I finally bought it – Nanoleaf Aurora RGB Light Panels Unboxing

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“If your honor man welcome back to tech block. We re back with an unboxing unboxing video a highly anticipated one i guess and a product that i ve also waiting to get my hands on for a very long time too it s of course the nano leaf aurora light panels. I think i have a set of 15 here that s what it kind of said on amazon is it it is actually 15 panels plus rhythm. So we get the whole music.

Synching thing. This works with apple homekit amazon echo. Google. Home oh.

They re good stuff. And these. I m gonna be going above my monitor well above. These monitors see it like up on the wall.

As my walls are let me show you they re very plain there s nothing going on back there so hopefully. This is gonna help us spice things up a bit by you know adding none other than some more rgb. Something we clearly can t get enough of also bought myself. A new microphone.

The previous one i used to use snapped in half whilst. Recording video. And all the audio was corrupted. So that happened.

Luckily we ve got a new one now hopefully it sounds better. It s a slightly more expensive microphone anyway back to the unboxing for us. We have the main box over here. And then we also have this package.

No clue what this is but i m gonna open this up first as it is the smaller one no idea what this could be feels empty to be on it can t even open herself. What is this oh it s these things to link the nano leaf or light panels. I don t know if i need these i don t know if this console. Them already so i ve bought a few just in case.

You know we might need them throw this stuff to the side. I don t even know if i need this knife to oh yes. We do also you know gotta use the crab and knife. The correct way now and to not trigger.

People. There s kind of like two boxes oh and a giant and a giant qr code. Lovely. I don t know why there are two boxes.

I m guessing it s like guessing we have like maybe nine and then six here that s that would be my guess as you continue by nine. But i bought 15 total uh right. I ve never seen these in person by the way so i ve no clue what to expect really welcome to a smarter life. Thank you oh we have the apple homekit scanner right there and a serial number as well so it appears these do already come with these little connectors do these like okay.


I m i m not gonna break. It okay we got this piece this is the i don t know it s fine. We have oh i m guessing this is the rhythm module the music one yes. It is nana leaf rhythm.

So this can allow us to i guess make the panel s react to music. I don t know oh we got a european power plug. Very nice and then we all see all the uk one we re in the uk of course you have a power adapter. Oh damn.

It s gonna be lovely. It s a cable manage on the wall. I m guessing this is the adhesive that we re gonna use to attach the light panels to the wall. However based on a review that around on amazon apparently these little.

I guess sticky pads for these are absolutely awful. And don t really work very well. But at least you do get a whole lot of them like there s tons of these little guys so hopefully we ll be fine. What is this the adapters are ken.

So we have these these are the non flexible ones. So i bought the flexible ones. Let s take a look what s in this one. I m guessing just six light panels.

Yeah what else would there be really yep just six more cool a rule a light panel. They re a bit dusty. But that s not too bad. There appears to be free connectors here as well as like a very cool geometric design that s pretty dope.

What i m gonna do is i kind of want to make sure these actually work you know before we stick them onto a wall or anything so so this plugs into this not directly into an adapter so you do actually get a decent amount of cable length by the looks of things that s cool ah let s grab one of the panels grab one of the panels. I guess it just kind of this just slide on in oh. Damn well that changed colors for us oh is it entered into some kind of like spectrum cycle mode. I really don t know but i don t you press it again oh okay maybe that s like different themes.

I m choosing from there we go now you can see it s my pan a little bit better. It is pretty bright you can see it illuminating my entire face. It s pretty bright thing. It s currently set to green.

It s just like cycling. If we ran two modes. I guess i don t really know what the hell is going on. But i m gonna try to connect the second one.

I don t know if you have to turn them off to do that but plug in this little connector right right here. Then we re gonna grab another nano leaf a light panel just like this so i m assuming you use the flexible one if you like mounting. Yeah. Like you know different angles.


By the looks of things i think i m gonna use the normal ones as i think there won t be a gap. Then and there bit easier to work with all right before we go on any further with these fancy light panels. I m gonna go on the app store and download the nano leaf app as you probably want to do that so nano leaf also in the meantime. Maybe i connect them to apple homekit.

Without b. Yeah. I don t know where s apple home. There.

We go yes. They did give me a thing to scan so add accessory where s i think it s on this there we go can we scan that oh there we go black panels accessories for network. I don t know how long is gonna take hopefully not too long in the meantime though the apps downloaded. I think you have to make an account i ll find out uh they are flashing.

It s flashing. There we go black panels at it will they actually be there we go. The apple homekit. We can turn them on and turn them off can we mess around with color already there we go.

Oh my god they re bright. They re pretty bright so far so good. I m quite impressed huh. Oh.

