Is a Used Gaming Laptop Worth It?

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“Guys. This is austin. We take a look at a lot of budget gaming laptops laptops on the channel. But today.

I have something a nlittle. Bit different in mind this is a 2014. Alienware. 13 and back when it came out nit.

Cost well over. 100000 today. Though i was able to pick it up on ebay for only five hundred and ignoring a little nbit of cosmetic damage what you re getting here is a surprisingly decent gaming laptop on the other hand we have this the acer aspire. 5.

Now i am a huge fan of this laptop. I ve already done a whole video on it and the gist of it is for 60000 you re getting a quad core processor nvidia graphics 8 gigs of ram as well as a full ssd but does it make sense. Nto save your 10000 and get a used option one look at the alienware nand. You ll be able to tell that this used to be a nthousand dollar.

Plus laptop. Now it does have some minor scuffs and scraps on the outside. But importantly on the inside nit s going to be. Clean and it s got all the good nstuff including a 133.

Inch. 1080p panel that looks nsurprisingly decent. And impressively this actually even has a windows precision touchpad something that a lot of neven modern. Computers are barely starting to adopt now for the most part it s solid.

I don t think it s all nthat thick or heavy. However you are going to making a couple of compromises when you buy a used system something like the acer well you re just not going nto have to deal with it the idea of having a brand new laptop is definitely a big advantage. But there also are some disadvantages to having something that s a nlittle bit on the cheaper end so. Even though acer was able to cram a ton of high end specs into this guy.

It s sort of at the cost nof. Some build quality and some design things so for example. It s very plastic y. There s some like screen.

Flex and on the right side instead nof having a usb. 30..

Ports you have a pair of usb 20. Ports. Now sure there s still going to be a usb c. And usb 3 on the other side.

But there s just little kind of cost cutting measures here and there that do start to add up. But the important thing to keep in mind is that this is a brand new laptop that comes with a full warranty if it comes broken you can return it where as with something nlike the alienware you re going to be kind of on your own if something goes wrong on the. Acer we re also ngetting a 1080p. Panel this time at 156 inches.

However it is a lower end tn display and honestly. It s actually my nbiggest issue with the laptop. I can live with pretty much nall the rest of the stuff like slightly flimsy build quality. But the screen is barely acceptable.

It would be really nice nif they had an upgrade and it actually makes nthe alienware display look pretty nice in comparison. Now the keyboard s going to be fine you get a full number row nas well as a number pad as well as you re gonna nbe getting back lighting and it technically does have a windows precision trackpad but the touchpad itself isn t so great what you re really buying this laptop for are the really impressive nspecs of a 60000 price point with the alienware not only nare you going to be getting three usb 30. Ports as well as ethernet. There s also going to be nhdmi mini displayport as well as the alienware ngraphics amplifier port.

Now this is something nthat s actually even found on current alienware laptops and you can think of it as an old school version of thunderbolt. 3. So back before it was neasy to be able to put an external gpu and nconnect. It to a laptop instead alienware made their nown graphics.

Amplifier. Which you actually can still nfind on ebay for around a hundred bucks or so now i don t know if i would nnecessarily wanna do it with this particular alienware. 13. But if you ever wanna upgrade with some graphics options even an older laptop like this does have the ability to do so now anytime.

You buy something used the price is going to be a huge factor so for five hundred dollars. We were able to pick up nnot only the alienware 13. But it also came with some key upgrades. Including 16 gigs of ram.

As well as a 500 gigabyte nsamsung. 850. Evo ssd inside. You ll find a dual core.

I5 4210u. So this is a haswell chip from na couple of generations ago..

You can essentially think nof. It as an ultrabook cpu not exactly what you wanna nfind in your gaming laptop however thankfully it nis going to be backed up by some pretty decent graphics. The nvidia geforce gtx 860m while it won t make a big ndifference for gaming that 16 gigs of ram and ssd does make a big difference nfor normal day to day use. But when it comes to actual ngameplay on this guy well.

The cpu is going to be na little bit of a bottleneck. The gpu should be capable of some pretty decent modern games put the two side by side in geekbench. And you ll see the new neighth generation core i5 in the acer aspire. 5.

Absolutely runs rings naround the alienware however jump over to nthe gpu side of things and it s actually surprisingly even so not only in the time spy benchmark. But as well as in fire strike. You re going to be getting nvery. Very similar performance first up we have cs go and here we re running it high at 1080p now we re getting a pretty decent 60 to 80 frames per second here.

