iPhone 7 Earpods – Are These Legit?

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“7 you heard about it you ve seen videos here in fact on unbox therapy. Therapy. Regarding it. Now the biggest and most controversial development in the world of iphone talk is this idea of apple eliminating the 35.

Mm headphone jack that s the little audio jack on the bottom of your iphone that allows you to interact with regular headphones. What you would consider to be standard granted a lot of people started using wireless headphones for convenience. But this next iphone the iphone 7 apparently that jack is no longer gonna exist kinda like this jack over here i was pretty good the way with the jack and what are we gonna have instead is it gonna be wireless headphones headphones that are in the box to use the lighting port or no headphones at all speculation is rampant these are headphones that showed up straight from. China let me show you inside instead of terminating into a.

Mini. Jack. 35. Mm connector.


We have this a lightning connector right on the end of what looks like standardized ear pods. Now these have shown up on various leaks and rumor sites. Let s take a look let s find out if i can just plug these in to a standard iphone. And even get an audio signal on the current software without any kind of third party app.

I have to admit. Though they have nailed the kind of earpod design. What happens here if i i m into the lightning port. Right.

Now. No third party app. Oh by default works by default works right away. I m.


Assuming. I just stumbled into a banger when you re pluging your phone into a dock or a third party accessory that uses the lighting port to output audio. I assume that we re using that same pin situation in order to get that audio output to this cable. Here.

Now. The question is do we have an improvement in sound quality. I think the next obvious thing to do is to playback. Some tracks over the lightning earpods and then compare that to a standard set of 35.

Mm earpods which i need to go get right now standard authentic set of current generation earpods. It is time for our test. Okay standard earpods wait a second wait a second something seems off. Here.


Beerrrppp haahaaahaaahaaa haaaahaaaahaa. The standard earpods sound way better way better music on iphone. 7 earpods music on the standard earpods noticeably louder bassier here s what i think i don t think these are legit at all and if i had to speculate right now. I would suggest the apple is not going to include a set of lightning earpods in the next iphone.

The headphone jack will be dead. I think its gonna be up to you to pick up either a third party or maybe an accessory that s official that apple makes are a couple of headphone options a marketing ploy. A marketing strategy. If you will to cause consumers to look at the headphone section of the apple store or the website and think about immediately grabbing an upgrade and spending more per transaction.

If you re on the street. If you re on the subway on a train on an airplane. You see these things everywhere now. If you owned beats as well as apple.


You would be saying. Here s how take this out of the box change the port. So that the old ones don t work and force people to look at lightning options or wireless options. Which of course in the store are going to be dominated by beats products.

I think there will be an adapter in the box. There will probably be a lightning to mini jack adapter. So you could use old headphones. If you wanted to the real move here is to go with something wireless.

There s a lot of great ones out there in fact i ve done many videos so go watch those ” ..

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