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“Is a surfer mobile tech review and another year another ipad mini were up to to the ipad mini 4. Here and happily this time unlike last generation. It s a specs bump so we finally have the apple a8 cpu and here for some anti performance. Which is something that the the mini kind of really did need also running the new.

Ios. 900. It s split screen multitasking. A couple of other new features touch id is back on the bottom.

We re going to look at it now so here we have the latest generation as of fall 2015 ipad. Mini this is the ipad mini for 8 inch display well really 79 inches thinner than. Ever it s just amazing apple finds away every time 61 millimeters thin so still not quite as skinny as the samsung galaxy tab s2 which is five point nine millimeters but well it s skinny enough it s also gotten lighter as well it weighs. 065.

Pounds which is 105 ounces and 298 grams for those who speak metric. 18. Thinner a bit lighter now apple did reduce the size of the battery inside. But they managed to keep the battery life the same at 10 hours of use time.

Now. I want apple might be a little overly optimistic about their claims for cpu performance improvement from generation to generation. They re pretty don t accurate honest when it comes to battery life so you can expect to really get 10 hours out of the wi fi. Only model this is available in wi fi only or you can get with wi fi cellular which means 4g lte 3g support also built in all the carriers will offer it as usual as we 130 dollars more than the wi fi only model same pricing 399 gets you a 16 gig.

Spend 100 more new jump. All the way to 64 gigs such a deal that s actually pretty fair and then if you want to go up to 128 gigs. It s yet another hundred dollars and you re looking at a very expensive little tablet at that point considering it would be 599 for 128 gig and again 130 more if you want the 4g lte. Inside its biggest competitor may well be the ipad air 2 which we have back here obviously.

Which one you pick probably isn t so much about price 100 separates these two it s more about what size screen you want and how much tablet you want to carry around they re both pretty thin. They re both relatively speaking light for what they are it s just how much screen real estate you want and nowadays with the iphone 6 plus and 6s plus being so popular. I suspect a lot of people are looking at the bigger tablet again. But you never know and in a way this is sort like the iphone.


6 plus plus isn t it at. 79 inches. Versus 55. Inches for apple s larger phone inside.

We do have performance improvements. We ve gone from the a7 cpu that was in the ipad mini 3 to the a8 cpu that s the same cpu used in the iphone 6 and 6 plus. Now it s not the 8x used in the ipad air. 2.

Which is actually a three core cpu. This is a dual core. But still it is closed higher than the iphone 6 and 6 plus at 15. Gigahertz and it has the magical 2 gigs around finally performance is not going to beat the ipad air 2.

Which is the fastest apple tablet. But it s pretty darn respectful you can see our 3d mark icestorm unlimited score here is eighteen thousand two hundred and seventy eight. That is a market improvement and honestly it pays games quite well we ll show you a little bit of gta in action. A bit later.

So you can see that this is running ios. 9. With a new style of multitasking right here and we ll switch over to our geekbench 3. Score next and you can see with that is for single and multi core also a market improvement.

But not as fast of course as the ipad air 2 in practice it feels quick and fluid and of course you can do the multitasking you do a swipe in from the side. And you can pick another app. That you want to multitask with and we ll just bring up photos. Which is where we have a screenshot of our benchmark and if you drag around you can continue on you can pull this and you can choose another application.

So you ve got that kind of functionality going on let s go back to photos. Again from it you see we have the little divider over here. So you can do a 50 50 split or whatever you like in the way of a split and have both of those loaded and actually active at the same time there been a little bit improvements to the. Cameras as well you have still the facetime 12.


Megapixel camera that can shoot 720p video. The rear is 8 megapixel again pretty much like the ipad air and the iphone 6 not the new 6s is going to have a higher resolution camera they have supposedly improve the center. They claim and also use somewhat faster lenses on the cameras too you ve got the usual photo video square modes you ve got time lapse slow motion all the usual features panorama mode in apples typical kind of simple to use feature and then you ve got video right there obviously just swipe on over to video. It s a perfectly capable camera.

We re not really videoing anything very interesting right there. But you can see nice big viewfinder. It looks pretty good and let s see what that plays like that looks pretty good actually. So as town lets go nice enough audios courtesy of two speakers that are firing from the bottom.

We have the lightning port down there nested in between for your charging and for your data transfer love and joy has bluetooth 42. For bluetooth peripherals. Keyboards are usually a popular one headsets headphones that sort of thing and it has dual band wi fi 802 11 8 c. If you get the lte model.

