Hurricane Michael update & tropical weather forecast

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“I m. Jim weber in the fox. 13 weather center thanks for logging on to to my fox hurricane calm. We are watching now hurricane michael.

It s down into caribbean. But it is right on the edge of working its way up into the gulf of mexico and already we re seeing a lot of the cloud cover streaming up and over the state. We ll continue to watch breezy conditions as we go through the rest of today. The waves will continue to build across the gulf of mexico as hurricane michael works its way in big issue with this is it looks like this is really set to have more that rapid intensification this could become a major hurricane by.


Tomorrow 212. 84. Point nine top winds right now are at 75 miles an hour. It s moving to the north at seven miles an hour.

There you see by tomorrow night could be a category three hurricane winds of 120 miles an hour potentially making landfall as a major hurricane. We could see 120 130 mile an hour winds with this storm as it makes landfall still have to watch along that cone. Although the steering currents are fairly strong in the atmosphere. So i don t think we re going to see big changes in this track one way or the other.


But there will certainly be little nudges here and there as far as what that forecast track will be remember a lot of this storm is sitting on that eastern side. It s kind of a little bit of a lopsided storm right now so we could see a lot more the weather here on the west coast of florida as we go through the next couple of days. The system will pick up speed as it turns to the north and east and races across the carolinas and eventually back out into the atlantic. We ve got the watches out we have a hurricane watch that goes from the alabama florida border over towards the swanee river and then south of there to annamaria that is a tropical storm watch at this point look at the different view models.

And what you re seeing we re still seeing that a little bit of a spread across some of the models. But still that same general idea from the central to the western panhandle looks like the most likely areas that we will see landfall with this system storm surge is certainly going to be an issue all across the panhandle anything to the east of the center. 711 feet up into the big bend as you get into citrus in her name. We could see four to six feet for that surgeon.


Even in tampa bay. As the winds turned to the south and eventually the southwest. A two to four foot surge working its way into the bay. There you see the wave heights as the storm makes its way through the gulf of mexico initially.

We have that wind coming out of the east and the southeast on tuesday. But by wednesday notice the winds they re changing direction out of the south and that s where we re gonna start to see more and more the issues along our coastal areas as we get into late wednesday and michael works its way to the north of our latitude as far as rainfall amounts really really heavy rain across the panhandle. But here even on the west coast of florida. Remember since this is to sit since this system has a lot of it sitting on that eastern side.


We couldn t be looking at some fairly substantial rainfall totals as we head through the middle of the week as michael works his way on towards the north. We ve got a lot to watch with this system. There will be little changes along the way we ll keep you updated. ” .


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