Is Razer Phone 2 (120Hz Display) Still Worth it in 2020 at less than Half Price?

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“Guys soccer from sake check it in today s we don t wanna take a a look at the razor phone from last year. That was quite a popular gaming with a 120 hertz refresh rate so let s dive in and talk about this and see if it s something worth getting even right now so i do wanna let you know there s some really good sales going on on this smartphone. If you go to the website right now. It s actually three hundred dollars to grab one of these guys so real quick it does have a snapdragon 805 processor.

Which is not bad. That s something you re also getting in a note. 9. So it s certainly a fast premium processor.

You get eight gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage and of course you can upgrade that storage with a micro usb extension card up to one terabyte if you need it. But those are just a standard specs. Let s take a look at what the phone can do and i ll let you know it does have two front facing speakers one over here and one over here and these are one of the loudest sounding speakers. I ve ever listened to so if i launch the youtube application let me just play.

This a little trailer for a second just take a look at how loud and rich. They are and also their front facing speakers with no compromises. So let s press play my son you re old enough now. My father.

Spear holds a certain burden. But he already it carries with it a long line of power all right so that sounds absolutely amazing. I ll let you know it sounds almost as good as the current day smartphone such as the note. 10 the iphones.

The s10 even the s9 so that s not bad and one more cool thing is with the with the speakers. When you pull this down. You do have access to dolby atmos sound all right so that s why the speakers are extra good you have the option to go to the dolby atmos. And you know enhance the bass go for dynamic movie.

Music or custom voice settings with dolby atmos can be turned on and off right from here. Alright and of course. The gaming performance is gonna be amazing. So let s not click on play this is asphalt.

9. A very high graphic game and now i can click on play should start the game so the loading is gonna be fast and the graphics are gonna be pretty damn amazing and of course the volume is gonna be good as well. So i think i turn off the volume. So it doesn t go crazy.

But let s see how the graphics operate..

So no lag no stutter all right there we go ok let s press on this sweet so we re drifting zero lag absolutely zero lag press this to go crazy alright so there s nothing wrong with this game of game pro gaming performance you re gonna enjoy playing games on this a lot let s do this as well alright looks fantastic alright so no trouble playing this game. At all the other thing is if i go into my settings right over. Here alright and if i go to my display. You ll see over here.

We have the refresh rate. So when i tap on this i can pick from three different refresh rates. So. We got 60.

Hertz. 90. Hertz and 120. Hertz.

And the resolution of the display is in fact 1440p. Which is quad hd. Resolution same as the current a high end smartphones the display quality is amazing and with the refresh rate. You do get nice and smooth operation as you can see now it might be hard to see only act screen.

But i can tell just by using it from here. There s certainly a difference not a huge deal. But people that are into the 90 hertz and 120 hertz you got it on this one right over. Here.

Now the other thing. I like about this phone is if i go to the settings. Again let me just go back go to the settings right over. Here.

If i scroll down a little bit at the bottom. It says the chroma settings now when i tap on this i can have these chroma settings reflect on the back of the device so right now as you can see we have the green chroma effect and it s the static effect. So what i can do is i can flip this form over. And you ll see right here.

Okay. Now let me just go back over. There real. Quick let me just flip.

This over let me just quickly tap on this one and tap on the actual effect and change it to the breathing effect now let me go back now we have the breathing main chroma effect now when i go back out it s actually gonna be breathing as you can see the light is coming up and it s going down..

It s fading in and fading out into that green color now when i do it one more time. If i tap on this one go to spectrum spectrum effect if i go back here that s what we re gonna see so it actually shifted between a bunch of different colors. As you can see all right so that s fantastic now one more thing i want to show you guys is if i tap on this one here let s go to breathing effect tap on this one that s the led brightness you can also set that you can change the color. If you so desire let s pick this blue color go back out and now i can have a different color with a different effect.

And i can also choose these options here the low battery consumption medium battery consumption high battery consumption. This is but this is the main thing right here so if i switch it over now. It s in the breathing mode. And it s breathing in blue color as you can see so i m putting it right here.

As you can see behind that black background of the camera. So there you go alright and again like i said you can go back here tap on this go back to static and then it s gonna give you the same color in static mode. You can pick any one of these colors that you desire even the rec color. Okay so that s one of the things that i like about this smartphone.

The chroma settings on top of that if you are a gamer of course. I this phone is especially catering to gamers with these front facing speakers. You also have the game booster mode right over here which allows you to customize the game s power mode for right now and performance mode. So give it a go play amazing you got the power save mode.

You got the custom mode that you can modify at the bottom right here you can turn on things like do not disturb while playing a game. Okay. So those are some of the good things that i m seeing on this form right here. It s android let s see what it is go to about phone.

Now. This one is in fact running android. 9. Ok.

And if i go to tap on advanced go to system. Updates looks like the last update was february. The 5th and we are at on android. None i m not sure if you re gonna get be getting android 10 on this but the 90 is running perfectly fine.

There is no lag. There s no stutter now this is not gonna be a phone you re gonna buy four cameras so we do have a camera here and two cameras in the background. But this is not a phone you get a buy for the camera. It s gonna get the job done.

But it s not gonna give you high quality photos such as the ones you get into note 10..

Pixel for iphones. You re buying this game for gaming for the high refresh rate for the high quality screen for these speakers and the fact. That it s got this nice effect on the back that you can customize as you please now one more thing. I like about the screen is when you press and hold on the screen.

It goes to the wallpapers you can go to the wallpapers and you do get some really cool razer wallpapers. If you tap on razer you get access to these nice sweet wallpapers that really make the most of the screen also give you just nice and cool looking wallpapers. Okay. So you have options to access those as well all right the other thing.

We have here is we have the cortex games application. So when i tap on this one. It s gonna launch the library of your games. That i ve installed right now i can go to featured library.

You can download the games that they re featuring and i can go to the game booster from here as well to modify how my phone is going to handle gaming. Do recommend in the performance mode. Let s go back here. And that s basically it i mean.

This is a good smart phone. It s coming at 300 dollars. So i want to give make a quick video to give you guys an option to buy this now other things that this phone does have it doesn t have a 35 millimeter. Headphone jack.

But when you buy the phone you do get this. Thing here are the usb type. C to the 35 millimeter. Adapter.

So you re good with that and in the box. When you buy the phone you do get the the usb cable and the charger and that s basically all you get in the box. Which is great. But this phone is actually great for media consumption.

The speakers are super loud. It s um. It s very good for watching youtube videos and of course. Very nice to play games.

You still have that powerful 845 snapdragon processor..

And you do have 8 gigabytes of ram and of course. You ve got that 120 hertz. Refresh rate. And you do know that the refresh refresh high refresh.

Rates do eat some battery. So. That s why you can go inside. Here.

And you can pick from ninety or you can pick from 60. And no matter. What you pick is still very smooth. But when you go to 90 or 120.

You do get a little better experience as far as navigating your phone goes. And also playing games. That do support higher refresh rates. All right so that s the razor phone.

It may sound like something that s from years ago but this was out only a year ago this is a 2018 flagship smartphone and i do want to let you know it does have a fingerprint sensor that s built in to the power button on the side right over here. So if i turn off the phone. That s also the power button. I can press it if i tap on this one it does lock me in turn on and then when i tap on it boom.

It goes right inside all right so that s the fingerprint sensor for biometrics options. So. If you do any questions. Comments or concerns drop them down below.

And let me know let me know what you think about this phone. I think it s a great phone right now at this amazing deal i ll drop some links down below. So you can go buy them. If you want a cheap phone.

That is still a flagship with good quality. Powerful internals alright have ” ..

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