You can log in with google. As well can we do google. Then oh hmm is nano leaf broken. What the hell ever oh my why are you just throwing out errors.

What the what is this oh can i skip in that chest. It s clearly. We can t make an account jay light panels start pairing pairing accessory do i press the button. I don t know it says.

This ends to be a light flashing. Which there was a light flashing when but then i paired it to apple home press and hold down two buttons on your light panel controller for 15 seconds. All right yeah yes we found it though we re getting your light panels set up on wi fi. It ll flash green when it joins your network.

Yeah flashing green when it joins hey we get now apple home kits like yo i don t accessory all right now we go color bursts. Damn dude we got nemo i got northern like oh alrighty yeah life gets better when you log in you tell me that. But i think it s actually impossible to log in at least a set up of apple homekit as well as the app. Now if you press the power button they turn off pretty cool matt.

The one thing. I m really kind of a annoyed about i guess is the fact that i m gonna have to have a cable running down. The wall. Which is not good before you mount the panel s test.


The panel s out on a table first. Oh we kind of did two of them what about the rest. We have so many of these i don t even know what design. I m going for like on the wall.

Please. No idea yet. I might have to go on google and take a look at what other people have done and probably get some inspiration from other designs out there already kind of dope designs have people done i could kind of go for like a block. I guess like this this and found like and like an empty spot in the middle.

Okay right i m gonna actually play around on the floor and kind of try to make something up see what kind of design. I can come up with you know the 15 panels here. And if i like how it looks on the floor. Oh yes.

I ll kind of mounted. You know up on the wall up. There so and i guess we could also plug them all in and test them that might be a wise wise idea anyway right this is gonna be like freaking playing or legos. Now.

I don t even know. 15 is enough for what i m trying to achieve here. See what i m going for here can you see what i m trying to do on. Oh.

No we might have enough kind of ah yeah. I need one more are you kidding. Me man. Right.

Yeah. That doesn t look as exciting as i as i thought it would so like i guess i could do this then maybe buy one more and the kind of right like tech block in the middle. But i don t know i don t really know right and now we just now we just power him up boom. Oh christ that looks insane that looks absolutely insane.

I m gonna have to get my phone out and use the level of rap to make sure you know he s so good that s the level that is important of course. But this freakin cable. What am i gonna do with this cable. I ve needed for the panel s to like start up here and i can make their way across oh dear lord hello hey.

I ve enabled some kind of music mode now it s reacting so whenever i speedy alright. One thanks being night. You made this mess and left me with the pieces now i wanna burn. All the bridges between us all right so this is the design.

I ve come up with for the set up let me know what you think it s not complete yet. I think i want to buy a few more panels. Maybe like six more or something and then what i m gonna probably do is expand. This one kind of going down.


I think maybe that one going up as well i don t really know but i think i m gonna expand it more towards like you know this region here and then it ll kind of maybe look better. But for now. This is kind of what i ve come up with let me know what you think the comment section down below. If you hate it please let me know and then i ll probably change it if everyone hates this design.

But i don t think it looks too bad. However i also think that it doesn t look finished. I do feel like i need a few more light panels. So you re kind of complete you know this whole thing here.

But i am kind of happy with it though like it does look freakin. Awesome having something on the wall. There finally. Oh you know is always good and then in probably a few months time when we had 100k subs.

The plaque. The silver play button will be right here and then behind that play button we re gonna stake a bunch of razor chrome led strips and pretty much set it to like a wave effect so it ll be an rgb play button. Which will be sick and i feel like it s going to look a whole lot better once we have that civil play button with the rgb and this is completed. So i think then you know things will look a whole lot more complete.

I suppose. But for now this saplings look like it does look very different in person compared to what it seems like on camera. The led lights are super super bright. So that s why they kind of appear like white.

I guess. But there s not too much i can do about that it does look way better in person than it does on camera. That s all i m gonna say but apart from that though thank you so much for watching hopefully you enjoyed watching me set up these light panels like about time. I bought these things right.

It s like i ve kind of been promising to buy these for many months. But didn t quite get around to doing it until this moment. So now they re all set up they re all up on the wall. We re gonna buy more that s for sure as this part of the wall.

It does feel a bit empty. So definitely i buy a few more light panels and of course. If you want to buy some of these light panels for yourself for your own setup or your own bedroom. Wherever you want to put these guys in the kitchen even in the toilet up to you links are down below.

In the description. You can buy these i ll try to link the exact same set that i bought including the little fancy flexible connectors that you can use if you want to but apart from everyone thank you so much for watching. I hope to see you in another video soon goodbye. ” .


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