I Bought a Used Series 5 Cellular Apple Watch from Amazon….

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” s going on everyone in today s video. We re gonna go ahead and unbox unbox this inside this package in case you ve missed my previous video you go and watch it somewhere right here in a corner in that video. I talked about this thing and because inside this box is a series 5 apple watch. But not just any ordinary apple watch it s the cellular version now the msrp price for the 44 millimeter space gray lte apple watch retails for about five hundred and twenty nine dollars and amazon it s owned every new version of that series five four three hundred and ninety five.

That is a hefty discount and then that watch got released last year in september. So this watch in theory. It s less than six months old and we re gonna go ahead and box. It and see the condition that it s in to see.

If i didn t get ripped off for buying a amazon renewed product. But the cool thing i found out about the description. There s a ninety day guaranteed return in case. Something s up it s also inspected by amazon.

I m assuming and they promise that the battery life capacity should be greater than 80. But when i was reading the description. Something was really interesting down here they actually put it that it is a 40 millimeter. Not the 44 series five apple watch.

But at least. We know that a charger will be included as well as a square usb power adapter of some sort of course. It s not including the original package or do we get a manual or a headset. Apparently with that said.

Let s go ahead and unbox this package now. I don t have an overhead cam. So i m gonna have to use this and put it on my desk alright. So here s the package and to be honest.

I m quite impressed look at this two packages. Two boxes in one take this off. And you know surprise. Our apple.

Watch is inside. A zip bag. Oh wow. Look at this it.

Comes. With in the original. Like soft fabric cover that the apple watch comes in when you buy it brand new..


Yeah. Our little ring. So let me double check. If this is the 44 millimeter or 40.

Let s go ahead and double check. And verify 40 hits of 44 that s great news. 44 millimeter apple. Why we got the small and medium bands well it s official voice.

We got before we turn it on and set. It all up let s just look at everything. Oh wow check this out so we got the stainless steel charging dock. And it has of wrapping.

I m starting to think this product was probably returned and apple had no use for it they just resell it. But this time they listed it under amazon renew. Because this is a brand new look that is taped on this is a machine done from apple. I don t think apple.

I don t think amazon also has this machine legit this is brand new look at this you got the stainless steel. Version charging station for the apple watch look at that yep that s brand new there s there was literally no fingerprints on it and the cable doesn t have that nasty brown marks. And this thing is long this is long so it gives a stainless steel apple watches or to sell better once coming clear with this stainless steel one oh and of course. Here s that of square power adapter else promised cool pod pad that s the brand.

But yeah. That s basically everything that we get in a box. And that s really all you really need this was an added bonus. They didn t have to include this as well as the softs fabric.

So if this watch is brand new as soon as i take this off its gonna turn on right. I guess not so hasn t been turned off before i check the body for any marks aluminum 44 series. 5. I mean i don t see any cracks look at that body.

I don t see any marks on the screen. Yeah i want to say this was a returned apple watch because i m the only thing putting fingerprints on this thing. I don t see any scratches. Common issue of the apple.

Watch is that crown way all over time gets marks. Yeah. This is legit brand new..


What is this does that come off yeah. It was just dust. This is brand new let s go ahead and turn this on and pair it up i m gonna try to sink it and connect it to my cellular provider and it s not powering up all right so the apple watch isn t turning on so most likely needs to be charged let s go take a break and let it charge for a couple of minutes. And we ll pair it up here.

We go so we have everything set up here s our series 5 apple watch so of course. It has the always on display. And i did the pairing process everything worked really well i even set it up with at t. The process was really easy ahead.

I was able to do it all on my iphone. So simply it just gave me this page. When you set it all up no over my brighton is a real quick there you go it greeted me was this paid and i just simply just had to log in and sign into my at t account and forward my number from my iphone to my apple watch so i backed it up with my previous apple watch saves. And just checking out the watch faces the vast majority of them are here chronograph colors.

