Hydro Flask – Is it worth it? (Water Bottle Review)

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“Guys thanks for stopping by and welcome to my channel. I m doing a review review today on hydro flask my name is pilot perkins and let s get started first impressions here looking at this hydro flask. You think. It s a water bottle.

So why am i doing a review on this as you know oddly as it is it does feel a little awkward that i m doing a review on a water bottle. But there s actually some technology behind it the reason why it s really becoming so popular. Nowadays this hydro flask right here. I ve got a the amazon pulled up for we re actually pop were actually bought it from and i purchased the lava lava red version and they have different colors here let me click through to show you the type of colors.

They have plum cobalt black graphite different colors for different sizes. I have the 21 ounce size. And you can select the different type of sizes 18 ounce 21 or 24. Now this is a stainless steel water bottle with a standard mouth.

And it came with a loop cap. So let me show you what the loop cap looks like this is the loop cap here. It has its branding of hydro flask on the side. It s really subtle so you really can t see it.

Which is nice and this one here it has hydro flask here on the bottom. Now. There s this fill here is like a powder coat like a painted powder coat it looks like it feels like it s on there pretty good. It s not going to chip off or anything like that now i have seen other hydro flasks.

Where there s like people would drop them they dint. Very easily and it could kind of chip off a little bit of paint there if you drop it. But i haven t experienced that yet now this i m going to read some stuff here off of off of the website..


Here. And it says this product is the medium standard mouth opening. So they have a standard mouth. They have wide mouth for these as well so if you feel really into drinking coffee or anything.

Like that you want to put in there. A wide mouth would probably be best. But personally i m going to use this as multi purpose. I ll put coffee in it and whatever i want in there so anyway back to reading.

It s double wall vacuum insulated and it keeps hot beverages hot for six hours. And it keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours. Now you could actually extend the lifetime of i mean that the extend the coldness of it from from 24 hours to even more if you put ice in it you could put ice cubes in this thing. As well.

It s bpa free. So for all you people that know what that means it pretty much has you know it s not harmful materials that they made this with 18 out of 8 stainless steel whatever that means signature powder coat finished so that s what i was talking about here it gives you really good texture the grip texture on it and for some of the other bottles that i ve seen. It s really sleek and you really don t get that great texture on it. But this one provides you that with that powder coat.

There s this stainless steel rim for the mouth right here and you look inside it s just standard its steel on the inside. All steel on the inside of it now. I ve used this quite a bit. I ve had this for about i would say maybe five days as of this recording of this video and indeed they kept all of my drinks cold.

I haven t put any hot drinks in it. But i ve put all different types of cold drinks in it and it s been keeping it cold for very long periods of time. Now..


I do have to give this a pilot approval because i m a pilot and this is something that i should have had during the summer during the summer months because carrying a standard water bottle in the aircraft and then it gets hot it s it s no good. But this hydro flash keeps everything cold even if you have it in the in the heat of the sun. It ll still keep it cold up to 24 hours. Which is remarkable now it came with this this seal.

The seal cap. Here you can put the cap on and i ve had yet to have it not thread perfectly. It has as a perfect or good threading. So if you just put it in there.

It s really hard to miss thread. So that s the nice thing about the stock standard cap that came with it okay now let me tell you about my hookup and hydro flask. If you re watching sorry. But don t mean to promote anybody else s stuff.

But this is the honest review that i want to give to my public and what i did was i purchased my own hook up here so i got hydro flats. Because i m a brand anybody that watches my channel all you new guys you know that i m a brand type of a guy i like i like different brands and hydro flats was a good name brand. But i looked at the reviews. And i saw on on here that i saw on amazon that the hydro flask standard mouth cap with the is kind of like a like a a thing that pops up and you can like suck the water out of it it didn t have great reviews.

Okay it had had people complaining about it leaking and stuff. Like that as if you wanted this type of cap this type of cap had calls like little leaks for from the rim of the mouth up here it kind of leaked out so i looked at an alternative and that alternative was if i buy the hydro flask. Okay bought the hydro flask and then i went and bought the coldest. It s the coldest water standard mouth hydro flat sport.

Straw cap flip yadda yadda yadda. Okay. I bought that and it comes with a straw and it comes with it s a cold water signature cap okay so i combined the two and i had the cold water..


I have the cold waters cat and i put the straw in it i put the straw in and just put it on the hydro flask and it threads on perfectly as well and it stays on now the nice thing about this is i could just take it and conveniently flip the clip. The up opening and close the opening. You know with one hand at with ease. So that s the nice thing.

I liked about this is because we re from driving or if i m flying a plane or or anything like that then i can just quickly take my finger and flip it open and turn it upside down or you know drink it oh let me explain to you why i say turn it upside down. Okay. So i m a big guy. I m six seven 230 pounds okay and i brought this home and i showed my girlfriend.

I said hey look i have i have a hydro flask. It s a really great technology and i bought this accessory to go along with the hydro flask. So i flipped this open and i had water in it flipped it open and i started sucking on it because i had a straw that was inside and she started laughing at me. And said.

How do you like your new sippy cup. So i started thinking about it. And i said well i am a big guy so i do look silly sipping on a cup like that so so what i did was i still kept the convenience of having the top here. Still kept the convenience of it.

But what i did was i just simply remove the straw. Okay so i removed the straw and i just use it like so and when i put that on let s put that back on when i put it on i flip it open and i just tip it up and i start drinking it and it s such an easy convenient way to drink out of it that s the same form factor that the hydro flask. The hydro. The actual original hydro ask standard mousesports cap has but like i said.

I had there were some reviews. There that said that they had leaks in the in the actual opening here or the sides of it so i just avoided it all together now i want to tell you why i got this like i said. I got this for for flying ease of use comforts and everything like that it s it s a great companion to have with you at all times..


I think every household should have one of these because it s just it s just that good so this explains why i m doing a review on the hydro flask water bottle because like i said. There is some really great technology behind these behind this water bottle here. So i hope you enjoyed this review give it a thumbs up and i do think that you guys should go ahead. And purchase it and like i said give my video a thumbs up make sure you subscribe.

I do a lot of videos like these and the pricing for this before you leave the pricing for this is currently it s 2795. For the 21 ounce. And if you wanted to get like a 24 ounce. I saw someone sitting in my classroom with a 24 ounce.

I think it has the same size in diameter. But it s just a little taller now that reason why i said something about the diameter. Too is because most standard water cup holders will hold this my car it fits right into the water and into the cup holder. There.

So that s really important too. And the reason. Why i got this size. If you get the wide mouths or the or the larger sizes.

Then those most likely definitely will not fit into most standard water cup holders. So i think. This is a sweet spot for me like i said again. I know i like i said again thanks for watching and hope to see you guys.

” ..

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