HP Pavilion 23xi LED IPS Monitor Review

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“Guys how you doing. This is primatech century and this memory of this the hp hp 23 x. I. Led ips monitor so let s first start off with taking look at these specifications of this monitor.

This has a full hd resolution of 1920 by 1080. And it s also a high quality ips panel ips panel basically means that the colors are very accurate and that the viewing angles are really wide so you can pretty much look at this monitor from 180 degree viewing angle. And still see all the colors with a great reproduction and no change in color taking a look at the back. We see one of the biggest drawbacks about this monitor.


And this is the lack of a visa mount this basically means that you can t mount this monitor to either monitor arm or to your wall. So. If that s what you re looking for this isn t the right monitor for you when it comes to connectivity. We ll find an hdmi input dvi and vga this basically means that you can hook up your laptop a desktop pc.

And even xbox or playstation. 3. But now let s talk about the most important part in any monitor. Even that s definitely the printer quality and i have to say this mantra basically just blew me away completely because for price of around 200 this really delivers.


I mean once you take it out of the box. You already get a good result. But if you invest some time into calibrating. It this is just an amazing monitoring panel and having it side by side to my imac to be honest.

I can tell i ll say that the imac is any better so this also goes for the thunderbolt display. So for 200 you can excellent display that s great for editing video and pictures also for viewing videos as we currently do right here or also for gaming. Which i will show you in a second and this is what impressed me pretty much most about this monitor. It s not only good.


When you connected to your mac or pc. It s also great when you connected to your xbox or playstation. 3. Because there s basically no lack that you can notice even fast games or faster games.

Like fifa. Where you really see the ball moving fast over the screen. There s no noticeable lag or no ghosting nothing like that it s absolutely excellent and i really enjoy playing xbox on it and so there s nothing more i can say that that i just completely recommend this monitor. If you re looking for a good 23 inch monitor for excellent price with an absolutely amazing panel.


Then this is the one to get if you don t have to monitor well get this monitor. It absolutely gets a 9 out of 10 for me and now i m just blown away and this also reps up the review. So i hope you enjoyed the video. If you did please make sure to hit the like button below and to subscribe to the channel in order to stay up to date with my latest content.

Thanks for watching let me know in the comment section down below. What you think of this monitor what money to our users using thanks again. See you ” ..


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