iPad 2 Unboxing

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“Guys and welcome to the hotel. This is daniel and today. I have the unboxing unboxing of the ipad 2 now while this is ds 16. Gigabytes black ipad 2 got this in 2011.

Because that s when it was launched now i got it in may although it was launched in march 2011. Now this is only the wi fi model. I didn t get the 3g model because it was more expensive and to be honest i believe that the wi fi. Only model is good enough for me now as i previously mentioned this ipad was released in 2011 and comes with ios.

4. Installed. So that s why on the front of box you can see an image of the ipad 2 sideways with the ios. 4.

Installed you get the standard gray background worth. Mentioning is that apple released a newer ipad 2. Which is using the 32 nanometers. A5.

Cpu. Now what this means is that the cpu is a lot. Smaller and consumes a lot less power than on the old ipad 2. Now this actually translates to 2 more hours of battery.

Which means that on the newer ipad 2 you get up to 12 hours of battery. Which is insane now the only downside of this is that you don t know which ipad model you you got because apple doesn t tell you which which cpu is inside your ipad 2 so the only way to tell if you have a newer ipad 2 or the older model is to take them apart and see how big the cp you is okay now enough enly..

Talking let s check out the box so on the left side. You have an ipad text on the right side you have another app like that text then on the top you have a shiny silver apple logo and on a bottom. You have same think shiny apple logo now taking a look at the back of the box you get this sticker. Which just shows the capacity of your ipad which in my case is 16 gigabytes.

As you can see from the video. Now. It also tells you what s included in the box. So it includes the ipad of course.

The dock connector to usb cable and a 10 watts usb power adapter now you can also use your iphone power adapter. But it will take longer for it to charge because the voltage is a significantly lower okay not with me talking let sandboxes baby up and see what we get inside a box and here it is the ipad 2 now sorry for the reflection of my window. But my window is right above my desk now also inside a box you get this paper padding. Which protects the screen of the ipad during shipping.

Now. This is not as protective as the foam padding which comes with the macbook pros or with the iphone 3gs and yakin 3g. Now. Let s put the ipad aside.

And see what else is inside a box. So you get this booklet designed by apple in california. Which includes a quick start guide now this quickstart guide is one of the most quickest start guides that i have ever seen it only has one page and it tells you how to install the latest version of itunes where to download it from how to connect your ipad to your computer. How to charge it so on and so forth now also inside a booklet besides the quickstart guide you get a one year of international warranty and also some apple stickers also in the body.

Besides the manuals. You get a usb to doctor cable..

A 10 watt power brick and an adapter for the power brick depending on your country. So i have here uk model. Yeah uk adapter for the power brick. But you can switch it to your own head adapter depending on your country so for example here i have the european model and all we have to do is take and you had and insert it in your power brick.

And now you have a european power brick now taking a look at the ipad. You ve got this large nine point seven inch led backlit display now this has an ips matrix. Which means that a viewing angle is at 178 degrees. Which is an excellent viewing angle on the front.

You also get the facetime camera of v. J. Quality on the right side you get the volume buttons and mute or rotation lock button. Which can be configured in these settings and finally on the back you get this point.

7. Yes. That s a sub 1. Megapixel camera.

This is not for taking pictures. Because it can t even autofocus. This is actually just for facetiming because it shoots in 720p. So the video quality is so excellent.

But the people. But the picture quality is awful and finally you get the speaker grille and the 30 pin dock..

Connector now on the top you have the power button. Which is right here microphone and the three point five millimeters okay. So let s part is baby on now this is the first boot. But it has ios 5.

Because i ve upgraded it to ios 5. And it s on ok so let s set it up slide to configure now you have to choose your language. Which in my case is english and click next then choose your own region. So i m going to choose.

Romania. Where is it here it is ok tap next enable location services choose a wi fi network and restore from an icloud. Backup. If you want to restore your settings your data annual and all your apps.

Now while you have to sign in with your apple id and you re good to go and after selecting a backup your ipad will automatically start downloading its data its settings and apps from on the icloud so in my case. I m going to select first backup and click next. And this process should be done in about one hour maximum and once it s done you should have all your apps settings everything restored ok so thank you guys for watching this video be sure to like it if you liked it leave me a comment below if you have any questions. I will answer all your comments be sure to favorite to this video because it helps me a lot and also subscribe to my channel for more videos now while i also post some videos engineer futures such as an ipad 3 in boxing or no ipad to review and ipad 3 review and iphone 4s in boxing in review.

And some speed comparisons between the iphone 4 as yet the two that free the iphone 3g 3gs and so on and so forth i will also post some special retina display. Comparison videos in which i will compare to this place of the ipad of the ipad 2 with the one on the ipad 3 which is retina display and also on the display on the iphone 4s compared to yeah on 3ds. So again thank you guys for watching be sure to subscribe favorite like comment and see ” ..


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