iPhone 6 Plus Fast Charging: 5W charger VS Apple 12 Watt USB power adapter, charging time comparison

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“Much different. It is to charge an iphone n6 plus using its built in 5w 5w charger. Compared to the apple 12 watt usb power adapter my first idea was measure using an outlet nwatt meter. Which is great but it also measures the energy wasted by nthe charger as heat.

So i bought the drok pocket digital. Multimeter nusb to measure just what was going to the iphone. It is super cool because it monitors the actual nusb voltage. The current being drawn calculating the watts and the accumulated ntransferred power the tests started with totally depleted zero nbattery dead.


Iphone up to its full charge. Taking notes every n10 minutes lets begin with the 5w charger. That comes nwith the iphone 6 this time lapse captured 1 frame every 8 seconds i tried to reproduce the most usual charging nscenario i don t know anyone who really turns off nthe iphone every night to charge so here everything is on including wifi and nbluetooth. The exception is the screen every 10 minutes.

I quickly pressed the home nbutton to check how much the battery was already ncharged. I always waited the screen to go off again then and i wrote the information being shown non the meter. The reason is there is a current increase nwhen the screen is on which is totally different. When the screen nis off and the phone is idle just charging music the next day completely empty battery.


I did the same thing all over again now using nthe 12w charger. The iphone then draws more current with this. Ncharger but it only gets closer to 19. Amps.

When the nscreen was turned on the current starts to decrease music and after 80. It slows down a lot music lets just wait it to finish. And i ll show nyou the curve in a nice chart here it is how the iphone 6 plus charges non 5w and how it charges on a 12w charger. But it could be the 10w brick as well it nnever past 10 watts.


So it is clear that 5w charger provided in nthe box with the iphone 6 plus and also the iphone 6 and 6s 6s plus is nless than ideal a 10w would be the ideal charger. If you are in a hurry. The bigger brick can ncharge to 70 percent in 70 minutes. The 5w charger takes 2 hours to do the same.

I found really cool that charging with the 5w brick. I got an bigger naccumulated transfer. Which makes sense in the first case the iphone was connected nduring 3 hours and 45 minutes on the second case. Only for 2h30m remember the iphone was turned on so more time connected nmore energy.


I did these tests as a research for this other nvideo. I am pretty sure you will love it thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to my channel. ” ..


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