IGN Reviews – NFL Blitz (XBLA/PSN) Game Review

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“You played a lot of nfl blitz in the arcade in the late 90s you you weren t alone. The fast paced over the top hits were exhilarating in a where sports games were generally about realism. Then the blitz series lost the nfl license and took a dark turn down fictional roads dropping charm along the way but nfl blitz is back as a downloadable game returning to its hard hitting roots with real teams big heads and a whole lot of fun. San francisco 49ers while the non licensed blitz games tried to keep the arcade experience without the team names picking your favorites is a great return to form and with elite leagues trading card packs blitz gauntlet mode silly bosses and local co op nfl matchups the options are entertaining throughout on top of the straightforward elements an old school code input screen lets you change the ball characters and size the ones head for every game.

Additionally. The announcers are fantastic from the off topic food talk to the bad play calling. The duo are consistently funny and add a lot to each game..


Let s quit. The yakan and get the crackin. The graphics are crisp and clean and a lot of the tackle animations mimic the original moves from a arcade machine. Along with the slamming sound effects of big hits blitz.

Is a good looking. Downloadable game. With our kaede style sound..


Nfl blitz is about football boiled down to the basics. Then drawn up as a caricature. There are four downs big tackles. But also tweaks like 30 yard first downs.

Because the plays move so fast there s no pass interference. You get a turbo button. And you select plays from a small handful of choices you can t change the length of a quarter..


So if you re in a hurry. You re looking for a longer rumble against a buddy you re out of luck and on top of that you can no longer do late hits or after the whistle tackles. A mainstay of the original and a satisfying way to stop opponents from celebrating their touchdowns. But the negative details don t kill the experience.

The quick pace simple play calling and responsive controls on and off line are tons of fun launching a hail mary and double overtime to score the winning touchdown against an online opponent remains a triumph and the big hits. Stiff arms and celebrations are a joy not to mention building. The perfect team in elite league games might run long..


When you re in a hurry. And you can t elbow drop it down to conan. But nfo blitz is fun simple cartoon football whether you re punching. A friend in the arm on your couch or raising your arms to an online victory nfl blitz is a fun call back to a simpler time for more on nfl blitz.

” ..

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