That s new that one in for graph modeler liquid metal. This one s cool too so yeah we get all the common ones. All the common watch faces. Except forget one explorer one which i ll talk more about in a bit solar dial toy story utility and the extra large in case.

You got really really bad vision and then of course everything else works as normal. The three press gives you that hectic feedback alright so i let more applications download. I also customize the watch face you price oh and just to see if there wasn t any defects and so far everything works really well i mean like it s like it s a brand new apple. Watch compass application works they always on display.

It s easy to toggle. It s responsive. The digital crown wheel has no issues even the motorized mechanism that they innovated for the series for and newer apple watches has it feels like i m rotating a mechanical watch. There s no wi fi issues whatsoever.

Connect to wi fi right. Here. So. You can see.

No dead pixels on the screen notification speaker. You just heard works like normal here s my earpods case. I didn t put my ear pods on let s check the better light percentage on them there we are including the case. Yeah.

There s no defects whatsoever. We still have to test out the ecg and see how if that works. But my hair pods are right there let s check out the ecg..


This is what i like this grid. Everything is alphabetical order. But i still managed to mess up totally passed it twice let s see if this works the moment of truth. See if there s any defects.

Everything works well i had caffeine so if you re wondering why it s slightly high into normal heart rate sensors in the back everything is reading fine as well it s not how long that s gonna take. But it looks like it s working battery juice. An apple watch is set a hundred percent and i had this apple watch on since 9 00 am. I m surprised it still has 100 battery life.

It s going to settings and make sure everything is right about so yeah. It does have 32 gigabytes of capacity no network. Because the reception here where i live it s terrible. But here s our cellular.

We at at t. And we are connected listen for hey siri raised to speak. Why i just did it maybe. I should turn that off.

Yeah. My siri is australian. We are full detection enabled as well app store loads up fast very responsive pray i ll probably look into that application later. But yeah.

I m genuinely impressed this is a good value compare. If you bought it bring a new off the shelf store. Should we paint like close to like 300 530. We literally got like over 100 discount.

But yeah everything works surprisingly that was my biggest fear. I also have this watch face the explorer. Because the cell. Delivers an apple watch has this one which when your phone is far away.

It will show you like the reception dots right here. I believe explore more in my review. But uh yeah. Surprisingly it works really well in thane discount.

It took a while to charge. So i m assuming this apple watch was left uncharged for several months. So technically this thing is brand new most likely..


It was just a return so yeah. It s actually not bad again i seriously think. This watch was returned. I liked his new watch face that explorer watch me.

It s actually pretty cool. But yeah here it s actually showing you the reception bars. So now we re connect to the lte. Let me go ahead and take a picture and put this in the screen since we move our camera back and that s my only camera.

I have yeah what s the explorer watch face it actually will display the cellular connection. But you can still switch to the other watch faces that you expect to find on the series for nat series. 5. The always on display works really well.

But yeah. I m going to go ahead and rock this for a few weeks test it out make a couple of videos on it future updates in case. Something comes up and review the cellular version of the app watch possibly comparing it against the regular standard apple watch to help clarify the benefits. Why you may want to choose two cellular version over two non celluloid version.

If you re also interested to pick up a renewed apple. Watch i ll be sure to have them linked in the video description down below in my opinion. It looks like it s a steal the watch is named in a year. Owed and in case.

Something happens you have 90 days to return it no questions asked and i m sure you still have the standard 1 year manufacturer warranty by apple. If you guys want to check out more apple watch videos want to know what kind of accessories. I m gonna throw on on this series 5 apple watch you can go ahead and watch this video over here. Too they go through a bunch of my favorite accessories and then this video over here.

Adds. A video that youtube thinks that you will like so go ahead and give that a watching let me know in the comments to feed towards right. Anyway. Folks.

My name is eddie. I hope you have a good one stay clean and i ll catch you in the next one see ” ..

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