HP USB C Dock Review

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” s up youtube man. I m back hey. I was getting ready to do some some work on my super. Duper hp specs for a 360 laptop here.

I love thing man. I m still loving. It it s still a beast of a machine still using it to do all of my work. And i realized that i have not reviewed my dock station for it the hp usb dock.

I still haven t reviewed this thing i ve been using this thing since about a week after i got the the laptop. I m a laptop user. However i do need a desktop as well because i sit at the desk. A lot and you just need that bigger screen.

So you want to hook up to i don t know maybe your monitor and of course. The laptop. Only comes with the usb on one side and then two usb c ports on the other side. So you kind of need a docking station man.

If you want to be ultra productive like i am because i m just that kind of productive guy right. But i needed this thing. Because that s how i had my surface hooked up. I was using a surface pro 3.

And i had a docking station for it loved all the compatibility and the peripherals that i could plug into that thing. So i figured i d have the same set up. I m just a complex dude. So i gene i need my setup to be like you know customized for me right.

So. Let s just talk about this dock man. It s a pretty straightforward deal. I will tell you first off let me get this cable out of the way.

This is actually what you connect to your computer..

With your laptop with usb. See. It s permanently attached to here. So i m just gonna put it over there and we re done with that.

But it s a pretty much cut and dry design as far as a price tag on this thing. They are very proud of it. But you can t find it a little bit cheaper than what hp has it for maybe on amazon or maybe some other places. So when you can find it get it at the cheaper price.

Let s see here. Let s take a little walk around so on the bottom you got basically. It s all dusty because it was on my desk on the bottom you got this rubber padding. So it doesn t scoot around you know the surface that you have it on and i m gonna show y all.

How i got it set up in a moment. But you have here this rubber padding. But then you also have labels for what every port is so we ll just go you know right down the line. You actually have to display ports.

Well. This is actually a true display port and then this is an hdmi and then you got your serial port. They re not a serial port. This is your network port there and then you have two usbs these regular usb and it looks like this one says ss.

I guess superspeed. I m not you know and didn t has a lightning bolt. That s got to be in super speed right. Then you got your power cable that you plug into your wall.

That goes in right. There. Then on the other side. The side is facing me.

I ll put it this way on the side is facing me you got your regular usb again and then you got your superspeed..

Again i m guessing that s usb 30. Maybe and then you got a headphone jack right there on this side nothing and then i think you got a reset button somewhere i m not sure could ve swore i saw one okay maybe there is no reset button. But that s pretty much it man it s a super compact design in my opinion. I mean it s not one of those docks you just slide your laptop into you plug it into it and you know you just tuck this thing away.

But i m gonna show y all. How i have mine set up because i actually use almost all of these ports for my setup man. I got a lot of stuff plugged in this thing. Y all.

Understand why i needed a docking station. Simply go. Downstairs of just doing. Reviews headquarters.

Okay. We re gonna do this pov style. I ve already got everything all hooked up on the done as far as the dock is concerned and y all can see my messy desk. Here.

I was messing around with the mavic and some other other stuff alright so let s go here now i don t have a conventional setup. This is actually a 24 inch samsung tv. It is not a monitor it is a television that i use as a computer monitor and that right there is a bluetooth speaker from blue teal which i m gonna be reviewing very soon and i actually use it now as my external audio for all my videos and stuff like that alright. I ve got my cable right here this is the usb cable.

That was a hanging off of the end of the dock right here so you just plug that into the side right here. And one thing. I love about usb. See is you just plug it in try not to move the camera too much give me a second one thing.

I love about usb. See is you just plug it right in and it just works you don t have to worry about flipping. One side in and blah blah blah. So now it just automatically takes over okay.

So i have my laptop set up to where i can actually close it and it will not shut off once i ve actually started projecting to the television or the external monitor..

But for sake of this video i m going to keep it on because i m gonna duplicate the screen when you put that down alright let s go ahead and duplicate the screen let s go to project and alright let s go ahead and duplicate the screen you go to project and then we will do nope. We are good to go to extend i m sorry there we go and now we have my do work screen up there and then we have my second screen down here. So you can see that this little dude down. Here is actually doing his job man.

I got all kinds of crap hooked up to this thing. I got this they don t make the same worse actually discontinued they have an upgraded model. Which i don t even understand why they messed with it at all this is a samsung. I forgot it s it s a 250 gigabyte solid state memory so you can get that on amazon as well.

But they have an upgraded version of that i ll put the link in the description. We make sure that s plugged in all the way. But this one happens to be two 250 gig. But they also have up to i think maybe one or two terabytes.

It s crazy how much space fits in this thing. But i ve got that plugged up to the dock. There s my hdmi that s going out to the television set. But remember there s also a displayport so you have more than one monitor actually working out of this thing.

Then i ve got two usb micro usb cables coming out of here and this is where i usually just plugging in my cameras. I have the a6000 and a 5100 that i use and i just plug them in so i can download or so i can download all the on the video i ve taken on this side. I ve got my audio out which is going into that bluetooth speaker. It s actually bluetooth.

But i choose to run it as a with the hard line here. And this is actually what i put my voice recorder into when i m using it and i just keep this all plugged in and of course. You see no dongle here from a microsoft keyboard and mouse and it s working over there you probably can t see that little mouse. But it actually is working because it s actually connected to the computer and nothing else i don t know if you can see the little mouse deal where i m around there.

But it s working flawlessly. So that s basically how i ve got this thing set up as far as my own my computer setup goes it just works for me i don t know if it s gonna work for you. But i look this thing up on youtube to see if i could find a few reviews for it and there was like two and i just didn t see what i needed so i figure. I put out a review for you guys to let you know what the real deal was on it whether it was worth the purchase or not now as far as functionality with this thing.

I love everything about it right..

Except one thing when i first started out with this laptop. I had a it was a logitech computer mouse. It wasn t the most expensive one but i liked it right and it had a dongle that i would have to plug into either one of these usb ports and for some reason. I don t know whether there was a power issue or it just maybe connectivity or maybe.

Even compatibility. But the mouse and keyboard would glitch out sometimes so sometimes it would work and then like you know five minutes later it be glitching out. And it wouldn t respond to anything and i did as much troubleshooting as i could and just figured it they just didn t talk well between the dock and the because it would work perfectly on my laptop. But between the dongle and the usb docking station.

And the mouse and keyboard. They just did not communicate well so that prompted me to just upgrade my stuff right that s when i went to the microsoft keyboard and mouse setup. Which works flawlessly even with this duck that s my only real gripe about this thing is that there s a possibility that it might not play too. Nicely with your if you have a dongle for your mouse or your keyboard.

It might not play nicely. But i will tell you that it did work perfectly when i plugged it into the laptop. So i mean the quick workaround that i did for this was i just plugged up my laptop to the docking station. And then just put the dongle in the side of the arm in the side of the laptop.

And it worked flawlessly so as long as you don t plug your dongle into directly into this you re good to go. I don t know if that s a deal breaker for you. But it wasn t for me i just wanted to upgrade my stuff anyway so that s just me. But hey i ain t claiming to be an expert in this cos stuff.

I m just doing a review and i realize i forgot to show this to y all. Because i use it everyday. But now you have it hey before i get out of here. Hey did you like this video.

If you did go ahead and tap on that like button smash on the subscribe button cuz i got some ” ..

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