HP Snow White Chromebook Unboxing: 14-CA060NR 14 Inch Touch Screen

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“The humble chromebook. I actually was fortunate enough to get my hands on the first first ever chromebook. Which was the cr 48. And that was sent to me straight google back in the day because he had to sign up for it and they selected certain people and i don t think that was anything special.

I think it was just because i had found a qr code and and that s how i sent in for mine. But i was fortunate enough to get the cr 48. It was a single core processor on that it was a little bit underpowered. But it was very cool to be on the ground floor with chromebooks and now pretty much everybody is familiar with chromebooks and i ve had my chromebook.

The one that i ve been working with for the last several years. I ve had it for god i don t know exactly how long but quite a long time. I m thinking maybe six years maybe. And it s been it s been a trusty chromebook at the time.

It was the most powerful chromebook on the market that of course has been surpassed long since been surpassed. But at the time i had to track it down at walmart. It was the first chromebook to ever have four gigs of memory. And that s this chromebook here.

So you ll notice that there s a very big similarity between the two. But this one has some of its war wounds here why can t loves to bite the corners. But it s seen better days. There s some discoloration of the white below here.

But this one actually has you can put a sim card in it and at the time this was the most powerful chromebook on the market. But of course. I think now you can get the chromebook pixel. So you know you can spend a lot of money on chrome s chromebooks these days.

I am sort of old school when it comes to chromebooks. I believe that they should be of decent quality at a good price. And that s what i found here in this chromebook here. So let s run down the specs on this it is a 14 inch.

Touchscreen. The resolution is 1366 by 768. Which still an hd resolution and probably around the resolution. You would expect for a chromebook in this price range.

It has a dual core intel celeron processor. N33. 54. Gigabytes of ram.

And i would recommend never even though it s hard to find a 2 gigabyte ram..

Chromebook these days. But for is should be table stakes. When it comes to chromebooks. 4.

Gigabytes of ram never get anything less than 4 gigabytes of ram. When it comes to a chromebook because you ll notice the difference in speed on it it has 32 gigabytes of e mmc flash memory in it and generally. I don t use the local storage on the chromebook. So that s just going to be just fine of course running android apps.

On this will be interesting to try out and maybe that 32 gigabytes will come in handy of course. You have the cloud storage that always comes with a chromebook it has intel hd graphics. 500 which is built onto the processor the computer itself weighs 33 pounds and. Measures 07.

Inches. In thickness. It has a micro sd card slot in it we ll take a look at that in a second and it also has an hp truevision hd. Webcam the battery in it is a two cell battery and is rated for.

115. Hours the base processor speed is 101. Gigahertz. The touchpad is a multi touch touchpad.

The ram speed is 2400 megahertz with 2 megabytes of cache memory. It is bluetooth enabled. It has wireless ac of course. We went over the thickness but the actual dimensions are eight point nine inches by thirteen point three inches.

It has a bangin all of cinema audio system in it stereo speakers. Its energy star certified. So strangely enough. All of my laptops.

And at the moment. I have four of them all of them are hp laptops and that s not intentional that s just the way it happened. So the laptop itself you saw on the other one. The hp logo had a chrome look to it no pun and hit point intended because it s a chrome laptop.

But actual look to the hp logo. This one is a white on white so you have the matte white textured snow white color here with a glossy plastic backgrounds that s how you have your hp logo on there of course you have the chrome logo with the inset chrome ball there and chrome printed on the top of the laptop here the build quality is a little bit less actually than the previous white chromebook that i had but i would expect that for the build quality of a chromebook in this price category. So on the bottom. It s pretty simple you just have some of your fcc writing.

Here you have four rubberized feet..

And not much else let s open this up. Let s see if it turns on right away. Okay. Good did not turn on right away.

So. The first thing. I m noticing because i m so used to using my other chromebook. I use it on a daily basis.

The first thing. I m noticing is that the bezel on this screen is not as thick as the other chromebook that i have obviously you have your webcam up here. You have your little rubberized feet area here that put the distance between the screen. And the keyboard.

Here the keyboard is like the previous chromebook and i ll open that up in a second so you can see contrasting the older and newer models here but this is a like a aluminum metal style to it and i believe is metal here everything seems a little bit more elongated than the other chromebook you have the touchpad. Which is more elongated and the screen itself because of the lack of by the puzzle side on here. Just seems seems wider probably the same because of both 14 inch screens. Obviously up here it looks like you have your speakers.

Which on the other chromebook. They were under the keyboard or it would bounce off of your tabletop keys are fine. I mean i m not a i m not a keyboard snob. Unless something is just not workable.

