I GOT CHEATED SOO BAD!! – 100% BULL CRAP!! Madden 17 Gauntlet

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“What is going on everybody. I hope you all are having an incredible day you you know man just give me a high five. What why are you leaving me right. Now.

Let s go ahead and try that again lift your hand up give me a hug. Oh dude. That s my eye anyways. If you can see i don t know if you can right up top.

We re gonna be using the kansas city cheese this week. There are so many of you guys that wanted me to use them considering they re in the playoffs. They re a pretty hot team right now and i don t know i mean they re pretty good if i didn t say that already no next week is going to be a very special week for the matt is 17 gauntlet next week. I will be opening up the opportunity for any team to be played even if i play with them already if they get the most votes.

Then i will be using them next week. So all of you fans that wanted to have a chance for your comment to end up. Supporting your team go ahead down smash that like button and leave a comment and don t forget to vote on other people s comments. So your team will show up by the way.

I m planning on putting a ton of comments in our next. Gauntlet video. So this could be your best opportunity to end up in my video plus. I m just trying to see.

Which team is gonna get the most support. Now you cheese ben you re pretty confident you re. Almost guaranteeing. Me that we re going to set the record today with your team so without further ado.

Let s go ahead and jump into it to see if you re lying or not and if you re lying off with your head. All right let s get this going we re starting it off on the defensive line. Don t why do you guys know the kansas city chiefs have a heck of a teaser we re gonna swim. It i wanna know what johan we just tap with our own player okay it worked though oh.

My goodness. I swear to you only i could do that oh get in there..

We no no no okay hear me out for just one second. We don t start on their runs. Like that so let s go ahead and reload and start back from where we started whoa okay level one what you guys seen there previously just did not happen worst roll around we re working. It s warm and you know what yeah so what are you doing why are we going backwards right now torn me around right.

Now. I do not get paid enough to do this. Oh yeah. Almost a really bad idea.

But it wasn t what do you mean you almost got me killed back there now. This is something i did not know before look at the top of the screen up there throw to the 8th receiver. Believe it or not over the hundreds of gauntlet attempts that i ve already had i had no clue that i was up there i was trying my best to stay out of this video. But you might just be the dumbest person that i have ever seen so let s go ahead and test it out see if a warrant indeed look at it it actually does ha shocker.

Now we just gotta throw. This one in the b receiver and oh. My goodness it worked again an easy dagger down to travis kelce. These short dumb pops are nothing to me now our first boss level.

The boss rat trapped like a rat a tat tat spencer where we ll be running the ball. And this is such an easy level. Let s turn our way daddy. Ah yo.

No no no no no my feet. We re completely in there. How are they gonna fail me like that yo time out guys no we got to look at a replay of this because you know what that s a bogus all right guys you god watches is one of the most ridiculous things i ve ever seen his hand went outside of the hot spot. Really all right so obviously i have no pool on what the heck happened i m gonna have to replay.

The tape on that but seriously how are they gonna family like that i know that we were in there. We re just gonna have to play each level like a robot now we re going to linebacker time to prevent a first down and we don t do that wow. This is not starting the way that i wanted to erick barrels come down come down come on it s only one life. There.

We go we re passing that level dangerous. Oh yes..

At the perfect time. And it s going to be a very easy extra light challenge which we have no problem passing whatsoever getting in there and gain yourself an extra life at the perfect time. I feel like they knew that we need a 1 and they gave us one. Whenever.

We did oh shoot. Oh. Shoot. The ladder.

Challenge. Now. Oh wait stop stopping music. Right.

Now. It spun fake. It s not even possible to pass really game. But you know what i will never give up that s great accuracy.

The powers not too bad and look at these these giants are insane. There s no way i ll tell you right now. If you have ever passed a little please let me know down below. I swear i ve tried over a hundred some gauntlet attempts and i have never passed at once wow.

Completing a pass on easy smash. A will be open and that is easy as it gets now an easy counter. We got a run through the hotspot with spencer. We re in ching bling bling.

Give it to me yes thank you we have the boss flying fee. This is probably the easiest boss level that we can get at this point compared to all the other ones around level 10. I will definitely take this all day and great blocking by the rest of our offense. Thank you thank you thank you our offense was just on the field and now it s time for tomba all these we got picked up with our defense man.

They came up lunch for us a play action rp is gonna be open hey hit it now they kansas city chiefs. They ended up picking up their selves..

A first round by man this is rough right now let me go ahead and lock this in real code. I can t believe we lost a life right there it s like we re losing lives randomly. It s not like one specific challenge is giving us difficulty right now anyways. Oh wait hold on now okay.

Now we re on boss beauty cloth. Oh. That s a spin move. We re gonna need to get past that guy give him the stiff arm okay shoot.

He s still there nothing on that oh we almost have to swim stiff arm huh. But we didn t we failed and we re down to three lives. Oh yeah. All right there we go come on oh spencer.

Where i guess. He s not the quickest guy. But you know what he s gonna have the moves this time to help us get to where we need to now that i easily get off track. Let s go ahead and talk back about the kansas city man i get off topic easily.

But yeah last week you need a little bit of help from the oakland raiders losing to get yourself a first round bye. And indeed you actually did end up doing that now the path that you guys have is pretty interesting to get to the playoffs you re probably gonna end up versing. My pittsburgh steelers whenever they go ahead and dominate dominate you say it i dare you you know i think that s my problem like i stopped talking i can t talk and play madden at the same time whenever. I do that seems like whenever i lose the most lives now.

We re gonna have tyreke you all know he s not gonna be there whoa whoa spencer. We re coming out the cut. But anyways yeah now that we have this easy level right now there s a pretty decent chance that you guys might be bursting my pittsburgh steelers in the playoff why is that guy coming in on a blitz. I don t know if that s his rich no i m serious i m gonna get sacrum oh a broken tackle please just dump it off dump it off okay.

I don t care at least. We didn t lose the light right there. Oh what is going on last time. I checked.

These guys are not supposed to come in on a blink. Oh my con you stood..

I m so scared right now destin. A junior that that guy is gonna come in and sack. Me all right now they seem like they re standing. Still like they probably should let s go ahead and oh.

My gosh that is just a keen awareness to find the open receiver. You gotta admit that was quite impressive and another done is gonna go ahead and move us on to the next level. And there currently seems like there s a player having a seizure on the field. Yeah.

That s nice. Oh okay. Let s see when alex smith can do can we hit travis kelce. Indeed because he s a monster yo yo yo.

We have three on three no that s not three on three therefore people since when was there a fourth person on that okay man this could be very very tough. They have four people so not only do we have to get the block and react opera that was the most embarrassing thing i have ever done. Oh yeah. Which that was terrible we only made it to level 20.

The gun was going solo for us previously. But this week was a complete bust. But do not forget cheese fans anything of any team please let me know any team is up for grab the cheese will go back to back maybe it ll be somebody completely different leave a comment. Leave a life you just might end up in my next gauntlet as always on your boy whew.

Thank you all so much for being so incredible and helping me do this every single week. It is such a blessing and until next time you already know don t forget to keep god number one peace out guys deuces. You know what hold on let me show you chiefs fans something real quick okay if you end up person. My pittsburgh steelers in the playoffs this is what s going to happen to you you see this right here.

We re wiping you guys out let s go by the way steelers. You should really think about beating the dolphins first because all of this smack talk is gonna make me look really bad if you don t even make it to that game thank you ” ..

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