Insignia 32 1080P 60Hz LED TV UNBOXING Model NS-32D511NA15

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“Sup everybody bms loo hair. Hope everyone s doing well. I m going to do do a short video. Today.

An unboxing video of a new tv. That i purchased insignia. 32. Inch.

Led tv. 1080p model ns 3 2. D. 5 1.

1. And a 1 5. Now i got this at my local best buy store for a hundred and eighty nine dollars is what it retailed for however. I was using some best buy reward points.

So i got quite the deal on it now. I purchased this we are just about done having our basement finished. So this will actually be going in the bar of my basement..


So please subscribe to my videos you can see the progress of my finished basement as it gets done here. But uh yeah. One of the little tv in the bar section of the basement. And this was a very decent price considering like i said i was using some reward points.

And very happy to get this at head. I ve done some research on this tv both on best buy and on amazoncom. The reviews were very very decent about four and a half out of five stars with hundreds of reviews. So i d like to thank those people who took time to leave reviews on this tv on those websites.

You help me make a purchase and hopefully. My tv will hold up as well as yours if they have so so here. We are unboxing the the stuff in the box. Not much in the box here.

But what i have here is the stand that will come on which i will actually not be using and i apologize now that i m doing the voiceover on this because i couldn t really have the camera in my face. While i was recording and hold the camera. So i m doing the voice over here in post production. But looking at the the stand.

I won t actually be using that stand. I m going to mount this on the wall. So some way some of these shots..


You might not actually i might not have held them down low enough for you guys to see. But this is just basically the quickstart guides here that we re looking at with the remote. The remote actually i m pretty just by looking at it it s very it s very the colors on it very easy to read somebody who doesn t have the best eyes in the world. You know the remote seems very simple very simplified so i do like that i don t know if there s any backlight with it yet.

I ll do a review once i have this tv up and working so stay tuned for that video down the road. As well there was two manuals here to quickstart guides. One in english one in espanol. As you can see the remote.

They re very nice big bold letters and numbers comes with the batteries. So a nice simple remote that looks very easy to use which i will appreciate and some screws for screws there for the guessing for the mount which i did not purchase but stay tuned again for another video as i will be posting on how i ll be mounting this tv. Because i do not have wood studs in my in my wall. They did not put those in when they finished the basement.

And so i will be mounting this a different sort of way so stay tuned like i said for that as we go ahead and pull out this tv again like i said. It s a 1080p tv retails for 189. I ve never had the brain insignia before with all the 4k televisions out there. Nowadays i you know i i d love to go 4k.

But i m actually going to have 4k tv in the same room just in a different area so when i m watching my sport events mostly football. I can have this tv going on in the bar. While i m also watching my team on the large 4k tv..


So here we go i m very impressed with the the look of the bezel around the screen. It s not too thick my main tv currently now in my house is a older model flat screen led samsung and the bezel around that s about three inches wide. Although. The tv still works great and we ve never had with it i do actually like that tv 1080p tv.

The samsung. But it s actually thicker than this tv as well this tv is very light as you can see it s not real thick. No going to take up stick out from the wall too far even with the amount that i ll be attempting to put on in a future video you can see the four screws here for the mounting. I m going to go ahead and go around and actually take a close up.

We ll see here in just a second of the back of the tv. Now like filming here is not the greatest so bear with me so you can see we re going to look at some of the plugins on the back the av components in and now in the audio in and out to the right you can see we got a usb. There as well as dvi dvi audio. In and just to the right of that i failed to record.

Oh. You kind of just saw. The hdmi. So there s two hdmi plugins.

One underneath there and then also you have a digital optical output. There and audio for headphones out there. The antenna cable in and another hdmi on the side..


There so those will work great to hdmi for me personally will be plenty for this tv. But like i said. It s been a bunch of great reviews online already regarding this tv. Where a lot of people actually use these in their apartments.

And have had no issues and so i look forward to seeing the quality on this as soon as i hook it up in the next week or so so here s one last look at it so you can see very nice 32 inch. It s actually sold as a 32 inch. But the actual size is 31 and a half inches from corner to corner you can see the energy guide here just a quick look at again the plugins on the back. And the dimensions.

When it has the 18 point two inches tall by twenty eight point seven inches wide and 32 inches in depth. So there you go again. The insignia. And it also comes lastly with a one year warranty limited year warranty.

Thank you for watching my game is bms lou. I appreciate it check out all my videos and we ll see on the next show. ” ..


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