I always find that when you have keys especially when they they shrink a keyboard down that s when you have problems. But i m not going to complain about these they seem very usable obviously. I ll let you know a little bit more after i ve used it you have some of these stickers here which i m going to most likely remove qr code. Their chromebook for work and play and play and play so touchpad clicks as you would expect and of course.

This is a multi touch touchpad everything is a matte white plastic with the exception of a screen of course. I m not huge into i ve always said this i ve never been really into glossy screens. But what are you gonna do these days especially with a touchscreen you d be in resistive touchscreen territory. If you had a non glossy touchscreen.

So what are you gonna do the previous chromebook. I have the other hp chromebook is also a glossy screen. Which is very dirty so i do apologize showing that when i will show that in a second so generally i will hold a chromebook by the sides like this but i don t know if i m gonna be doing that much with this one because the build quality on it does seem not as sturdy as a previous chromebook that i had so i m gonna be a little bit more careful with this i m gonna make sure that my cats don t bite. The corners on this but again everything s a matte white plastic.

Except for this you know metal faceplate area. If you will on the keyboard area. Where you have your palm rests and everything. Like that so you have your hp branding.

Below the screen..

You have your bang and olufsen branding. There which i might be pronouncing that wrong if i am please correct me. This is the front of the chromebook. Pretty simple you ll be able to get your finger in there to open.

It up on the left side of the chromebook you have a kensington lock. You have usb type c. Connector. Here.

Which is how you actually plug it in. And charge it you have a usb. 30 here a regular usb 30. On this side you have your headphone.

Jack you have your micro sd card. Slot you have another usb 30. Jack there and then you have your usb type c. Connector.

Here. So it looks like this in terms of usb is very. Symmetrical you have a usb. Regular one 30.

And then you have the type c. On both sides you can charge it probably from both sides. Maybe you can only charge it from this one because this one has the the little led indicator. There so maybe you only charge it on this side here.

But it s a good weight. It seems definitely lighter than the previous chromebook. But again that is also because they sacrificed build quality so there s the older model in the newer model there s a difference in size in what you would call probably height let s see what they look like in width in width. They re pretty close even.

Though. The older model is a little bit wider and of course in the thickness. There s not much of a difference. Although.

The older chromebook is a little bit thicker just for comparison. This is what it looks like on the inside here so the older chromebook. I believe that this is plastic here whereas. I think that this is a very thin metal on the newer model here but same overall aesthetic between the two white keys white computer you know the aluminum look here although it s much whiter on this on the newer model here as you can see the difference in the touch pads.

There this one has gotten its use out of it my god this thing has been a trusty thing i literally use it every day unless i m away unless i m totally unplugged from technology..

I will use my chromebook every day. So there you can see kind of the difference in the bezel. You know things change things move on and things are refined so this is what the newer model looks like i don t want to belabor the old one too much if you want to know about this. I have a total video on it dedicated to it let s fire this up for the first time.

And see if it needs a charge. They might need a charge in fact that s what the instructions tell me to do startup. Instructions. It can t be any easier than on a chromebook quick setup you plug it in you turn it on that s pretty much it that s all you do with the prom book and then of course you have to have a google account to sign into it.

But this is not the cr 48. Which was the first chromebook. This is one of many after many years of chromebooks being out there so i won t belabor that you probably know you probably have owned a chromebook yourself. So the next step in this is i m just gonna plug it in i m going to charge it up for a while and then i m going to fire it off for the first time and take a look at it.

And i really want to check out that touchscreen and check out the android apps on there even though i don t think you can use the full catalog of android apps for many reasons. But you know it s been available to do that on chromebooks for a while now and i d like to try it out so the power brick that comes with this is kind of small and it has the usb type c. Connector on one end and of course. You ve got the regular connection that plugs into the wall on the other end so.

There you go of course you do have this little velcro strip. Here which i never use by the way. I just kind of wrap things up and put it in a drawer. But pretty typical looking so the plastic itself is not smooth.

There is somewhat of a texture to it and if you look at the way it looks here you ve got these rounded corner on the back here and on the front. Here and then it s kind of chopped off. Here. There s a more of a sharp corner when it comes to the side.

There now has these little rubber stoppers in there and i m gonna guess they re gonna pop out at some point. But that s where your screw holes are or at least. I assume the screw holes are there hopefully they don t have the screw holes behind the the rubberized feet. Although i ll probably never open this anyway.

So i don t need to know. But i m pretty sure if i m gonna guess. I think i might lose one of these guys maybe the first thing to come out oh look at that already comes out and there we go look at that screw behind there so let s put that back in and hopefully not lose it my cats don t if i do lose it i hope my cats don t find it and eat it that might be an annoyance and something dangerous for them. But there you go ” .


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