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“Guys i m looking at my watch. Here. It is 2 02 pm that means means your boy is about to do his first ever live stream on twitch playing whats. Good i m exited man we got oh 103000.

People what manager jeff the people are waiting yeah. But i know what i m doing bro here. I gotta show the command center literally guys. There s a 100 000.

People in the lobby. The chat is going crazy right now needless to say. This is gonna be lit. So guys.

If you re not a part of the logang. A make sure to subscribe b. If you have not added me on twitch cause. I am gonna be streaming more than this go ahead and do so loganpaulwastaken you can see your boy roll.

Some heads on f nite. You he he he alright so we re gonna be running squad and duo. Today look we gotta get these dubs like straight up really weird. Sound i will say i m a little nervous bro 100000.

People watching evan i m not gonna lie. I m not gonna lie. I m not gonna lie i m tryna act cool in front of you inside. I m freaking out logan paul yeah bro my heart is racing right now evan we have to entertain over 100000.

People. More than that there s gonna be like two hundred thousand three hundred thousand logan paul it s 120 right now oh mey gaaaad. We were born for it bro and its a fact that we gon huck it baby by the way spence. How you doing bro.

I see you spencer kinda kindra. Ready to huck it logan it s a fact that we just dropped..

These huck it shirts you would only know that if you watched the stream were about to do yesterday woah. This is a crazy time vlog. But yeah i know you guys have been waiting. The huck it shirts are now out you guys have been waiting for like 8 minutes for us to go live.

I think it s time bro bro. I m nervous bro ohh. My gaaaahhad fortnite. I want at least one w.

Today bro thats. All i want i gotta prove to the world yo also this is live bro. They will try to catch us slipping alright. They will try to make us make a mistake.

But put your best behaviour on cause anything can go down right thats. What makes this so. Special hoo. I m about to click.

This. Live. Button. Oh boy.

Oh. Squeak. Everyone. 8.

7. 6. 5. 4.

3. 2..

1. Quiet. Screaming. Logan.

Paul are we live yo. I have no idea bro are we live yo twitch twitch is that you mum are you watching my first livestream whats. Good 150000. People watching right now can we put our hands.

Right here cause. We re about to huck today. Alright. All ready 1 2.

3. Huck it hoo okay guys um. If you did not see that here s the debrief and even if you did here are the best highlights. Oh my gosh this is crazy okay so i m not gonna lie.

I m gonna be honest with you guys uh. There was too much going on in the room. Everyone was tryna kiss me in the face or whatever they re tryna do and i was distracted the tips of my fingers were very sweaty spencer. The dog was barking logan.

The dog was barking the spiders were flying the point is i started off squeak here we go x3 no no not like this mike. It s all come down to this logan that s my boy ehh oh squeak help help spencer spencer lydia. Quick revive me spencer that s okay man logan. Why you do that spencer.

It s it s okay logan salty. Why you hit me. Though so hard spencer. I didn t bro.

I m just saying like its okay logan hit me harder than you need to but thanks. I don t know what happened and also guys i m not a professional gamer..

I i feel like i will be though once i put my mind to something i get really good at it okay. Anyways uh. I took me a little bit to get my fortnite livestream c legs on and then your boy started hucking it bro nasty with the snipes heres. The update.

I m playing with chance anthony and my brother jake paul guys. We group up in ohio together. We ve got that chemistry theres 12 people left in the game. We re going for that w feel good about this round.

All i want honestly is one dub one dub on my first fortnite livestream and i will be happy first game. This is by the way my first game for sure whats good let s goooooooo yeahhh baby. One person left bro we about to get this dub get that jump pad. I m going in hot bro.

Where is he 210 this one s for you. Mamma i feel good. About. That.

Spencer. 10300. People that just saw that. Dub logan.

100000. People. You saw the dub you knows its tough its tough its toughtgetting these dubs bro fortnite. But you gotta do it bro been training for months for this moment right here.

If you re not a part of the logang. You suck bro. I don t even need to say it. But i will say it subscribe look at the wall.

There that s now damaged subscribe x5. What s good baby ayyy..

I love you guys that was a good stream your boy is signing off thank you guys for watching dude. I did that for 4 hours. I m not addicted. I.

Don t even like fortnite oh boy lp ow wow. Im not gonna i m not gonna lie to you streaming is exhausting. I m screaming for like 3 hours. Straight.

Maybe you know what imma work on that i ll work on it it was exhausting just watching you yeah here we go yo. And that s another issue. Why are my plates indestructible bro whats good bro it dosent break it dosent break yo whats good whats good. I think i know those ones shatter into a million bits.

Okay all and all a very successful first twitch livestream. I m glad i m able to like actually come outside. Though cause like i got sucked in bro. I was on there for like 4 hours.

Jesus mother of god also thank you to everyone who donated you really don t have to but your support means alot um gonna i m doing subscriber only mode soon though i can t do it yet because i m not a twitch affiliate partner logang that is the vlog. I know its a short one for obvious reasons. If you re not a part of us make sure to subscribe. Join the strongest family on youtube also the huck it shirts drop today because that s what we do we huck it right kong yeah nice logang.

I love you guys and i will see you tommorow hey guys future logan here. Okay real quick. I will be streaming live at 6pm today on twitch again. I think i m gonna make that my daily time that s right daily bro.

” ..

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