Support lte 150 megabit per second. The lock slider is gone here so no more is that the usual chamfered shiny metal side over here up top is the power button and our headphone jack and on this side is the volume now you can get this new space gray. Which this is our gold or the old fashioned silver your choice now as a touch id scanner embedded in the home button you can use this to authorize purchases from the apple app store you can also use it for other kinds of online purchases. It does not use nfc for point of sale kind of purchases because doing pull kind of against an msp terminal with a tablet would be just kind of awkward when it s up not free use at terminals and stores.

But yes you can use it when you re shopping online. No problem there the display is the usual retina display 2048 by 1536 is a ips display and it is now i laminated display reduces reflections also allows them to make it a little bit thinner repairability well you know. This is an ipad not real easy to fix if something goes wrong. That s the story with an ipad and i ll say a lot of tablets these days the thinner.

They are the harder they are to repair now before we get into a little video playback in gaming. I just want to mention that the the ipad mini 3 is no more on apple calm and be gone from apple store soon enough. But they will keep selling the mini 2 for those who want to save some money still has the retina display has the older a7 cpu inside and no touch id. So let s see how it looks for playing media.

And now. Again. This is a four by three aspect ratio. So you re going to get the black bars when playing video also true of the new samsung galaxy tab s2 line speakers are firing from the side over here we re using the youtube app.


This is lisa from mobile. Tech review and today we re going to look at i o s9. Which is available for many ipad models and quite a few iphone laws from the up now our midi our playback volume is about two thirds right now. It certainly looks good enough and the speakers are decent you know they re not super loud.

It is a smaller tablet not going to rock anybody s world too too much but good enough to hear what s going on as ever with the ipad big part of the story is apps not just the bundle apps you can see here we ve installed apples pages which is their word processor. You also have their excel compatible spreadsheet you ve got their powerpoint presentation program. You ve got garageband here. You have imovie.

If you want to pretty good ecosystem. And there are a lot of tablet optimized apps available for the ios ecosystem. That s one place where it does have a leg up over android. So you can go to town with apps.

In fact. If you wanted why does anybody use a tablet camera. Well there s all sorts of interesting apps like for example to film. Your golf swing.

So you can improve on ones for baseball that sort of things a really healthy app ecosystem. There next we re going to play gta san andreas and we re going to have our staff member played again because the cat has pulverized my hand as some of you know who follow my twitter feed. So i am not playing two handed games right now all right so we have our gaming editors standing in for me. And playing thanks to my lame hand now gta with the bicycle is harder than gta with a car.

But nonetheless look at the graphics rendering is very good here these ports are actually pretty demanding and it s looking very good very smooth good our gaming editor drives better than i do look at that well anyway the game looks pretty nice and if you re if you want to know about demanding titles. This is one of the more demanding games that you can play plays fantastic looks great so all in all the ipad mini 4 is a compelling and if you have big hands like me a one handed tablet. Which is not an easy feat these days you would despite the 4×3 kind of wider aspect ratio like a lot of technology. We ve seen is just getting thinner faster.

Lighter. There s nothing earth shattering the way new technology here is just the fastest smartest ipad mini yet and with a beautiful design a great ecosystem of accessories and applications on board. You know it s hard not to say that it s a good tablet. It is a good tablet folks.


So that s the apple ipad mini 4. They don t bother putting retina and in there anymore. Because well these days are all retina even. If you go back to the still on the market ipad mini 2.

That was the one threatened to display as well. I think my guess from the name. Yes. It has a very nice.

Display it still has that beautiful metal build quality. Thinnest one. Yet 61. Millimeters.

Even lighter than ever a very competent. 8 inch tablet. If you re in the apple ecosystem. Well you re not going to go wrong.

Here. If you prefer the smaller size its biggest competition is probably the nine point seven inch ipad air 2 for those of you who are looking for a tablet well maybe even the ipad pro. But i think that s probably about three times as big as this guy anyway. There are certainly other tablets on the market 8 inch tablets.

Some of them very nice android tablets this is not a smackdown or comparison but for those who are looking for a nice 8 inch tablet and particularly like apples ecosystem. It s hard to go wrong with the ipad mini 4. I m lisa from mobile tech review. We should visit our website for the full written review and subscribe to our ” .


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