And this is one of the neasy ways to be able to tell that you re not supposed nto walk around a corner. Laughing cs go s actually a pretty ngood game to test. Though because while we do have that solid gpu. We re going to be missing a nlittle bit on the cpu side now cs go even though it s easy to run at fairly low frames.

Especially when you get up nin the like the 80 s 100 s 150 whatever. The case is it actually is really helpful nto have that solid cpu. But so far. It s actually not too bad move over to the aspire 5 nand on those same settings at 1080p medium.

We are ngetting a noticeable bump in frame rate so right now actually naveraging about a hundred which is pretty impressive and i think something nelse that s kinda nice is that the wi fi chip in this laptop actually seems to be a nlittle bit more robust so especially because we re nkinda little bit farther from the normal point. It actually does smooth out nsome of the latency as well next up because it is 2018 after all we have fortnite battle royale so again here at 1080p nthis time at medium settings. We re getting decent frame rates in the 40 s to upper 30 s that s not going to be the most smooth playable nexperience in the world. But if you do want a nlittle bit more frame rate.

It s easy to knock down nthe graphics. A little bit or even bump the resolution back down to something like 720p. I m surprised that i nhaven t really noticed a lot of cpu limitation. Yet now.

I m sure this did nhave a quad core cpu. Or even a faster dual core chip. We d probably be getting nslightly higher frame rates. But it s actually not a ncrazy pairing with this 860m.

It does seem to be reasonably balanced. Although..

I d like a little more power of course. If you guys wanna nknow. More about fortnite. I actually did do an entire video on it and how it can run on npretty much everything from a super high end gaming.

Pc all the way down to a 20000 laptop well if you really try hard at least one of the nice things about fortnite is that it does actually look nice almost regardless of what nsetting you re running on i mean come on you ncan run it on your phone. And it doesn t look that bad. But here at 1080p medium nsettings on the pc. We re getting a pretty nnice looking experience move over to the acer and nwith those same settings and fortnite yet again we are seeing a slight nperformance improvement.

So as opposed to being in nthe high 30 s and low 40 s we re mostly in the upper 40 s here not a massive change. But it is something you re going to be able to notice. If i don t fall off this cliff next up. We have pubg a ngame that is not particularly nice to lower end hardware.

I think this is actually a nspot where we re going to see the dual core cpu struggle. Here well that s not encouraging. It s able to play the game. I mean we re seeing nsomewhere in the neighborhood of 25 frames per second now.

But the stuttering is really bad. It s weird. I feel like this ngame should be playable. But right now i mean nthis is a stuttery mess.

Technically it s running and i mean again my frame rate is not too bad. It s showing like 35 36 right now. But there s something nvery. Very wrong here yeah even reloading the ngame on very low settings restarting everything.

We re still getting that same stuttering issue. Technically this actually nis slightly below the minimum specs for pubg. So ni guess. I can t be too upset.

But come over to the acer nand. We have no such problems so i did turn the graphics ndown to 720p on low. But we re getting a pretty consistent 45 to 50 frames per second and thankfully. None of those nweird.

Stuttering issues. This is much much more like it..

It s kind of disappointing. Really so i like the alienware nit s a good laptop. But at the end of the day nyou re probably gonna wanna play games like pubg and while sure the gpu s not too bad. I do feel like that cpu does let it down don t get me wrong.

I really did wanna like the. Alienware. 13 but with options like nthe. Aspire.

5 at 60000. It makes it very very ndifficult to recommend most gaming laptops. That nare going to be used now. This guy isn t too far off.

But the lack of a higher nend cpu. Really does hurt it going new is always ngoing to be a safer bet. So not only do you get nthat brand new chassis. But you get the warranty nyou don t have to worry about any kind of weird blemishes non your used laptop it s going to be a safer bet.

But if you do go used nmy. Main piece of advice would be be very careful what you pick so the idea of going something that s going to be slightly nnewer versus slightly older. Especially in laptop. Terms.

Can mean a huge performance difference. Pick your choice wisely at minimum. I would go with na quad core processor. And don t skimp on the graphics either something like the 860m ninside.

The alienware isn t going to be too bad. But a lot of times with gaming laptops you can spend a little bit. More money to get a lot more performance. So i m curious would nyou.

Actually ever want to pick up a used gaming laptop. Let me know in the comments below. ” ..


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