s ports now there are a few major drawbacks this laptop and that s kind of what i want to talk about right now for some.

Reason they used a six cell battery in a 156 inch laptop. It s unbelievably weak they should have put a nine cell. Not sure what they were thinking hp says it gets around five and a quarter hours. You will not and i repeat you will not get more than three.

I normally get around to you know in comparison. My macbook pro and my dell d630 get around four or five almost always and you know my ipad gets more than ten and so i constantly found myself having to charge this thing..

So if you re gonna be on the go. This laptop may not be for you maybe. It s more of a desktop replacement. If you want to keep it plugged in all the time something else that i absolutely despise about the you know laptop was the keypad and so you ll see here that there is no like defined region.

Where the keypad should be it just kind of goes. And it s kind of here now clicking. I can t click i mean i really can t you have to click on one side or the other and it s very sticky and that s how it s supposed to be which is kind of annoying and if you press in the middle. Nothing there is nothing happening on the screen.

So i ll zoom out in case. You don t believe me nothing i can t press in the middle of my keyboard. It is unbelievably frustrating. So i kind of have to do like this awkward pressing.

If i want something i have to press. It hard and it makes you using the you know the laptop hard so i just feel like i m constantly having to do these weird motions and it s not a very succinct well put together experience in terms of navigating the screen itself also i really dislike the keyboard. I found it was extremely hard to type on this you know your normal qwerty keyboard kind of got packed in the middle of a bunch of unnecessary features and so normally you know you look for the caps lock here on the far left side. But they ve thrown in things like mail and shortcuts here on the side that kind of throw off the balance of the keyboard.

So whereas. You know you d have it in the middle here. Normally or excuse. Me let s say on this side.

It s more towards the middle and so i constantly found myself hitting wrong keys. I typed out 80 words per minute here. I could probably only do 50. It really is hard to find the keys and you have things like page up and page down.

Which we re only up here and now they re here so we kind of crammed the keyboard in towards the middle. And it made it hard to use now..

I know what i m just talking here. But if i type. It s kind of hard for you get an idea just run down everything again so you know great multimedia capabilities. Pretty good for functionality in terms of soto shop in terms of actually running the application games would be probably okay as well and then we look at you know we re processing and using it for business is we re kind of you know falls at the wayside.

The poor battery life. The fact that it s very hard to navigate with this keypad that kind of blends in with that math finish and the keyboard itself is kind of misconstrued you know the bad battery life and so overall. I m not sure that i would recommend this laptop. I know a lot of you guys been waiting for this review.

Anxious to hear what i have to say. But i definitely can t give you a full recommendation on this or some excellent laptops out. There. The macbook pro alienware laptops for the m11 x.

If you re a gamer or just some excellent laptops and even my dell. Which one of my models they need 630. I ve had for nearly three years is a better laptop than the g 62. So i hope this was helpful in giving you a better idea of what it s about it again.

I do like the design. It s very nice. It s matte finish good construction you hinges work well great looking. But if you re going to you know use this for function.

I m not sure that i can recommend it so thanks for watching be sure to check us out at tech tracker comm. This has been matt and have ” ..

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